Why was Ron Weasley chosen to be made a prefect in 5th year by Dumbledore?

Why was Ron Weasley chosen to be made a prefect in 5th year by Dumbledore?

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know. This isn’t a knock against him by any means, but I always thought that Dean should have been the male prefect. Maybe he did it to try and boost up his self esteem? I mean, in the book he pretty much outright said that the ONLY reason was because he thought HARRY had too much on his plate, which is actually really mean to Ron. I don’t think Harry would have been a good prefect either. Especially not during that year. He’s too reckless and hot-headed. Dean, on the other hand seemed to be much more level-headed. He didn’t take sides during the whole Harry/Seamus fight despite the fact that he seemed to believe Harry. He tried to keep the peace while Ron was more loyal to Harry than to the position of prefect, therefore more than likely causing Seamus to double down. To be fair to Seamus, he DID try to find out the truth before doing/saying anything, it was only when Harry snapped back about his mother (a dick move on Harrys part) that the fight REALLY started and then Ron got involved and even Neville openly supported Harry. Maybe if Dean had been the prefect, he could have deescalated the situation, or at least not make Seamus feel as if everyone was ganging up on him.

  2. Because Dumbledore is fair. And he knew Ron.
    He knew that Ron was insecure growing up with five brothers. He knew that Ron was always overshadowed by his best friend Harry Potter. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, constantly in the spotlight because of Voldemort, in the public eye wherever he went. He was also overshadowed by Hermione’s immense intellect.
    He knew that Ron had a hard time dealing with always being shunted to one side, always being the sidekick, never being in the spotlight. He knew that feeling was multipled a thousand times when he became friends with Harry. He knew that Ron often felt like the weakest link in the trio. This is why he predicted Ron leaving in the Deathly Hallows and gave him a way to come back.
    And yet despite his insecurity, Ron carries out his duties as a friend with good grace and immense loyalty save for a few lapses every now and then.
    Harry’s strength was in playing Quidditch, he could definitely have made Quidditch captain one day. But prefect? A model student for others to follow? Someone who never breaks rules? Harry could never have become a prefect in a million years unless Dumbledore chose to blatantly disregard all good order and exhibit his favoritism.
    So what does Dumbledore do? He gives credit where credit was due. After all Ron’s rule breaking was only out of loyalty to Harry and without his help Harry may never have survived some of the extreme adventures that he went on.
    So he rewards Ron as he truly deserves. And makes Harry Quidditch captain the next year. Now every member of the trio has been recognized fairly.
    In a way that only Dumbledore could manage.

  3. Well, let’s look at the Gryffindor boys in that year.
    Neville might be considerate and responsible, but he’s too timid to actually try to enforce the rules, which is an important aspect of being a prefect. Sure, we know that when push comes to shove, he can be a great leader, as seen in leading the DA in DH, but he hasn’t shown that before and he still has the same timid personality outside of the battlefield. So I can understand why his self-effacing personality would’ve taken him out of the race.
    While we don’t know much about Seamus and Dean, neither have shown much interest in leading people. Seamus’ pyro tendencies might even have been a mark against him. Dean might’ve been a decent second place in case the first choice said no for whatever reason. He was well-liked and seemed to be the responsible sort and, unlike Neville, he could assert himself if the situation called for it and so could be counted on to enforce rules.
    Harry? Pffft. Yeah, right, Mr. The Rules and Consequences Don’t Apply to Me would be the last person anyone would give a position of authority, especially one that requires that he enforces rules. Hell, even his Quidditch position makes it so that he can be the self-absorbed sole hero of the game rather than working with the team. He also doesn’t really do anything that would help in being a prefect, unlike Ron.
    Take, for example, when Hermione was overworking herself, RON was the one who took it upon himself to try to stop her and get her to relax a bit before she burns out. Ron is the one that takes the initiative in things like this, not Harry.
    Heck, the difference is startling as when Ron isn’t talking to Hermione because of the Scabbers incident, the latter is damn close to a burnout.
    Harry isn’t the sort to take the initiative or do much of anything in social situations… when being a prefect means navigating social situations and trying to herd a bunch of preteens and teens to make them somewhat more manageable for the already overworked profs.
    Ron has the social skills and the patience to deal with homesick first years and troublemaking peers. He was also very good as deescalating the argument between Seamus and Harry and defusing the situation. Harry sure as hell wouldn’t have the ability to do that, if anything he would’ve either added more wood to the fire or self-effaced, those are not things that a prefect should do.
    So, yeah, Ron was ultimately a good pick for Prefect, with maybe Dean being his reasonable competition.

