Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

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  1. Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

    I don’t drink coffee. Maybe they serve hot chocolate or tea.
    I don’t understand the issue though. Californians are liberal, right? I thought they were supposed to be sex-positive and against body shaming and slut shaming.

  2. No. Two reasons:
    You’re paying a premium for the bikini, meaning the coffee is going to be far worse than what you could get somewhere at a similar price. Life is too short for bad coffee.
    I work at a worker’s comp company and see almost every single claim that comes in (for a few seconds before sending it off to the appropriate intake person). You would not believe how many of them are for burns to food service workers. Serving hot beverages in a bikini is an occupational safety nightmare, and I don’t support companies who put their employees in unnecessary danger.

  3. I went to get a coffee one afternoon before I had heard about these half naked Baristas. It was just about the time it started to become a thing. I pull up to the window and a girl who had barely a stitch of anything on greets me. My jaw dropped open. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.
    She says “first time?”
    She goes on to explain that she makes better money undressed and since she “just had a baby” she needed the extra cash. It was very obvious to me she just had a baby.
    I’ll leave it at that.
    As she’s making my drink another car pulls up on the other side. She leans over to take their order and brings her right leg straight back and gives me a bird’s eye view of her Netherlands.
    She finishes my order and hands me my drink out the window. I take it, wondering if at one point she needed to scratch something, and she says to me,
    “See, don’t I still make a good cup of coffee?”
    Yes. And you could have done just as good a job with your clothes on.
    Heaven forbid someone patronize these establishments with kids in the car.

  4. Gads, no.
    But then, I wouldn’t buy coffee from a barista wearing a barista uniform, a clown costume, or a business suit.
    Coffee…dreadful stuff. BLECK!

  5. I can’t imagine ever caring about the uniform a barista wears. When I buy coffee, my goal is to get coffee. The factors that go into my decision are pretty pedestrian. Things like “Does the coffee taste good?” “Is it reasonably priced?” and “Is the coffee shop nearby?”

  6. They have been doing that in Washington state for a decade at least.
    Heck, they even trotted out a bikini fireworks stand one year.
    So, if I drank coffee I would.
    But I don’t, so I won’t.

  7. I certainly would not change my mind to buy a cup of coffee if I discovered that the person serving me was wearing a bikini.
    On the other hand, I doubt I would seek out a place just because the baristas were wearing bikinis.

  8. I remember driving in Dallas and there was a billboard for a stripclub that served breakfast.
    “Legs and Eggs” [ https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Legs%20%27n%20Eggs ]
    My guess is that the eggs cost about $40 more than they would cost at Denny’s and with only twice the risk of food poisoning. That said, I’m fairly certain that what the patrons were buying wasn’t breakfast.
    Whatever. Free market. If the kids want to pay $20 for okay coffee, then it isn’t a big enough problem to me to solve. And if some “baristas” want to make a million instagram followers from mostly lecherous basement dwellers while pretending there isn’t a more than uncomfortable element of soft-core porn to their job making coffee, then whatever. I’m just impressed that they can manage not to burn themselves wearing nothing but nipple pasties. Whatever. They’re still going to have to explain how they got through college to their grandkids someday.
    As for if I would buy it.
    In my younger days, I probably would have bought it once, just to see. Then I would have felt like the dirty old letcher the act made me. Then I would have probably thought about the fact that the coffee wasn’t really that great… and driving 20 minutes out of the way to get it wasn’t that great either… and it was really expensive… and (this is the one that hur…

  9. I have a few times in Washington State, Yakima specifically. My wife and I were out on a number of occasions — this was a few years ago, mind you. I like supporting small business when I can and these businesses were as small as you can get — tiny trailers with just enough space for one person to make drinks and store supplies. It was delightful, and no better or worse than a fully dressed barista to be honest.

  10. If I was in a beach or pool side coffee shop then maybe. But even then I would expect a level of professionalism and decorum, unless you are working for a good amount of tips.
    For her own safety I recommend covering up a little more as the freshly steamed milk will scald if it is spoilt onto exposed skin. Although it seems your skin can develop a tolerance as it hurt less and less as I worked as a barista. There is always someone who knocks me as they cannot comprehend that I am working with hot liquids carrying a full to the brim boiling hot beverage.

  11. Not sure what the big fuss is about this question. There are some places and locales where wearing a bikini is simply standard wear. Places like the beach resort come to mind.
    That said, someone else mentioned safety and if they are getting a lot of sunlight, I would hope that they have some skin coverage. Something like the lower image where the arms are covered but won’t get caught into stuff or knock over cups.

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

    Anyways. Buying coffee from a bikini wearing barista sounds totally reasonable in areas where everyone is already wearing a bikini.

  12. I’m writing my answer from the POV of a conservative Christian man. You’ve been warned, read away:
    No I probably would not visit such a coffee shop. I checked out two news articles about the chain in question, and it seems apparent to me they’re only trying to ape Hooters’ marketing approach. I’ve been to Hooters on several occasions, they have decent chicken and I enjoy the food. Everyone knows they only hire attractive young women with big boobs as servers and dress them in skimpy uniforms in the hope of attracting a bunch of men to their bar.
    In my view, it’s extremely demeaning and objectifying to women. I don’t go to Hooters anymore, I never went for the servers to begin with. I went because someone invited me there for food, and I had a pleasant meal and focused on my dinner companions.
    I see no argument for dressing baristas or bar servers in skimpy, objectifying uniforms beyond trying to drive up sales to horny, lonely men. I wouldn’t give my money to such a business owner.
    I also don’t drink much coffee.

  13. Yes sure, if the coffee is good. I’m a bit wondering though, if they’re serving such good coffee, would the gimmick of almost naked barista a necessity? As I doubt it helps in creation of a good coffee.

  14. We lived in Seattle metro for two years. In that region there are espresso places all over and they each try something to be different. One was having baristas in bikinis. It looks like someone in California imitated the idea.
    Whatever. What matters is whether they get the customization of the order correct.

