Would taking St. John’s Wort and L-Theanine together as daily supplement be an effective way to reduce depression and anxiety?

Would taking St. John’s Wort and L-Theanine together as daily supplement be an effective way to reduce depression and anxiety?

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  1. My advice: stay away from St John’s Wort. It interacts with everything (e.g., acid blockers, antihistamines, proton pump inhibitors and various prescribed meds. ). It is a “dirty” drug in that it has a low therapeutic potential and high risk of interaction. It is processed through the liver enzymes and is pretty harsh as it does not “play well” with other chemicals. There are far better alternatives out there like SSRI’s and the like that work better for depression, and are clinically proven in studies. Ask a MD about potential treatments.

  2. I feel LTheanine is safe. I take it daily. Not real sure about St.John’s Wort. I’ve always been skeptical about this one. I’d check with my doctor before taking it.

  3. It might. There is some evidence St. John’s Wort decreases depressive symptoms, though there is more evidence for SAM-E, another supplement you can get in stores. L-theanine has also shown to have some benefits for anxiety. It has an impact on Alpha waves in the brain, which is what increases when meditating. My understanding is not super detailed, but they both have research to back them up and may help. Again SAM-E has more evidence than St. Johns Wort. Consult a medical professional. I have used L-theanine to counteract the jitteriness from caffeine and have had some success with it.

  4. I noticed that St. John’s Wort has positive effects when it is boiled over low heat for nine minutes.
    Although I heard that St. St. John’s Wort should be boiled for nine minutes, I drank St. John’s Wort without boiling for a long time, but I did not see much effect.
    Onion juice is incredibly gut and brain relaxing, but it is very difficult to drink onion juice.
    Onion juice creates a feeling of nausea and distress.
    But if you are patient after drinking onion juice, you will feel very relaxed after half an hour.
    This is my own personal experience.
    For this reason, I cannot guarantee anything.
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