  4. Honestly, neither Harry nor Ron deserved it. The audacity of Harry actually questioning in his mind why he wasn’t made prefect instead of Ron is laughable.
    Anyways, since we can’t change it, let’s talk about what happened.
    (It’s only a theory though)
    Kingsley and moody seem to not understand why Dumbledore didn’t make Harry a prefect and for a long time I was on their side, until I realized it truly wasn’t about Harry at all, it was about Ron.
    Dumbledore made Ron a prefect because he knew Ron needed a vote of confidence. He knew Ron would be alongside Harry for the battle against the dark side and knew that Ron needed more self assurance and confidence.
    I also think he knew that being a Weasley boy and not ever being a prefect or quidditch captain was going to add a lot to Ron’s inferiority complex with his brothers. I think Dumbledore felt the need to complete the dynasty of Weasley boys as prefects, and only refrained to make Fred and George prefects or quidditch captains because due to their behavior it would’ve been impossible to defend that decision, plus they would’ve hated it.
    Ron however was right on the line of being very well behaved and not, and Dumbledore knew Hermione could keep him in check. He was in need of recognition and Dumbledore saw that.
    Conversely, Harry had more than enough recognition, and making him a prefect would’ve just been one more reason for people to have an opinion on him and his behavior. Dumbledore knew Harry didn’t need more speculation or attention than he already had.
    It was something I didn’t catch during my first read of OotP but something that popped up afterwards. After the Department of Mysteries, Harry and Dumbledore were talking about it.
    “I feel I owe you another explanation Harry,” said Dumbledore hesitantly. “You may, perhaps, wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess… that I rather thought… you had enough responsibility to be going on with.”
    Also, possibly, Dumbledore may have been playing matchmaker with Ron and Hermione, who knows? That seems like something he’d do.
    Who could be the best possible choice for prefect?
    I’d always felt it was a combination of good behavior and good grades. Ron and Harry flew a car past all of the Hogwarts security and crashed into a security tree. Ron was smart but never very interested in maintaining good grades. Harry wasn’t a genius by any stretch but seemed to have more academic inclination (he did go to primary school whereas Ron was homeschooled, so he had experience that Ron didn’t)
    That leaves Seamus, Dean, and Neville. Figure Seamus either lighting stuff on fire or trying to turn his breakfast beverage into an alcoholic drink at 12 lol!
    Neville didn’t have enough confidence when prefects were chosen and his grades were..eh!
    We don’t know much about Dean, so he’s really the only one who wasn’t ruled out.

  5. Well, Dumbledore did not have a lot of choice. In my opinion, Neville was too shy, so he was not part of the race. Harry broke too much rule in his first four years at Hogwarts, so he’s also out. Ron was trained by Harry in his adventures. We have no information on the Dean and Saemus school runs. If I had been Dumbledore, I would have chosen Dean or Seamus (no offense to Ron’s fans).

    Eight O’Clock

  6. I would personally choose Dean for the badge. I dont know exactly what prefects duties are, but I suppose they are there to help younger students, especially first years to adapt. We do not see much of Dean, but from what we do see, he seems fairly intelligent, kindhearted and calm. It is stated he has young sisters he dotes on and that his mother is a muggle. He would be able to reach to the muggle-borns overwhelmed by a new world. I can imagine him comforting a homesick eleven-year-old.
    On the other side, Ron… “kind” or “emphatic” certainly are not words that you would use when describing him. He uses the position to boast and act superiorly. We do not actually see him helping anyone or being kind to strangers (I dont remember any single occasion!). Look how he treats Luna for the first time. Definitely not a prefect material.