  15. Well, if I wasn’t married and all the girls that worked there looked like the ones in the article I’d probably stop in every day for coffee lol!

  16. I have purchased a coffee from a woman in a bikini. I was not aware it was that kind of place. Seattle has had these for years. One of them was shut down for prostitution.

  17. (I guess that’s a barlady or waitress, right?)
    After prolonged friendly ordering yes I’d buy a carajillo (coffee with cognac) for her and a filtered coffee for myself.

  18. Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?
    What’s a problem if the coffee tastes well. How about the original Starbucks trademark?

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

  19. No, I wouldn’t.
    “Oh, what’s this? The 19 year old male not wanting to buy coffee from lingerie clad women? What are you fuckin’ gay?”

    Well, first off. I don’t even drink coffee. Thank you.
    Second, the idea of anyone , male or female, serving me food or drink in nothing but their underwear… is gross.
    If you’re a guy, I want you to think about how many times you get a small itch in your crotch area a day…
    I have no idea how it works for women, as I imagine vaginas and penises/scrotums itch differently due to the way they’re positioned on our bodies, but also allow me to point out something else.
    In normal clothing, you have two layers of clothing separating you hands from your lower body. You have underwear and then outwear. Underwear is generally significantly thinner then outerwear.
    And while I’m certain they’re very strict about their hygiene code, something about the idea of someone giving a quick itch in their crotch a scratch when they’re just wearing underwear and… say, forgetting to wash their hands after doing so and handling stuff I’m putting in my mouth is just kind of an…

    But, hey, if you want to buy from them, that’s cool. I’ve got no problem with that. To each their own. I probably wouldn’t, though.

  20. I have been known to buy coffee at coffee shops from time to time. I usually do so when I feel a particular need for a hot, stimulating beverage to jump start my brain after a less-than-ideal night’s sleep.
    Perhaps because I’m a happily married grandfather, I can’t say that I’ve often woken up with the need to see girls half my age serve me coffee dressed in bikinis.
    I try not to frequent businesses which put humans on the menu.

  21. If the coffee is any good, Yea I would !
    But I wouldn’t visit if the coffee tasted like shit just to stare at a pair of scantily clad boobs.

  22. I may be addicted to my morning coffee, but I wouldn’t buy it from a bikini-clad barista. Why? Cause I don’t like to think about where else her hands have been…

  23. Q: Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?
    A: No, I don’t like the sort of coffee served in Starbucks or Costa, or whichever overpriced outlet is local, for years I honestly thought it was nice that nerds had their own café, only to discover it was an “o”, and it’s Café Nero.
    I look for an inexpensive kiosk, one that sells instant coffee, in a proper sized receptacle, I don’t even care if it’s polystyrene.
    All these syrup laden confections with weird Italian names have no appeal to me, except when there’s nowhere cheaper nearby, and even then I have to ask for a translation, just to get a coffee flavoured beverage.
    Apparently, the closest thing is an “Americano”, like I give a damn.
    Bikini or not, I wouldn’t deliberately seek out a barista.

  24. The odds are very slim.
    Is this some sort of Hooters-style coffee shop of objectification? I wouldn’t patronize that kind of place.
    Is there a coffee shop on some sort of tropical beach resort? I wouldn’t have a problem with that any more than I’d have a problem going to a tropical beach resort, and let me tell you how much I love going to the beach…
    I do not like going to the beach.

  25. Yes, as long as it isn’t Starbucks. Their coffee always tastes burnt to me, as though it has sat on the hot plate for about 10 hours too long.

  26. No, but then being a female I don’t need to be turned on. But some men don’t get enough in their lives so bikini women help them get through the day.

  27. I don’t think it would be my first choice, I’d be worried about her burning herself if she mis-fired the machine, but I wouldn’t be adverse to it. Seems like a strange idea. Is it like some sort of “Hooters” restaurant notion?
    sex does sell.
    I don’t think it needs to be brought into the coffee market economy however. Caffeine addiction is notorious, The notion of the coffeehouse as an intellectual gathering place is an idea that needs to resurface IMO.
    It isn’t that I wouldn’t celebrate a gal who likes to wear one, I am an appreciator of all body types and believe people should wear what they want. I guess I’d balk at a “uniform’ demanding that someone wear a bikini to work. I’m not really into any uniformity in the work place

  28. Funny you should ask.
    A few years back, there was a drive through coffee shop near my house.
    It was great. I would drive through a couple times a week on the way to work.
    I went out of town one week, came back, decided to go back for coffee the following monday.
    As I pulled up to the drive through, it was like a magic trick happened. This tiny shop changed colors, had a different name. It had been sold to new ownership.
    I pull up to the window, and bam, half naked girl in lingerie, with fake eyelashes, tall heels, and a huge smile, “HIIIIII HOW CAN I HELP YOU!!!”
    What is this? Strip Club Coffee. Wonderful.
    I’m a heterosexual male. I have a deep appreciation for women. This woman was quite attractive.
    But not here.
    It’s 7:45 in the morning. Gone is the relaxing vibe of just-getting-some-coffee to start my day. I now felt like I was at a strip club that stayed open extra extra late just for me.
    The barista is here making awkward flirty-talk with me.
    “Having a good day so far :)))))))))”
    My day hasn’t started yet….
    me: “yes…..wonderful……double sugar please….”
    She sashays over to the counter with her butt sticking up provacatively in the air.
    There is a jar by the window, stufffffffed with tip money, and I suddenly feel this sexual pressure to tip like I’ve gotten a lap dance.
    She hands me a drink. I say thank you. Hand her the money and an extra wad of cash for her services.
    That coffee shop quickly went out of business.
    Strip Clubs and Coffee Shops: Add that to the list of things that don’t go well together.

