Why would you recommend coffee after drinking alcohol?

Why would you recommend coffee after drinking alcohol?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “drinking coffee after drinking alcohol increases blood alcohol content

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  1. What caffeine does is, it’s just makes you more focused following that mentality It is suggested that a shot of coffee can make you at least slightly conscious.
    This can be helpful when you are drunk AF, and can’t even stand.

  2. It’s a fallacy that if someone begins to look drunk, you can sober them up by giving them coffee.
    It will not decrease their blood alcohol level or make them less likely to fall down the stairs or have a wreck in their car.

  3. Well, that’s what any Brazilian (and I’d assume some Europeans too) do after a lunch/dinner if they choose to have wine pairing with it. You’d have wine with the meal and wrap it up with dessert and coffee. No one has ever died because of that, as far as I know. Not sure exactly what the effects are, if any, it’s just what we do.
    I’m pretty sure that’s also the case when instead of wine you have a caipirinha …

  4. Not really.
    There is an urban legend floating around that drinking lots of coffer when you are drunk will sober you up. I think that is not true.
    What is true is that drinking lots of coffee when you are drunk just makes you a wide awake drunk.

  5. The only thing you get from giving coffee to someone who has been drinking is a wide awake drunk.
    Let them sleep it off, in the corner, on the front porch swing, or in the cupboard under the kitchen sink just let them sleep.
    Original question: Why would you recommend coffee after drinking alcohol?

  6. I wouldn’t. Coffee and alcohol are a dangerous combination due to the lack of synergy; Both of them have opposing impacts which deeply harms the average person.
    What do i really even mean by that? Read on
    Alcohol has depressant effects on the human mind and nerve system. Coffee, on the other hand, alerts the human mind and nerve system. This contrast can be misleading when drunk as it seems that the coffee entering one’s system acts as an antidote which is far from the truth.
    Caffeine has no effect on the metabolism of alcohol by the liver and thus does not reduce breath or blood alcohol concentrations
    This is lethal as it causes individuals to underestimate the alcohol within their systems and to drink greater amounts, leading to possible overdrinking which is responsible for more than 140,000 deaths in the US alone.
    Thus, please be a responsible drinker if you must and take care of yourself!

  7. I would not recommend coffee after alcohol. Both are diuretics and the likelihood is that you’ll become very thirsty. Instead, I’d drink water with some ice and a slice of lemon in it. Alternatively, any caffeine-free and sugar-free soft drink is a good idea.

  8. After dinner, it is not only recommended, but I would insist upon it after dinner when entertaining, to go with Port or Brandy after the cheese course.

  9. The only reason why I would recommend coffee is that, it’s a diuretic. It would help you to go to the bathroom and the caffeine will help your liver and kidneys process the alcohol.
    Coffee isn’t a cure for drunkenness, only time can get u sober.

  10. If you mean after, as in immediately in the time following, drinking alcohol, there is an old urban legend it will sober up a drunk. Mostly it make s a drunk more awake, but it doesn’t help make them sober. But that’s why it’s done mostly.

    Eight O’Clock

  11. As near as I can tell from forty odd years of observation, people like to achieve a very mild buzz. A cup of coffee is one sort. A glass of brandy is another. Mixed together they both offset each other and complement each other. Because many of the flavours present in the charred oak barrels transfers to aged spirits they share similar flavours with coffee but are also different. They work well together.
    Back to the buzz, the most extreme level of this combination is a speedball (cocaine and heroin.) It was one of these that killed John Belushi. But the modern pharm industry was producing similar pills back in the 50s – phenylbarb or some other barbiturate combined with Benzedrine or some other amphetemine.
    When I was in high school in the early 70s you could still occasionally find a suburban housewife who had a prescription for such a pill, a mother’s little helper as per the Rolling Stones song. They were much sought after on the resale market. (by the 80s everybody was hot for valium and other diazepams.

    Victor Allen’s


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