  7. Because Dumbledore favours both the trio and the Weasleys (Is there any Weasley child that was not a prefect (ok: Except the twins!)? Bill was one (and headboy I believe), Charlie was one (and Quidditch-Captain!), Percy was one (and loved his job, worshipping law and order and authority as he did!), Ron got the spot (despite not deserving it!) and I am not sure, but I think Ginny got it as well!)
    Dumbledore also wanted the trio to have both spots and he didn’t want to give it to Harry, despite the fact that it should have been Harry (he’s a student leader, does the right thing and frankly: Having that badge would have forced him to do some growing up, too!)


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  9. It was a bad choice. NEVILLE should have gotten the badge.i understand re Harry and yes i would have given Harry the badge too. That’s my 1st reaction.
    However if its concern for Harry having to take on the mantle of the chosen one that his role is bigger. Then NEVILLE should be prefect
    We dont know much about Seamus or Dean that rules them out
    Neville showed courage and strength in standing up to his friends (book 1) showing he can handle a leadership position and will not have favoritism or big head like ronald
    It would show faith in the other possible chosen one
    Neville does have leadership qualities ron is a follower

  10. Similar reason why reason why Lupin was chosen to be a Prefect.
    ‘I think Dumbledore might have hoped I would be able to exercise some control over my best friends,’ said Lupin. ‘I need scarcely say that I failed dismally.’
    Let’s be real I love Ron, but Harry was clearly the more obvious choice out of the two given with all the stuff he dealt with and that he was the more natural leader, yes he broke a lot of rules, but by that logic neither Ron and Hermione should’ve been made Prefect either since they both always followed Harry along in his rule breaking which Dumbledore was perfectly aware of but also the fact that it was mostly always done in the effort to save lives.
    However, Harry wasn’t made a Prefect because Dumbledore felt he had enough on his plate that year as he so kindly pointed out, although Harry really needed someone that year who could stick up for him at school and have a certain amount of power to do so and Dumbledore knew that; thus he chose to give the badge to Harry’s best friend who was always by his side so that he has the power to stick up for Harry and give him some much needing breathing room at school.
    What?’ said Ron. ‘Harry wouldn’t do that–we met your mother, we liked her . . . ‘
    ‘That’s before she started believing every word the stinking Daily Prophet writes about me!’ said Harry at the top of his voice.
    ‘Oh,’ said Ron, comprehension dawning across his freckled face. ‘Oh . . . right. ‘
    ‘You know what?’ said Seamus heatedly, casting Harry a venomous look. ‘He’s right, I don’t want to share a dormitory with him any more, he’s mad. ‘
    ‘That’s out of order, Seamus,’ said Ron, whose ears were starting to glow red–always a danger sign.
    ‘Out of order, am I?’ shouted Seamus, who in contrast with Ron was going pale. ‘You believe all the rubbish he’s come out with about You-Know-Who, do you, you reckon he’s telling the truth?’
    ‘Yeah, I do!’ said Ron angrily.
    ‘Then you’re mad, too,’ said Seamus in disgust.
    ‘Yeah? Well, unfortunately for you, pal, I’m also a prefect!’ said Ron, jabbing himself in the chest with a finger. ‘So unless you want detention, watch your mouth!’
    Yeah, prefect example of why Dumbledore gave Ron the badge out of all the other Gryffindor boys in that year, he knew exactly what he was doing with that choice.

  11. Rowling portrays Dumbledore as a consummate educator, constantly seeking to find the best in his pupils. Just remember his conversation with Draco when the latter was about to kill him.
    Dumbledore clearly believed that making Ron a Prefect would not only make massive difference to his life, but also would make him a more reliable, dependable friend for Harry’s future mission. He proved right.