  29. I’d buy coffee from a blind chimp on crutches if he knew what he was doing.
    When I want coffee, I want coffee.
    I don’t want coffee and a confirmation of my worldview.
    Or coffee and a lesson on values.
    If I had to choose between mediocre coffee brewed by Abraham Lincolns Holy Ghost or great coffee from a co-ed in a bikini, I choose bikini.
    Function over form. Quality over aesthetics. My politics never mix with my coffee preferences.
    The barista’s just a medium between me and my goal. Hell, I don’t care if there’s a 500 pound manatee behind the counter. If those flippers can craft a sweet cup of Joe, you’ve got a customer in me.

  30. If he had the figure to pull it off? Why not?
    Variations on the hot-babe get-up have been tried. I think in Taipei they actually called it Sexy Tea House or something like that. Anyone from Santiago? How about the very popular “Legs” coffee bar.

  31. On the one hand: cute gimmick. It’d be even cuter with equal-opportunity swimsuit baristas.
    On the other: there’s no way such an establishment would have any kind of proper safety standards. I mean, their staff leaving that much skin exposed to get scalded? As such: I wouldn’t want to encourage them with my patronage.

  32. If I was on a Beach, asking for a cup of Coffee, yes, I’ll go for this idea, otherwise, this type of wardrobe would not be used in a Coffee Shop. It would be to revealing to the Public. Not Practical for a Business!

  33. If the coffee was high quality, fresh, well roasted, and properly prepared, I would buy it from a bikini-clad barista, someone in a donkey costume, or even an ape. Makes no difference to me as long a the coffee is good!

  34. No.
    Not because I’m prudish, but because a barista is exposed to a machine full of hot water and pressurized steam. It is dangerous to operate such a machine in a bikini…

  35. I’m sure plenty of men would buy coffee from a shop like this, but you also leave the barista exposed to hot liquids if she is so scantily clad.

  36. Depends on the context.
    Is a beach location, where bikinis are not uncommon clothing? Yes.
    This is a gimmick from a chain. I suspect that I’d pay a premium for the gimmick, rather than quality product. It wouldn’t stop me from going in, but wouldn’t rush to go there, and I’d probably seek out a coffee shop with no gimmicks, just good coffee.
    My local book shop has a cafe at the back. None of the staff are appearing in sports illustrated (I’m not either), but they do do really good coffee with a nice selection of food. They have no gimmick, just good coffee. Which is fortunate, I don’t go there for gimmicks, but I do like a good coffee.

  37. If I wanted the coffee, I’d buy it from a naked person. I don’t care what a person does or doesn’t put on their body, but pretty colors or something fashionably created is nice to look at.

  38. If the coffee is fresh-roasted and brewed with care and attention, I don’t mind if the barista is naked, much less in a bikini, I’ll buy it.
    Male, female, or not applicable?

  39. I would. I haven’t as of yet but I did hear a story from a co-worker.
    She was in line at a Starbucks which was very long. As she was waiting, she noticed a sign that said that women got $2 off their lattes at the bikini baristas.
    The line across the street wasn’t long at all. She decided to leave Starbucks and save some money. Ultimately she told everyone the office because it was a darn good latte as well.

  40. Is the coffee good? Then, sure. Not real sure how a bikini changes anything, but maybe that is the result of living near a college town.
    Seeing college aged, lovely ladies in bikinis is not so unusual in my area. Good coffee is harder to come by.

  41. I strongly doubt she / he would even open the door for me wearing a bikini . I am slightly overweight, hairy,age 60 male especially in winter here in Alberta.

  42. I would be thoroughly concerned for the safety of the barista. This is a job market where people have to take what they can get, and I don’t know if I could support something that’s a literal health hazard.
    The complete lack of male baristas in bikini briefs, however, tells me everything I need to know about this business. It’s yet another ‘huh, okay, but what if women existed just for men to stare at and lust over?’ business like Hooters.
    I thought we were over this.

  43. Yeah, Yes I would. Look everyone has to make a living and if she doesn’t have a problem with why should I. And besides OMG have you seen some of those women? I mean OUCH, it hurts to look at them, they are so hot! I just want to, oh, sorry I forgot myself there for a min. Ok im back. It seems like it could be a fun job to have, for you know young women going to school who want a little extra money. Running around in all most nothing getting sweatly running around getting orders when I, we I mean, we, watch their cute little, wait I think I have lost track of the question here. Yes I would by coffee from a barista wearing a bikini, wouldn’t you?

  44. Why would I care what the person is wearing? First of all I don’t even drink coffee, except like once a year when I get a free Starbucks on my birthday. They can wear whatever they want. Makes no difference to me or to the drink.

  45. No. If weather is hot enough to wear a bikini, it’s too hot for drinking coffee. Also, I wouldn’t buy an overpriced coffee just because “baristas” are sexualized.

  46. I buy virtually nothing from any coffee shop, which has only to do with lack of interest in their offerings.
    I sure as heck wouldn’t work there. I haven’t enjoyed appearing in a swimsuit since I was a kid.
    If I did buy something at such a shop, it would be because they were there, they were open, I was hungry, and, honestly, because I’m too tuned out of pop culture to probably know that their gimmick is bikinis.
    I don’t have a problem with seeing people in bikinis (nor do I have much interest), provided it’s their choice. The trouble is, employment, especially this sort, often doesn’t feel like much of a choice. So my objection here would be staff getting harassed, and quite probably groped, by customers and feeling like they had to stick it out in the job even though they’re uncomfortable, because the tips make it a little more profitable than flipping burgers across the street.
    I’d be a little worried about burns and hygiene, and about those days that really do occur in California when it’s just not bikini weather, or when it is, and somebody cranks the air conditioning. I’m the first to reach for my sweater when the temperature dips.
    And I wonder, if a qualified barista from the men’s water polo team were perfectly willing to work in a Speedo, whether the management would figure him into their business model or start coming up with excuses. I also wonder what the Fox News report would say when they did.

  47. No. It’s not propper uniform both sanitarily and safety wise. God forbid she sweat in my mocha or sue because my coffee was too hot and it burned her parts!

