Will decaf coffee dehydrate you?

Will decaf coffee dehydrate you?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “does decaf coffee make you pee

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  1. No. It’s a diuretic – which it may not be anymore anyway, since you drink decaf. Even drinking regular coffee isn’t dehydrating – you’re drinking liquid. You can’t pee out more liquid than you’re actually drinking – diuretic just means you’re going to want to pee more often than normal, but it doesn’t mean you’re losing more water than you are taking in.
    Tea that isn’t decaf, btw, is going to have some caffeine in too.

  2. Coffee is officially a dieuretic, meaning that it promotes the formation of urine by the kidney. So, coffee was seen as a cause of the body losing water, and that was the established view for a long time.
    But, that view is changing and, in moderation, coffee can actually be counted as part of your hydration for the day.
    Indeed, the latest U.S. dietary guidelines increased the limit on caffeine to 400 mg a day in adults and it’s now noted as an excellent source of potassium and magnesium, as well as one of the top sources of daily intake of antioxidants – for both decaf and regular coffee

  3. Decaf coffee no longer has caffeine in it. It is caffeine that has the diuretic action of regular coffee and dehydrates you. But a thorough study has shown that decaf coffee has the same health protective effect as regular coffee does. So I am drinking decaf coffee.
    Here is a link to the study I mentioned: Association of Coffee Consumption With Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in 3 Large Prospective Cohorts .

  4. This is definitely a fun question to answer!
    Based on my research, several studies have linked caffeinated drinks to dehydration, including one in 1928 that concluded caffeine is a diuretic. Scientists have conducted much research in the last 100 years, proving that it has minimal effect on hydration.
    Despite it seeming obvious, decaf coffee does not cause dehydration .
    But you might ask– why does it make my mouth feel dry when I drink it? Tea and coffee contain tannins, which bind to saliva and temporarily stop its production. In the coffee industry, astringency is sometimes referred to as this parched feeling. To minimise the effects of this, it is recommended that you drink water along with your coffee.
    A person’s health isn’t harmed by decaf. Specific decaffeination processes use solvent chemicals, one of the biggest concerns with decaf coffee. However, the health benefits of caffeinated coffee outweigh the disadvantages of decaf. Improved mood, concentration, memory, and slight metabolic increases are some of these benefits.

  5. Decaf coffee won’t cause dehydration, however it ought not be your mian source of hydration. However, for what reason does my mouth feel dry when I drink it? Numerous drinkers experience a somewhat dry mouth while burning-through decaf or standard coffee, and this is down to the tannins. It is only an inclination and is certainly not an indication of drying out.

  6. No !
    Coffee, like tea make you pee and thus will lead to some water loss. However the amount of water you ingest while drinking your cup of coffee or tea is greater, hence coffee (and tea) hydrates you !
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