  12. Because he thought that Ron Weasley should be a prefect. Simple as. Probably because Ron wasn’t badly behaved enough at Hogwarts not to be. He crashed a car into the Whomping Willow but in that same year also received an award for helping to resolve the issue of the Chamber of Secrets. He wasn’t with Harry and Hermione when they were sneaking around at night on the occasion when they got sent to the Forbidden Forest. Ron doesn’t seem to break Hogwarts rules as much as Harry does, he doesn’t fly a broomstick in his first flying lesson when he isn’t allowed to or use a Prefects bathroom at night time and then throw a golden egg causing Filch to hear it, or sneak into Hogsmeade without permission [obviously Ron has permission which Harry doesn’t but it still makes it seem in that sense like Harry break Hogwarts rules more than Ron does].
    Also, Ron is principled in the sense that he opposes fascism and is critical of the use of the word “mudblood” and seeing as Hermione is made a prefect, him and her seem like a good team together. Obviously many haters of Ron would not agree that he should be made prefect, but even Harry admits that he causes too much trouble for it. Neville, Dean or Seamus were the only other candidates and I like Neville but I’m not sure how assertive he would be as prefect and Dean and Seamus could be okay as prefects but they don’t do as many admirable things for saving people which we know of that Ron does.


  13. Beats me.
    I have nothing against Ron, but Dumbledore’s reasons for choosing his prefects are more than a bit strange.
    Heck, he made Remus a prefect. “My dearest brave Gryffindors, your prefect will be unavailable when there’s a bad moon on the rise. Everything’s all right, I know Professor Trelawney has prophesied someone is going to be killed, but she has only made one true prophecy so far.”

  14. The only reason we are given is that Dumbledore thought that Harry had too much on his plate, a decision he made without even consulting with Harry and after keeping him isolated and in the dark for months, and thus which I find very suspect.
    I think that the real reason was the trial. If Umbridge hadn’t sent the dementors, or if Harry hadn’t intervened and they’d killed the Dursley’s and then left, I think that Dumbledore would have made Harry a prefect. But because of the trial, even though Harry was exonerated, Dumbledore decided that making Harry prefect would only make things worse on the political front.

  15. I scratched my head about that one, not because I don’t think Book Ron isn’t a loyal, brave, reliable friend and all -around good guy, because he IS. My issue was that Ron has THREE SIBLINGS in Gryffindor, two of whom are Fred and George. Dumbledore has put Ron in a position that he might have to call his own brothers and sister out for bad behavior-and he was no Percy. It was Hermione who had to threaten the twins with writing to their mother if they didn’t stop testing their dangerous products on the younger students.
    However, Dumbledore WAS correct in not making Harry prefect. Harry was reeling from the death of Cedric Diggory the year before, and most of the wizarding world thought he, along with Dumbledore, was crazy-and at worst maybe a murderer, because he returned alone with Cedric’s body. None of the students, save for his circle of friends, would have accepted his authority. And emotionally he would not have been able to deal with it along with everything else. But of course, the Wizarding World doesn’t offer practical things like grief counseling or support groups for PTSD…

  16. Ron was made prefect because the prefects from that year for Gryffindor had to be the Golden Trio. Hermione was locked in, so that left Harry and Ron. Because most of the series is from Harry’s viewpoint, JKR didn’t want to bore the readers with “Harry Potter and the Prefects Duties”. Also, she needed to show that harry didn’t win everything.

