Will a 10-ounce cup of coffee made by a Keurig be as strong as an eight-ounce cup?

Will a 10-ounce cup of coffee made by a Keurig be as strong as an eight-ounce cup?

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  1. Oh yes! But not in a good way. Among the taste senses, bitterness is the most easily perceived.
    Assuming that 8oz is where the drink reaches balance, then 10oz -should- have more Total Dissolved Solids right? Yep. You’re right.
    A classic sign of overextraction is dryness and long-lasting abrasive bitterness.
    While 10oz is more than 8oz, if you dilute the 8oz into 10oz, the flavor will still be at around 80% strength. This is not a lot as the tongue’s perceived strength is not linear. It will taste more like 90% of 8oz.
    However, the separation of flavors will be more pronounced. This is where the flavor of the coffee seems to have a “gap” in them. We call this watery coffee.
    A 10oz will not have this problem (as bad) as you continue to dissolve more of the coffee into the drink. Although it’s negligible at this point simply because of overextraction.
    So simply put, 10oz is more bitter, and more watery at the same time. This leads to a “stronger” sense of taste in the form of bitterness and a decrease in positive flavors.

  2. First of all you should examine closely what you mean by “strong”.
    Strong can mean:
    Higher levels of caffeine (hard to actually achieve as most standardly brewed coffee has the same amount by volume)
    Bitter, smokey, what some people mistakenly refer to as “coffee” taste.
    Just generally less watery.
    Second of all this entire pursuit should be moved to a different brewer if you are worried about “strength”.
    The Keurig is a terrible invention whose own inventor regrets putting it into the world. Coffee from k-cups is the most expensive in the world by weight (usually around $50). The cups are also causing a trash nightmare.
    But to give you a straight answer, it will have the same caffeine but will be more diluted (than it already is because you are using a Keurig).
    Good luck! but google specialty coffee and start drinking stuff that tastes good by itself. We only put milk and sugar into our coffee because we drink incorrect/poor tasting coffee.

  3. There are multiple ways to define “strength” opeationally here. I think the only two valid points are the following:
    The absolute amount of caffeine in the “cup” of brewed coffee
    The bitterness in flavor of the brewed coffee
    Others have taken on the second bullet point more thoroughly than I care to, but previous answers for the top point have been flawed.
    The absolute amount of caffeiene will definitely go up. The extraction time for the 10-ounce cup is longer, and as long as the extraction rate for the first 8 ounces is the same for both the 8-ounce and 10-ounce cups (it is), and all of the caffeine is not extracted in the first 8 ounces (it is not), then it would stand to reason that the additional extraction time for the 10-ounce cup will yield additional caffeine. So in this sense, the 10-ounce cup is stronger, i.e., consuming the entire cup will provide you with more caffeine than consuming an 8-ounce cup would.

  4. No.
    That is not possible, due to the fact that there is only one size of Keurig pod.
    Using the one size of pod, less water (smaller size) results in stronger coffee, and more water (larger size) results in weaker coffee.

  5. Simply—no.
    More water is going through the same amount of grounds. You have no way to modify the amount of ground coffee and the only way to make the coffee stronger would be to add some instant coffee or a pack of Starbucks VIA.
    A quick note. That cup of Keurig coffee…is being made with beans that probably have been sitting in a warehouse for a couple of years, were ground, put into the cups, packaged and warehoused for who knows how long. Coffee looses its potency as it is stored for a long time, even in the whole been state, quicker when it is roasted even more quickly when it is ground.
    So you are brewi…


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