  48. If I happen to stumble upon this place, and the barista happens to be wearing a bikini, and the coffee doesn’t suffer for it – sure.
    The thing is, this is super irresponsible for everyone involved. You’re working with high-pressure, high temperature equipment and can easily burn yourself (or others, assuming they’re also wearing swimgear? How does that work? anyway). But at the same time you could make the argument that if they’re risking all this, they’re probably making coffee pretty securely. But my guess is they would be making it from an automatic machine, and I kind of dislike that.
    It also feels exploitative, if the point of selling it is that the server is wearing a bikini. Generally, I’m not really in a bikini-type mood when I’m going to a coffee shop, so this feels all kinds of weird to me.
    But again, if it’s good coffee and I just need to grab a coffee – why not?

  49. I had to think about this a bit.
    If the barista were indoors, let’s say an air-conditioned coffee place, I would think she’d get cold. Plus also I think she’d be at greater risk of getting injured from splashing hot liquids, equipment , etc. I don’t think it would be very safe to wear a bikini while working as a barista. Same goes for a guy just wearing Speedos. If there were a coffee place that required its baristas to wear bikinis, I would avoid that place.
    Now, I can picture some kind of outdoor beverage stand, outside on the beach, where it’s hot, no air conditioning, and the servers/baristas were allowed to wear bathing suits, simply because it’s hot. Wearing swimwear is appropriate in a hot, outdoor beach setting. I still think the barista would be more at risk of getting injured, as previously stated, but I would find beach attire to be perfectly appropriate at an outdoor beverage stand on the beach.

  50. The bikini wouldn’t affect the quality of the coffee, if that’s what you mean. If you want to know whether I’d go to some coffee shop take on the Hooters concept, well, probably not.

  51. If I wanted coffee and it was the only option, sure. And I’d probably enjoy the coffee.
    I’d walk in with the assumption that the coffee wouldn’t be any good, since the thing they’re really selling is boobies.
    The fastest way for something to exceed your expectations is to have low expectations for it.
    So when I tasted the coffee, I’d be like, “Whoa. This is actually pretty good!”
    Given the choice, though, I’d pick the coffee shop that promised good coffee over boobies.

  52. I don’t see the fuss. So there are good looking girls in a cafe in bikini costumes. The world will go on, Americans, long after your war on fun.
    I’m not going to be an old lech and go out of my way to find such a cafe, but if it’s on the street, why not? It’s no cruder and more vulgar to stare at a clerk’s chest in a bikini top than if she is wearing a long dress.

  53. No.
    I don’t think my wife would be terribly happy about it. And that’s fine, since I have eyes for nobody else but her.
    I don’t want to patronize a business that has scantily clad women in an effort to use my sexual instincts to purchase from them. I’m not an animal. They aren’t meat.
    I cannot put this bluntly enough: I HATE COFFEE. It is nasty. Hate the smell. Hate the taste. The smell alone has made me ill. The taste would make me vomit.
    Regardless, if someone else wants to go, good for them! I’m just not interested.

    Eight O’Clock

  54. No.
    As a RN with many years of worker’s comp case management experience, I’d be appalled that anyone thought putting human beings at increased risk of burn injuries just to make a few extra bucks was a good idea. I would talk to the baristas, make sure they’d been taught correctly how to treat minor burns and had a good first aid kit on hand. I’d ascertain they knew where the nearest ER was, or to call 911, in the event of more serious burns. I would also look into whether the business violates OSHA standards, and if so would request an investigation.
    Now, if you think I’m overreacting, would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a Speedo? I wouldn’t do that, either, for the same reason.
    Again, putting human beings at increased risk of injury just so the business owner makes more profits, and other customers get to ogle (aka objectify) the employees, is a really lousy idea.

  55. If there is no other cloth on… I say a huge NO .
    And not because it is a sexist question. Not because it is a defenceless situation for her (I suppose, a woman wears a bikini). It is a dangerous job. If someone lack any attention to this may have some limitations on technical knowledge and skills. And it is a short and fast route to terrible coffee drinsk.
    So, no.
    Thanks for asking for answer.

  56. Well, if I were at the beach and the coffee shop were either right on the strand or it was a espresso cart, I would if I wanted a coffee. That wouldn’t be out of place. I would never go out of my way to go to a coffee bar that made its name made by having scantily dressed employees. I’m 56-year-old woman. Will there be young hot male barristas? I guess I could Oogle them. But I know that no coffee shop will do that. Seriously, I like my coffee hot not the employees

  57. Doesn’t Hooters offer coffee already?
    From what I hear, there are many women that don’t mind going there, because they find the service and food actually good. Many even go with their male partner…. and family, too. Last one seems quite odd to me though, especially knowing there are many other places with good food, too… but oh well.
    Anyways……. if the service and food is good, I don’t what the server looks like. But obviously, I would prefer more proper attire and a more comfortable environment for everyone. The need to sell a body, over pushing the quality of service and food, makes alarms go off in my head. And makes me wanna go to the place “next door” first. 😀