  17. > I feel I owe you another explanation, Harry,’ said Dumbledore hesitantly. `You may, perhaps, have wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess… that I rather thought… you had enough responsibility to be going on with.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_and_the_Order_of_the_Phoenix ]
    Harry was instantly out of the picture because Dumbledore was [ironically] wise enough to not put too much pressure on him. Harry had been through an incredible amount of pain and torment not just because of Voldemort’s return, but also because of Diggory’s death. This escalated further when he was shut off from everyone and had to handle all the events of the Graveyard alone initially. Dumbledore was right in not giving Harry that position.
    With Harry out of the picture, these were the possible candidates for a Prefect –
    * Ron Weasley
    * Neville Longbottom
    * Dean Thomas
    * Seamus Finnigan

    Neville was clearly out of the running. Till 5th year, Neville hadn’t matured and accepted his “true Gryffindor self”. He was still shy, timid, scared and nervous. He was still someone who wouldn’t be able to assert authority over someone when required.
    Now, a drawback of the books has been how other side characters were never provided much development. Especially Dean and Seamus. They had their own “roles” to play, but they never grew as characters for us. Based on how the story was presented to us, they were never in the spotlight like Harry, Ron, and Neville were.
    This is important. I have, through my school and college, seen what kind of people receive such opportunities to take up these positions. It is almost always those that display that they are capable of taking up such positions.
    Dean and Seamus were always in the background. They didn’t really showcase any specific qualities that would set them apart for such a role. Of course, this is primarily based on how they were presented to us.
    Ron, on the other hand, was recognizable for his qualities. He never really backed down speaking his mind if he could. He was confident in a lot of things and anyone who noticed him would pick up on that. His qualiti…

