Will drinking tea and coffee result in grey hair, is green tea a remedy?

Will drinking tea and coffee result in grey hair, is green tea a remedy?

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  1. I’ve been looking into this for a while and haven’t been able to find any definitive answers, though the responses have been very informative.
    I started drinking coffee regularly 2 years ago. I’m 44 1/2 and just this past year started getting a lot of grey. Granted, the pandemic is proving to be pretty stressful, but I’ve actually been less stressed this past year thanks to having more time to myself. I’m quitting coffee to see if it will have an affect.
    Ive drank green tea off and on for most of my life and never felt like it affected my hair. At one point I thought it was whitening my teeth.
    in Chinese medicine, coffee robs the constitutional energy (jing). That could be seen as aging you faster. I never heard the same said for green tea.
    Both my parents went grey late in life. My dad is in his mid-70’s and still has dark hair. He drinks coffee daily and always has. My brother drinks coffee daily and has been going gray since he was 30. Both have similar lifestyles. My brother had a traumatic accident in his 20’s, so that might be the contributing factor. Speaking of trauma, the area of my head that has the most white hairs is where it was hit a couple years ago, giving me a concussion. And that same spot suffered trauma (standing up into a porch railing) about 7 years ago, so I’m guessing that trauma to an area of the head can damage the melanocytes? Maybe not.
    I quit coffee 2 days ago. Will see if drinking Chinese herbal tea for grey hair can reverse this aging of my head!

  2. Coffee and Tea again getting a bad reputation, my mother used to tell my sister if you drink tea you will get dark, and that was 70 years ago, time did not change much now it is fear of getting grey hair.
    Regardless, there is no scientific truth to it, at least I am not aware of it.
    Green Tea is more or less worshiped in China, I have visited some of their green tea estates, again there is no scientific proof, it will keep your hair black for ever.
    Chinese hate grey hair and they dye it, most of them, green tea did not save them aging and that is fact of life.
    Again some of us are God gifted in traits and some are not, young person of 20 goes grey and 50 is still has more black than grey.
    Indian black henna is one of the best color natural dye, and I know some women in mid sixties use it and still can turn some heads.
    In my view even though not asked, some ladies look very nice in grey also, in my view grey is equally very beautiful, putting a copper roof on a older building does not make it new.

  3. German studies revealed that grey hair is caused by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The body produces H2O2 itself and also breaks it down and neutralizes it using the enzyme catalase (CAT). When growing older, this CAT concentration becomes very low. The H2O2 now attacks the enzyme tyrosinase. The result of this oxidation is the amino acid methionine. Thus the enzyme tyrosinase fails building the color pigment melanine.
    Coffee contains hydrogen peroxide, which btw. multiplies the negative effects of methylglyoxal, which is also contained in coffee (and in lower concentrations also in black tea) and is considered as carcinogenic.
    Other factors causing grey hair are stress and free radicals, lack of estrogen and hypothyroidism.
    Green tea contains polyphenols, esp catechines, which are antioxidants and scavenge free-radicals. So this is an indirect benefit for preventing your hair from getting grey. I don’t know of any study proving that drinking green tea slows down the natural altering process of getting grey.
    According to some natural healing experts and naturopaths grey hair is a result of acidosis and loss of minerals. Coffee and tea inhibit the resorption of zinc (lack of vitamins and minerals, esp. zinc is also considered to cause grey hair). Therefore those experts advise to get the acid-base homeostasis in balance and to feed balanced, which means 20 % acid forming foods and 80 % basic food, where coffee and tea belong to the first group.
    So all in all (and, as for everything we eat and drink): Moderate consumption (max 4 cups) of coffee shouldn’t be a big problem for your natural hair color (but no guarantee, of cause).

  4. Tea does’t have that kind of effect to make your hair grey also doesn’t have that kind of effect to keep your hair black.
    If keeping your hair black is the goal, you better try something else.
    In traditional Chinese medicine, people tend to choose taking sesame and walnut to keep the hair black, but good sleep, proper exercise would be more useful.

  5. I’ve not seen any clinical data that suggests that drinking either coffee or green tea in moderation has any effect on hair color, possible mechanisms to the contrary. The German study that Paul Quinten cites on hair graying is intriguing, especially since the mechanism also explains why it occurs more as one gets older (the level of the enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide decreases with age).
    However, the levels of hydrogen peroxide in freshly brewed coffee are quite low (there is some ambiguity about apparent higher levels in the beverage prepared from instant coffee), and in the absence of further data, a connection to hair color is quite speculative. (The effects of mutagenic compounds in coffee, for example, have never been linked to any clinical effects in humans.)
    Analysis of hydrogen peroxide levels in urine after consumption of coffee or green tea suggest that far less hydrogen peroxide arises from green tea consumption though it is possible that the source of hydrogen peroxide may not be relevant to the graying mechanism.
    If you are obsessed with your hair color, switching from coffee to green tea may at least provide some comfort in the absence of any hard data. Me?–I love my coffee too much.

  6. No! It doesn’t affect your hair color or your skin tone. Grey hair is a result of ageing, stress, deficiency or genetics.
    Green tea is a healthier option but you don’t have to sacrifice tea or coffee for that.

  7. Having worked in the hair industry, I can tell you than when you go gray is much more a factor of your genetics than whether or not you drink coffee or regular tea. My grandmother was completely white by age 24, and by age 26, I began graying considerably in exactly the same pattern as my great aunt. So look around at your relatives and you’ll get a fairly good reference for about when you’ll start changing your hair color.
    Of course, extreme stress, serious medical illnesses, trauma, and extreme malnutrition can and do make hair gray more rapidly, but it generally has to be extreme to have any effect.

  8. Use a good hair oil containing true indigo.
    This natural ingredient on regular use help turn your grey hair to black colour.
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    Will drinking tea and coffee result in grey hair, is green tea a remedy?


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