  58. Buy coffee from Barista wearing a bikini… hmmm… It leads me to the following two possibilities:
    Find a barista in Delhi
    For some weird reason, here in India, I prefer going to Café Coffee Day if I feel like exploding my money on highly priced coffee that I can make at home.
    Let me give you some background…
    When these coffee shops were flourishing in Delhi, CCD succeeded in attracting the masses, and Barista failed in wooing the urban Indians. Even though the ambiance of Barista was better than CCD, even I would prefer going to a CCD than a Barista café, which are almost non-existent nowadays.
    Google “Barista in Delhi” and you will find barely ten outlets in Delhi and NCR.
    Now google CCD… no… Wait. You don’t even need to google for the nearest Café Coffee Day outlet. Just come out of your home or office, walk for a few meters or perhaps drive for a kilometers or two, you will surely spot a CCD just in a matter of minutes.
    Got my point?
    Let’s move on to the next point… wearing a bikini to buy a coffee.
    Let’s not forget that it is India, but let’s just assume that I live in South Delhi. I muster the courage to wear a bikini on a very hot and humid day in July because I cannot tolerate the heat, you know!
    I step out of the house… wearing a bikini and high heels.
    I call the Uber driver, and direct him towards my home. He takes five minutes to locate my place, and in the meanwhile…
    30-40 people pass by staring at my fat-filled body from head to toe.
    3-4 aunties come out of the house to see a girl who has dared to wear a bikini in India. Who is spoiling the neighborhood youth after all? Let’s go and see.
    I try my best to ignore everyone while fanning myself with my iPhone XXX….whatever that I cannot afford.
    The driver finally arrives, and I say, “ Bhaiya ” (brother) in a typical South Delhi fake accent.
    He is too dumbstruck to answer, but finally manages, “ Yes Madam, OTP please”
    I tell him the OTP, he resumes the journey, and we finally reach CCD.
    You should have stopped reading this bluff by now.
    Had I been wearing a bikini in Delhi, traveling in a cab, I would never reach any place. The driver would abduct me midway and do whatever he had fantasized all through his life.
    And by the way, if we have to go to fetch a glass of cold coffee in Delhi on a hot summer day wearing a bikini, why would I go to Barista?
    Let me google “Starbucks in Delhi”

  59. I went a local place that did “topless” Tuesday’s. They wore pasties.
    Unfamiliar, I saw that one side of the little hut was about 4 cars deep, while the other was open. I pulled right in and a very attractive young lady took my blushing order, Soy Mocha.
    There was some problem or other and I realized why the other side was full of cars. Yowza! is all I can say. The other gal came to my window and apologized for the delay or something, I really don’t remember. I’m not good in those situations, I don’t know if I’m really allowed to stare at her …

  60. If the coffee was good I would buy it from a barista in a clown suit.
    It makes absolutely no difference to me what the barista chooses to wear.

  61. Not the business I’d patronize. I like decent to really frackin good coffee when I go out to buy it. I’ll buy cute stuff like iced strawberry white peach tea from Starbucks, but their coffee sucks.
    I would like to be served by a hipster man or woman who may or may not have a neck tattoo and/or a half shaven head. There have been some legit coffee shops, and their staff knows how coffee works.
    Plus, they’ll make a dove or a heart for me on the foam. And I like that.

  62. The only reason I would not is that I was either not interested in overpriced coffee and/or not wanting a peek at a pretty girl for money.
    Breastruants are a real thing: Hooters, Tilted Kilt, etc. This is just more of the same.

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

    Though that is staged, this is more accurate…

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

  63. If the coffee is good I would. I don’t think I’d go to a coffee shop just to see someone in a bikini. I also wouldn’t reject a place just because the waitress was wearing a bikini.

  64. “Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?”
    Several years ago, there were some women in Florida who caught some flak for running a hot dog stand while wearing bikinis. My grandparents were snowbirds travelling from New England to Florida every year. So, I asked my grandfather about this.
    He said that he went out of his way to buy hotdogs from her, not because she was wearing a bikini but because they were good hotdogs and that everybody was giving her flak. His opinion (and mine, now) was that if a person is within the bounds of reasonable for marketing and they offer a good product at a reasonable price, its ridiculous not to try their products.
    Why is it OK for women to objectify themselves to sell chicken wings and Beer but not to sell coffee? There used to be a place in Crystal City, VA (where the Pentagon is) called the Crystal City Restaurant (I don’t know if it’s still there) that was a strip bar (pasties in Virginia) and they had a great lunch… prime rib from about $7. A lot of people ate there, both men and women.
    If nobody is forcing these women to work in a place that the uniform is a bathing suit, they are doing so voluntarily. If they serve a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price, I’ll buy it. I’m sure that they’re less pretentious than a certain international coffee chain with made up names for their sizes and horrendous coffee.

  65. Of course yes! Nothing can ruin coffee for me. Especially when it’s dark and bitter. Yum!!
    Plus a young perky bikini barista selling it to me might even enhance the flavor.
    Okay yes, it’s unprofessional and unconventional not wearing the uniform. But people! We live in hard times, we don’t need more rules we need funny interesting things to see and brighten the mood.
    Hell yeah I’m gonna buy that coffee. And I’m going to drink every last drop. Well with a straw though, don’t want it in my lips.

  66. I go for the coffee, which is rarely. Yes I would. Any skimpier clothing and I would avoid the place. Just a gimmick to attract people….would work at first but not over long term and I would not work for such a place…..I am working not presenting a fashion show.

  67. Amm… Why is this even a question? If I wanted a coffee I’d buy it from anyone wearing any attire. Hell, I’d buy it off a naked person as long as the coffee was good.

  68. I’d like to see the barista wearing a bikini. I suspect there is none.
    NOTE – Making coffee and charging for it (in any outfit) doesn’t make you a barista.
    Would you listen to wine suggestion from sommelier waring a bikini or swimming shorts? The same logic.

  69. When I was in my early twenties we stopped at Dunkin’s for coffee. In my middle twenties I was working in Morocco where the coffee is made in a stove top espresso brewer. The beans were hand ground in a Turkish coffee mill. I really began to appreciate coffee. I came home and began to try various whole beans with either a medium or dark roast.. My wife and I loved coffee and we purchased 1 1/2 lbs. from open bags at the Allentown Farmer’s market every week. almost 30 years later my local WAWA began to offer Kona coffee. For the first time since the early 70’s I was buying coffee for work. It was noticed by one of my sales staff and she suggested that try Starbuck’s. I did purchase one mediocre coffee from…

  70. Yes. The sexualization of women to sell goods is a tricky business. There are some women who don’t mind it. There are some that object to it. It is not a business model I would pursue but as long as there is nothing illegal, why not?