  18. Lots of Greater Good loving, Dumbledore fanboys would say that it was to help Ron be more confident. I say BS!!!! Being a Prefect isn’t about the future. It’s about the past. It’s about what you have done to earn a Leadership position. It’s about rewarding someone for their achievements so that they can now be in an even better position to help others. To be a Prefect is to be the teachers’ representative amongst the students. Only one male Gryffindor person earned that right. His initials are H.J.P.
    What did Ron Weasley do to deserve Prefecture!? Harry was the Hero in all of the books. He saved an innocent man from the Demnetor’s Kiss. He rescued the Philosopher’s Stone. He beat Voldemort numerous times. He won the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He beat Voldemort in a duel. He killed a basilisk. He defeated over 100 Dementors. He also had good grades. Better than Ron. He was also a Quidditch prodigy.
    Ron, on the other hand, has constantly shown how petty and immature he is by treating Hermione like dirt in 3rd year and betraying Harry in 4th year. He was unworthy of being a Prefect. Harry more than earned it. Even Hermione, the Twins, Molly, Sirius, Remus, and Moody knew it. Harry was the rightful owner of that Badge. Ron did not earn the badge. He was just given it. And what did Ron do with the Badge? He made fun of how the First Years looked. He didn’t stand up to his brothers. He constantly complained about Prefect duties. He was lazy. He betrayed Hermione in 6th Year. He betrayed *both* Harry *and* Hermione in 7th Year. He is also incredibly weak-willed to the point he was quite easily manipulated by the Locket Horcrux; just like he is *always* rudely drooling over poor Fleur.
    Harry on the other hand, completely stood up to the Ministry, almost single-handedly destroyed the Horcruxes, and beat Voldemort 3 more times. He lead a Defense group in 5th year, thus helping his fellow friends and students to pass their exams, as well as, more importantly, to survive the upcoming Blood War; and this very same Defense group ended up helping to save the day in 7 Year! Harry earned the Badge and continued to earn it. What did Ron do? Slow Harry down, that’s what. He kept trying to drag Harry down in his studies. News flash Ron, nobody cares about stupid Wizard’s Chess.
    And Draco Malfoy!? Dumbledore rewarded him for being an arrogant bully. On what planet is Draco Malfoy worthy of being a Prefect whilst Harry isn’t!? What was Dumbledore thinking!!!
    But then again, Dumbledore is the same man who went against James and Lily’s wishes and gave Harry away to the Dursleys. He also kept sending him back to an abusive environment (although why a mere Headmaster is allowed to run Harry’s life is beyond me). The reason Dumbledore sent him to the Dursley’s is the same exact reason he didn’t make Harry a Prefect. It’s also the same reason he never gave Sirius a trial. It’s the same exact reason he sent bumbling Hagrid to introduce Harry to the Wizarding World rather than somebody like Professor McGonagall or Professor Flitwick. He did not want Harry growing a back bone. He wanted Harry to remain dependent on him and him alone. He did not want Harry being independent. He did not want him growing too confident and sure of himself. He did *NOT*want Harry too smart. This is why he set up the meeting with the Weasleys on the train. So he will be indebted to a “Light-sided” family completely loyal to Dumbledore after they helped him onto the train platform after Hagrid *conveniently* forgot to tell him how to get on. He wanted Harry controllable. Harry was nothing more than a weapon to be discarded. He was “a pig being raised for the slaughter.” Dumbledore never cared about him. He cared only for the Greater Good.
    This is why he brought the Philosopher’s Stone to Hogwarts and set up weak protections a couple of First Year students could beat. It was a test. People would have trying to steal the Stone for Centuries. Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel didn’t need his help. And to be perfectly honest, I seriously doubt a real “Philosopher’s Stone” would even be in *any* Gringott’s Vault except one guarded by the very best protections Gringotts has to offer, which would include Dragons; furthermore I doubt it would be in the Gringott’s Branch. It would be in the French Branch, because Nicolas and Perenelle were French.
    But he needed a test. He had to make sure that his weapon was following the path he set for him. It’s also why he never did anything about the Chamber of Secrets. He knew *precisely* where the Entrance to the Chamber was. He taught Myrtle Warren. He knew her when she was alive. All he had to do was question her. And I’m sure he did. And he knew it was a basilisk. Dumbledore was incredibly intelligent. He knew it was the King of Serpents. He *knew* that Colin Creevey’s roll of film was going to be melted. The moment he saw it was burned up, he knew the Chamber of Secrets “had been opened again.” It was all a test. This is why he did not come with Fawkes.
    It’s also why he did nothing about Barty Crouch JR. And no, please don’t anyone insult my intelligence by suggesting that he had “no idea” that his best friend, who he had known for decades, was being impersonated.
    But none of this surprises me. Dumbledore is the same exact man that tolerates his students to relentlessly bully others. He did do anything for Harry in 2nd, 4th, or 5th year. He did not raise a bearded whisker to save poor Luna from constant harassment. He allowed the Slytherins to constantly bully others. He allowed his pet Death Eater Snape free-reign. He allowed the Death Eater, Draco Malfoy, to risk everyone’s lives, in some deluded attempt to save the idiot’s “soul.” Hell, he risked every student’s life by having them go back to their Common Rooms rather than staying in the Great Hall where it was safe from the troll. Lol, the Slytherin Common was in the dungeons, where Quirrell said the troll was, and the Hufflepuff Basement was down there too. He was easily one of the worst Headmasters Hogwarts has ever had.

  19. Remember Lupin as a Prefect? Remember?
    Sirius and James were bad boys. Atleast in their fifth year. They broke rules. Lupin was a good boy. He got the badge.
    Lupin himself stated that the batch was given to him so that he could stop or atleast contain the misadventures of Padfoot and Prongs.

    Similarly, something usually took place in Harry Potter’s life. Harry Potter always breaks the rules. Moreover in the fifth year, Dumbledore had strong suspicions regarding the capability of Voldemort to “possess” Harry.
    So, to bring Harry to the un-Fred-and-George way, and to make Ron behave Percy-like, and make Ron play spoil-sport in whatever Harry thinks as “fun”(adventurous)[Dumbledore thinks dangerous], Ron was made prefect.

  20. Dumbledore explained that to Harry in the end of the book. He felt like Harry had enough responsibilities to begin with.
    This is a quote from the book-
    `I feel I owe you another explanation, Harry,’ said Dumbledore hesitantly. `You may, perhaps, have wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess… that I rather thought… you had enough responsibility to be going on with.

    Victor Allen’s


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