Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

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  1. There was a time where I would only get my daily caffeine fix from a coffee shop or I would just pop in a k-cup pod at the office if I didnt have to stop by a cafe on the way to work. It was convenient and I really didn’t mind the cost as long as it was good. Then the pandemic happened, we moved to all working from home and the coffee shops were closed. Since I bought coffee all my coffee drinking life I realized I had no idea how to make coffee myself. I didnt really want to spend that much on a keurig machine since we already had one in the office (didn’t knoe how long we would be working from home, newsflash it has been two years and counting) so I decided to watch some youtube videos on ways to make good coffee at home. After a bit of trial and error, actually a lot of trial and error, when I finally got my recipe dialed in exactly how I wanted it, I discovered two things. 1) You dont need to spend much to make good coffee at home, seriously I spend more in coffee shops in a week or two than what I spent on my brewing kit and 2) the coffee I made came out 10 times better than anything I have ever had at coffee shops, becuase now I made it exactly how I wanted it, I remember taking that first sip make me realize that I was drinking crappy coffee all my life. Now that the coffee shops are open, I still frequent them, but only check out coffee beans, I rarely order coffee out anymore.

  2. takeaway (or eat in), and most restaurants here in AUS can not make good coffee, although i do find many places who are located in the country/rural areas who make good coffee, but that’s typical here in Australia, usually things are better there.
    As for me preferring home coffee? It’s got to do with the sugar, they never actually give the right amount. Milk lvl, if they used too much, it always ends up cold.. I can’t sip on coffee unless it’s hot, I’m talking Borderline boiled temp (For the coffee my family created, it’s how you should generally drink it)
    A few more reasons, but I just realised the main one:
    My family, I’m talking about my parents, 4 brothers, etc, have always had the same coffee, and it’s not something that anyone actually does outside of the family. I wish the world knew lol, because it makes coffee, strong or weak, good or bad, literally 10 times better. Once you make it the way my family have been making it, you’ll never appreciate regular coffee again, or at least that’s what I assume.

  3. I’m what you might call a Hikikomori-lite™ .
    This is an actual Hikokomori:

    Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

    They are characterized by extreme isolation, usually due to some agoraphobical trauma which has rendered them deathly afraid of the outside world, and just live in their rooms literally all the time.
    I’m not quite that far gone, but I am a creature of comfort and I prefer my creature comforts in my mancave. If I can do do something at home vs. doing it outside home, I will always choose the former, no exceptions.
    I only go outside when I cannot do what I must do at home.

    Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

    Can I brew coffee at home? Yes.
    Is my coffee better than coffee I can get outside? Typically, yes.
    Is this cheaper than going outside to get coffee? Yes.
    Therefore, I have no incentive to go outside and buy coffee from a coffee shop.

  4. Now, during the lockdown and restrictions I’m working from home in the rurual area in the mountains, enjoying walking, hiking and lunting. Unfortunately, in the local pub is a coffee some stinky dirty water. Beer is same poor and the company of local alcoholics is not interesting.
    Nearest good coffee shop (with the coffee from their own roastery) is 35 km far. Not possible to drink a coffee there during my office hours, too expensive to go there just to have one coffee. I’m going there always I’m in this town, usualy by some cumulative reasons. To drink a coffee, to buy some of their excellent blends for the home brewing in the moka pot. Easiest way to have a good coffee any time.

  5. I don’t prefer to drink coffee at home rather than buy it at a coffee shop. Having said that, I won’t go to a cafe that doesn’t pride itself on its coffee.
    I should mention that my partner is a barista, so we always have quality coffee at home, which I use with an Aero Press.
    That said, if I’m planning to meet up with friends or work associates I’ll always head to somewhere that I know makes great coffee.

  6. Really easy question. I brew coffee at home because it’s cheaper, more convenient and better than 90% of places I can buy coffee at, even specialty coffee (but then, I’m REALLY good at making coffee).
    But that said – I love to go out for coffee anyway! The main reasons I drink coffee out:

    There are some freaking amazing baristas out there whose technique puts even mine to shame. Adopt a posture of learning, and all that.
    I can’t brew espresso. I don’t have the gear, the beans or the skills. So I go out for a good latte, piccolo etc.
    Meet people. I love talking coffee – to baristas, to whoever I meet at the shop.
    Atmosphere. You don’t always want to be at home.

    Look at the link in my bio – over a thousand places in the world where I’ve met amazing people through coffee.

    Victor Allen’s

  7. I make superb coffee at home for a fraction of the cost. I do not need to drive and risk being killed by a drunk driver. I do not need to risk being confronted by a Trumpanzee or Bernie Brat.

  8. Buying it from a coffee shop is alot more expensive. For the price of one Venti at my local Starbucks, I can buy an whole bag of ground coffee. That’s like 4–5 full pots. Also, one of my local supermarkets regularly has a 40% discount on all types of Evergood coffee. Which means I save even more money by making it at home.
    That said, I do buy coffee from Starbucks and other similar places from time to time. Especially if I don’t have time to make any at home before leaving for work.

    Eight O’Clock

  9. I can only talk for my self, but I do it for two reasons:

    Coffee at coffee shops here in Denmark are really expensive
    I make the coffee better my self (5 1/2 years as a barista)

  10. I drink coffee all the time @ home. I can’t remember when I last went into a coffee shop, months ago. On leaving said “coffee shop”, I went home for a cup of REAL COFFEE…..

  11. Cost and convenience.
    I can buy good quality beans and then grind and brew my own coffee just the way I like it. The same cup would be $3-5 at a coffeeshop.
    It’s much more convenient to be able to do this without leaving my home.
    I enjoy coffeeshops for good service, for drinks I can’t make at home, and for the atmosphere.

  12. Must I choose? I enjoy making coffee at home, and also buying it from a coffee shop.
    Where the preference is clear and unambiguous is between the coffee I make at home and coffee from a mediocre or worse coffee shop. The coffee I make at home is better than 90% of coffee bars (and the bars in my town are better than most), ready within half an hour of waking in the morning, and affordable even though I buy excellent coffee beans.
    But when I have a chance to have a coffee in a really first-rate coffee bar, pulled by a barista who cares as much about coffee as I do but practices a lot more … I enjoy that too. In addition to the pure pleasure of having an excellent coffee, I enjoy learning from watching a good barista work and tasting how that technique shows in the cup.

  13. Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

    Look, I like going to coffee shops. It’s nice to get out, be around people, and soak up the ambience of some coffee shops, but let’s get real…
    Most coffee served at most coffee shops isn’t of amazing quality.
    Most coffee sold at coffee shops is sold at ridiculous prices.
    Personally, I’d rather stay home, make some quality coffee… for free, throw on some nice jazz or blues music, and drink close to a full pot of coffee if I want… for free.
    Sure, of course I have to buy the coffee, and for quality stuff often online, but for what I get and what I pay for, and how much I am able to use, it’s way better than going to a coffee cafe.

    Why would you prefer to drink coffee home rather than buy it from a coffee shop?

  14. I like to drink my cold brew first thing in the morning, just after waking up, at home, sitting in peace and looking out of the window. I probably can’t do anything else before I do this, so buying it from a café is out of the question for me.


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