  71. I would ONLY buy coffee here if it was close by…
    Kiddings I wouldn’t overthink it. Unless the business was a detriment to the neighborhood (attracts bad social and criminal elements as a pseudo strip club or illegal gambling joint)
    There are nightclub Vietnamese coffee house / strip clubs that might need more scrutiny.
    It’s the business owner’s strategy to ostracize an entire customer segment by focusing on a limited coffee demographic. Or it can be said that the business owner is trying to use a gimmick to attract more customers than otherwise with a fairly open and undefined customer base. I would need more data over time to see what additional “skeletons” are shaken from the halo. Prostitution, drugs or other elements are potential byproducts is a place that uses sexual appeal to sell a fairly commoditized product like Coffee.

  72. Absolutely! When I used to see Facebook ads for Bottoms up Cafe I was so upset it wasn’t country-wide!
    But when you read the article, you see how pathetic and awful the general public is.
    “It’s near young, impressionable children.”
    Uh, so? Isn’t this the same generation that encourages walking around NAKED with vagina hats and duct tape? Seriously, shut up about sexuality being a bad thing.
    Have you ever seen a beach in Cali? I doubt women even own shorts. They wear tiny string bikinis that make men’s knees weak. Why is it an issue because they happen to serve coffee?
    I would, 100%, go to a coffee shop that had bikini/lingerie clad baristas. I’d likely even own one.
    I’m so sick of body shaming in America.

  73. I personally wouldn’t. I find these type of places tacky and cheap. If the only way you can sell your product is with practically naked females then it’s probably gross. My concern would be more of a safety issue for the workers. Spills happen.. Hot coffee + bikini = major burn. Ouch!

  74. Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?
    In principle, sure. Whatever. Too many people have weird hangups over what constitutes “appropriate” attire. So long as it’s sanitary, the barista’s clothing doesn’t affect the coffee. So in theory, sure.
    In practice?
    Well, I don’t go to Hooter’s, either. I just don’t see the point of that kind of business, regardless of what they ostensibly serve. And if a business has a gimmick like that, odds are they’re not focusing so much on the product I’m really there for.
    I don’t think it’s inherently wrong, but the only circumstances I can see myself going to a coffee shop where the bariste wore revealing attire is if it’s the only thing around, or if it’s a situation (e.g., on a beach) where revealing clothing is normal rather than a gimmick.

  75. No.
    When I was very young, a relative took me to a Hooters. I guess it’s because I was in my early teens and he thought of it as some rite of passage or something. While tweenaged hormonal Caleb really enjoyed looking at the cute waitress, I have to say in retrospect that it was overpriced sub-par bar slop mixed with pornography, and I’m not a big fan of either of those things.
    Is it a problem that there are such places? No — that sort of thing is a very old practice and it will never die as long as men enjoy looking at women. All the same, it feels distasteful, as if I’m paying someone to do something that I would rather have done for me out of affection. It’s like paying for lapdances: you’re not paying for the grinding sensation on your junk, you’re paying to be the center of a girl’s attention for a few seconds. But if I’m going to be the center of a girl’s attention, or see her cleavage and thighs, then I want it to be because she likes me more than she likes other dudes. This conflicts both with frat-boy macho BS and with socially progressive free-love ideology because both take a dim view of placing any kind of limit on sexuality. But I’m the kind of mossback reactionary who believes that limitations and boundaries are what define things and make life meaningful, so I’m okay with sometimes saying “no” to things.
    To chew and digest everything, however—that is the genuine swine-nature! Ever to say YES—that hath only the ass learnt, and those like it!—

    Victor Allen’s

  76. Now days after every thing I was Taught as I grow up To let go of my masculine anger I understand that it’s okay to ware a bikini to a barista but must ware a cover skirt over the bottom

  77. I think if I were in line for a coffee and found the person serving was wearing a bikini, I don’t see why it should bother me one way or the other. Depending on the reason, etc, location, etc, I may or may not return for a refill.

  78. No and I cannot imagine any place that would do that.
    That dress code would not pass health and safety regulations in most places and would invalidate the employers insurance should there be an accident.

  79. Depends what the barista is representing, meaning is she “expressing body confidence” ? Or “let me use my body to sell something?”. From looking at that bikini coffee chain I probably wouldn’t buy coffee from them cause that place would probably be filled with men throwing themselves at the baristas which is pretty uncomfortable!

  80. I might if some combination of the following applied:
    the coffee was good
    It was a local business, not a big chain
    The barista was a friend, acquaintance, or customer of mine who invited me
    I needed a cup of coffee right then and it was the nearest espresso available
    I was curious
    No SWERFiness here. A girl’s gotta make a living.

  81. Yes and I have 🙂 There is a coffee place not too far away called Ladybug Bikini Expresso. Everytime I go there I get a great coffee. I really do think they make better coffee than the ones that have regular clothes on.

  82. Sure, as long as the price is okay.
    Most likely, they’d charge a premium just because pretty girls in minimal clothing are serving it, and I just want my caffeine.
    But if the price is okay; yeah sure. Why wouldn’t I?

  83. Why would I be wearing this bikini anyway? But seriously, assuming the coffee was well-made and competitively priced, sure I would. What’s the big deal about people in a warm climate wearing bathing attire while working an informal job?

  84. OK. Do you mean if I am wearing the bikini or if the Barista is wearing the bikini? I have done both. Even when both of us were wearing bikini. Of cause this was in beachside tourist areas in Bali and Australia. In these places, many people walk around this area in bikinis and some woman in the food stalls and coffee bars wear bikinis. It was normal in those areas and no one thought anything bad of it

  85. Oy, these questions do show my real self.
    To be honest, i am. Not above drinking coffee. I had times where one couldblegitimate wonder if I was addicted to it.
    No the true dark secret is that i am still quite sexsotic. I guess I would feel superbly uncomfortable tho have my coffe bern sold by a male barrista in a bikini.
    Somehow that does not do it for me.

  86. Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?
    a2a. Well, yes I’d buy s cappuccino from a bikini clad barista or even one who wasn’t wearing hers. Same with a dude, but I would divert my eyes. My main barista requirement is they they are adept at making beautiful, silky foam. It’s about the eye appeal and mouth feel of the drink, not the barista.

