Would it be wise to open a local coffee shop with a Starbucks about one block away?

Would it be wise to open a local coffee shop with a Starbucks about one block away?

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  1. Yes. Very wise and please do it. In fact, start a chain of stores that focuses exactly on that (operating whiting a one block radius to Starbucks) as a fundamental to the operating model.
    The above is stated on the presumption you will cater for an audience that understands and enjoys good coffee and will provide well prepared fresh coffee. Not the toxic, overpriced bile that Starbucks serve.

  2. Markets for some products are quantified by districts, some by cities, some by suburbs some by blocks and some (like coffee) by sides of the street.
    So if Starbucks are one block away they are most probably serving a different coffee market to the one that you will serve. To prove this theory, one just needs to look at how Starbucks locate their stores … see some are just across the street from each other and some are on opposite corners of the same intersection. They do this because their research tells them that each store serves a different market which will result in very little business loss due to each store’s existence.
    See we consumers are creatures of habit. We all travel pretty much the same way each day when conducting our business and we rarely venture into the foreign turf that is ‘the other side of the street’ or cross an intersection in a different way ‘just for the fun of it’. This different yet static traffic flow even in the same block, results in completely different markets for a constantly in-demand product like coffee.
    Convenience is always going to be a major factor for consumers when considering small value purchases like coffee and it’s related products. So as long as you are the most conveniently located store for a large enough clientele and you provide a quality espresso coffee product better than Starbuck’s mass produced effort, you should be a…

  3. It depends. I would do research on the surrounding neighborhood. What kind of folks live there? What type of community is it? Is there a lot of commuter traffic?
    Also, ask yourself some fundamental questions? How can you be competitive? What could you offer your potential customers that Starbucks doesn’t? Quality of coffee, variety of baked goods, free wi-fi, etc.
    There are tons of coffee shops in the US that exist within few miles of Starbucks locations. Some are roasters as well as brewers, some boast a larger menu, or a better level of freshness on their menus, some make pastries in house, etc.
    What would distinguish your coffee shop from any other?


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