Will drinking Bang drinks kick you out of ketosis?

Will drinking Bang drinks kick you out of ketosis?

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  1. I agree with both the previous answers. But I like to keep things simple and basic for a layman to understand the question.
    Following a keto diet means consuming negligible amounts of carbohydrates and no sugar. This results in the body being in this so called state of “ketosis”. In this state the body produces something called keytones which help the body to derive their energy from fats and some parts from proteins (both from food and stored ).
    The only way something will kick you out of this state is carbohydrates and sugar. Therefore check the nutritional value of what you are consuming and you would get a fair amount of idea if you would be in ketosis or not!
    The nutritional value of bang drinks are as under-
    * 0 calories
    * 0 grams of fat
    * 0mg of cholesterol
    * 40mg sodium
    * …

  2. Answer: YES! Bang energy drink is keto friendly. You can consume a Bang without worrying about if you will be knocked out of ketosis. But before you slam that energy drink – do note, make sure you know what the carb counts are for which Bang product – as not all have zero carbs!Apr 19, 2021

  3. Bang energy drinks are sugar free and have zero carbohydrates, so they will not kick you out of ketosis like regular sugary drinks will.

  4. It’s very simple I have read 14 books on ketosis, some by bodybuilders, some by MDs, some by Phd’s in Nutrition… but I will use Atkins, as an example, even though in 1995 what really got things moving was Enter The Zone IMHO.
    There were 4 diets, contrary to the millions of people whio have never read the book who claim 1 diet.
    Induction Diet: 60 grams or less of simple carbs (sugar or starches) I know men who have lost 1 lb a day simply by replacing simple carbs with low glycemic vegis.
    OWL Diet: ongoing weight loss is basically where you tune your carbs to your energy expenditure.. As an example I like with Targeted Ketosis (not one of Atkins) one might eat 30 grams of simple carbs, but burn it all off in an intense workout, so that you drop back into ketosis… Another example is you may find carrots and peas and most fruits take you out of ketosis, so you swap cruciferous vegis ( cauliflower and broccoli) for them… You take notes and see what works for you. Lifting weights or squats or riding a bicycle uphill for an hour (ok you can do 30 mins) seems to work best for most people, better than low impact aerobics, but walking 10,000 steps a day works at least for me.
    Fat Fast: All you eat is fat when you get totally stuck and can’t lose the last 10 lbs, for example… Macadamia nuts, cream cheese, coconut oil, etc.. Calories aren’t as critical as the food groups, but it is easy to eat too many calories as you get older… What worked in 1995 for me doesn’t work as well now.
    NutraSweet, Artificial sweetener kill 50% of the flaura and fana in the gut, which is very unhealthy and can lead to “gut leak” as you age. Aspertaine damages the nerves. Sacaran can cause cancer. I use stevia.
    I like to use intermittent fasting to get even better results… So for example butter in my coffee at 6 AM, healthy bacon ( less chemicles and artifical ingredients is best) and eggs for lunch around noon or 1 PM, then meat and vegis around 5 PM for dinner.. As was suggested by a Gentleman here a few weeks ago.
    You need to get a list of low and high glycemic vegis and fruits (for me I can’t do fruits, unless i am burning them off in a workout). Then experiment with what works for you.

  5. Bang likely will stop Autophagy but not ketosis. I dont quite agree that it causes sugar cravings, mainly because after cutting out sugar and artificial sweeteners, vegetables like zucchini and squash not to mention any and all fruits caused unbelievable sugar cravings for me.


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