    Would you buy coffee from a barista wearing a bikini?

  87. Sure as long as the coffee bar was run well and in a beachy type environment and she looked clean as well as the coffee making area.

  88. I’d be worried about them spilling a coffee that is made with water that’s 200 or so degrees. Or spilling steamed 160 degree milk on their body.
    So, for safety reasons, most definetly not.


  89. Gee, what a surprise that the article for the ‘Bottoms Up’ coffee shop is from Fox News. That seems to be the sort of thing they revel in.
    For me, no, I wouldn’t go to such a cafe to buy coffee. But then I wouldn’t go to a Starbucks or Tim Horton’s or any other shop to buy coffee either. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve had a cup of coffee. It just doesn’t interest me.
    But even if they carried something I did want (hot chocolate, tea, soft drinks, milkshakes, juice, whatever) I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to such a shop.
    Bikinis are okay for the beach, you expect to see people wearing bathing suits of some sort at the beach but not in a place where they serve food. It just seems out of place.
    If perhaps it was a beachfront shop, right on the beach and almost all the customers including myself were wearing some sort of bathing suit then it might be appropriate but that’s about it. (Even then I still wouldn’t order coffee though.)
    It’s not that I have anything against seeing women in bikinis. Like most other guys I do have an appreciation for the female form but I’m guessing that any place that makes its employees dress in such a manner when it’s not something to do with the heat, sand and fresh air of a beach is probably exploiting their employees. When restaurants where I am get criticized for making waitresses wear high heels and/or short skirts then one that makes them wear almost nothing (especially when dealing with boiling hot liquids) I can’t imagine the workers are too happy about it. I’d much rather be served by somebody enjoying the job they’re doing than somebody doing it just because they have no choice. I’ve been in the latter position often enough to empathize with them.

  90. If I am at the beach and there is a coffee shop there, sure. I would gladly see the guy or girl serving up my coffee being in a swimsuit are comfortable in if it meets basic sanitation requirements. I wouldn’t seek out a coffee shop based on the presence or lack of clothing though. I think that is a gimmick that usually means the place doesn’t focus on the product as much as marketing. I am willing to take kids to Chuck E Cheese for things other than the pizza but I would suggest another coffee spot if I was meeting friends for caffeine.

  91. I have and it was an experience. I can’t understand what all the excitement is about. There were several ladies on the beach that looked just as good, had more time to talk and weren’t being hassled by a bunch of other people about their drinks. Getting served by a girl in skimpy clothing at a bar or coffee shop is kinda nice I guess if your ego needs that kind of massage but in all honesty I had rather stay home and make a coffee for me and my scantily clad girl. It sounds a lot more interesting.
    Thanks for the A2A James Henry

  92. I could argue morality, but I won’t. What perv would listen? I’ll be practical.
    I live in Austin, Texas, where men can see pretty girls in shorts or bikinis for free seven months a year. Why pay extra to see them in a doughnut shop?
    Similarly, I’ve seen ads for topless maid services. Well, in this day and age, any male who wants to see topless women can do it for free on his TV or laptop. Why would he pay to watch a topless girl scrub his sink?
    So, a burger joint or coffee shop with scantily clad waitresses holds no special appeal. In fact, the one time I went to a Hooters, I felt… stupid. Pathetic, even. I’m a flabby married guy who’s almost old enough to be those waitresses’ grandpa. When they flirted with me (or, rather, PRETENDED to flirt with me for a bigger tip), it wasn’t a turn on. It was embarrassing.
    And since I’m a high school teacher, I’d find it… disturbing or even disgusting to imagine one of my former students working at such a place, even if the money was good.

  93. Yes, I would go.
    Maybe that makes me a bad person.
    Maybe that makes me a sexist pig and a threat to women.
    Maybe that means Jesus doesn’t love me and I’ll go to hell.
    It probably means all three.
    I don’t really care anymore.
    I’m an ugly, lonely, massively depressed, guy with low self esteem, plenty of self loathing, no friends or family in my life, and with no desire to muster up the willpower to begin doing the things I KNOW I need to do if I want there to be any positive changes in my life, while also too selfish and self important to actually think of ending my life.
    So, if buying overpriced, but hopefully decent, coffee allows me to spend 10 seconds chasing a fantasy, making some small, albeit pointless, connection and conversation with some attractive and intelligent half naked woman, the kind I could never hope to be good enough to attract the interest of on my own merits, then it’s overall worth it.
    Hey, there are worst things to do in life.
    Edit: Seeing some of these other answers. The way some of you actually try to portray yourselves as being morally superior by saying “No” is hilarious. There is no morality in buying coffee.

  94. Yes, but only if it’s otherwise no different than my neighborhood coffee shop.
    If it’s more expensive, no.
    If it’s inconveniently located, no.
    If the coffee is crap, no.
    Let’s say my local Starbucks suddenly got converted into one of these bikini-clad joint, I wouldn’t stop coming just because the baristas now wear less clothing.
    On second thought, no, I wouldn’t patronize it anymore.
    Why? It’s not because I no longer have a pulse. I enjoy seeing exposed female skin as much as the next heterosexual guy, I just don’t want to pay for it. You see, these ladies are providing an extra service, call it ‘entertainment’. I would feel like a…

  95. Probably—no real reason I can think of not to—other than the coffee being sold is crappy.
    Duly noted that the precipitating incident for this question is a new-ish coffee chain in California. Figure there is likely a strip-club coffee bar somewhere in LA County. That might be the place I’d draw the line.
    However., also note that I am rather jad…

  96. Depends.
    If I’d used the coffee shop before and liked the product then yes, I’m not fussy about what the barista is wearing.
    If I was there for the first time, then I would go somewhere else. At first thought a barista in a bikini means the coffee shops first point of difference isn’t the quality of its coffee.

  97. I would, and I have. On several occasions.
    I take an inter-county bus to visit my daughter who is usually late, so I go the the bikini-barista coffee shack for coffee for us. The girls are dressed in fancy underwear, not naked or even nearly naked. I’ve seen women who are more scantily clad on beaches than at this coffee shack. The coffee is so-so, and the girls, usually working their way through college, are really nice, especially since we are nice to them. They’ve told us that we are a welcome change from the creepers, so there’s that perk! I’d rather get my coffee from a place like that that is locally owned than from Starbucks. The coffee isn’t the best, for sure, but at least it’s not burnt like Starbucks, and the cost is similar. And it gives us a chance to maybe brighten someone’s day. It’s a legitimate line of work, and apparently they make enough more money from tips doing it to make it worthwhile.

  98. I’m not a barista, but I’ve been making coffee at home for decades, and I’ve never noticed a connection between the taste of the coffee and what I’m wearing.

  99. Yes. With ambivalence.
    The women are making a living (or part time living) selling coffee and I should respect their choice of marketing techniques.
    But, I know I’d be looking at these as desirable and I’m not sure, but that could be insulting.
    Bottom line though, I like coffee and the quality of the espresso would determine whether I came back.

  100. When I go to a coffee shop, all I need is to get a good product. All that’s required for a barista is not having contagious diseases and, if she/ he also works with cash, being able to count money. I really don’t care what they look like, what they wear, what kind of a hairdo they have, if they smile at me, if they say “hello”, “thank you” and “nice to meet you” and so on. Just coffee(or whatever I buy there) and my change.

  101. Hell yeah!, when you really think about what clothes can have on them , and all the lint, dust that flies around whenever they dusts themselves off. And besides she’s not gonna put any body parts in your cup, and sometimes in hot areas of the country, those coffee places can get pretty hot, I’d rather see a woman in a bikini, than somebody sweating all over the place.

  102. I would not frequent a coffee place just because the baristas are wearing bikinis, but I wouldn’t not buy coffee from a place just because the baristas are wearing bikinis. Whether I buy coffee from a place depends on how good the coffee is and how much I want/need some coffee at the time, not what the baristas are wearing.

  103. I rarely buy coffee. When I do, it’s in a convenience store where I’m given free access to the hot chocolate machine, the coffee machines, sugar, and flavored creams. With no humans involved. Just me and my own whims. With a lid. When I take my “coffee” (which is only nominally coffee at all, there’s some in there, yes, but there’s more other stuff, by unit volume, than coffee) to the counter, it cannot be distinguished from any other cup, I pay the cashier and leave.
    Why on Earth I would want to try and communicate my preferences to a coffee jerk (which is essentially what a “barista” is, a person who pours beverages to order) and pay six times as much for the privilege, plus wait in line to place my order plus wait for them to pour it and call my name, I don’t know.
    It’s OK, as a person on the Autism spectrum, I’m quite accustomed to not “getting” what it is that other people see as normal or even desirable.
    I see, you wanted me to focus on the bikini.
    Yeah, I dunno, that doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference to me. It wouldn’t be enough to overcome my reluctance to place my “hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, four creams, Irish whisky flavoring, a dusting of cinnamon powder, four sugars, do not stir” (or whatever my whim is of the day) order.
    I’d question, though, why I’m ordering a hot beverage under conditions where someone would elect to wear very little clothing.
    Now, in case you think I’m presenting myself as some kind of saint, I’ll add that although there’s the scant chance I’d order this “coffee” from an attractive lady in a bikini, there’s much less chance I’d do so from a dude wearing a banana hammock. Sorry, but no. Wait. Make that hell no. Yeah, that about captures it.

  104. I can think of literally no reason whatsoever that would prevent me from doing so, provided the barista was there of their own free will.
    Gold bikini Leia? No. Slavery is wrong.
    But someone in a service job dressing for their own comfort, their voluntary compliance with their employers dress code, or to flog tips from their customers? Why ever not?
    My first encounter with a bikini barista was in Eugene, Oregon near the river on a hot summer day. As me and my wife and kids drove up, we could see many cars nearby full of college kids dressed to enjoy the water. Half the cars were full of people in bathing attire. The barista was similarly dressed.
    It was, to put it mildly, no big deal. My wife had no negative comment, my kids were not agape, and I myself was not in any way titillated or embarrassed.
    I grew up near the beach in Florida. Every young person, male or female, had on a bathing suit almost every day during the summer.
    With creeps like Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, and Harvey Weinstein getting so much press, it is easy to forget that most people are not sex obsessed monsters. Most people are not sex-obsessed blue-noses either who apparently prefer to create a slut-shaming stormcloud over girls in bathing suits (fer crissakes!). I’ll leave it to the reader to imagine my opinion of people — whether for religious or “feminist” reasons — have time to waste scolding baristas instead of rooting out bigger issues. And no, I do not believe that what a woman — any woman — chooses to wear makes others entitled to harass her sexually. Or to shame her out of a job.

  105. I’m with Jeff Collins on this one.
    Additionally, I would be concerned about the food safety while serving – the more body skin is uncovered the less sanitary it gets.

  106. If it’s good coffee, I’ll buy it from a barista in just about any costume you could name. Or naked, naked people don’t spook me, I’ve seen ’em before.
    At least, that’s the case with respect to the “what would scandalize you” question. With regards to workplace safety, I do worry about the baristas being liable to hot-coffee burns, though. It seems unkind to subject them to that.


  107. Reply
  108. UGH YES!
    I’ve bought coffee from Qatari baristas clad in hijab and abaya. And it was delicious.
    If I am not lagging behind in knowledge,I am preeeeeetty certain that a person’s attire normally doesn’t affect the outcome of their culinary skills.
    When I am buying something,I limit my attention to the sales receipts and my wallet. It is very rare that I inspect the salesclerk from head to toe.
    But that’s me.
    I admit that the barista would be exposed to a lot of unfortunate attention but that is something wrong with the common social standards.
    Personally,I won’t mind buying coffee from a barista clad in a bikini.
    A hot coffee from a hot barista!


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