Why there have no nutrition facts on beer bottles?

Why there have no nutrition facts on beer bottles?

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  1. Let’s understand first why only alcoholic beverages
    The fact that this question is the right to ask because is a consumable foods so it has to bear some kind of nutritional value on its label. FDA normally overlook such things for approval
    But the catch is that Alcohol Beverages aren’t FDA approved consumable goods

    The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Despite Alcoholic beverages being both a food AND a drug, it is not administrated by the Food and Drug Administration
    On a funny note it should be called the Food XOR Drug Administration
    Why is it so?
    Historically as a country/society we decided that non-hard alcohol is neither a food (which would require at least a calorie listing) nor a drug (which would require a dosage listing)
    Who handles it?
    A different federal agency handles beer and other alcoholic beverages called the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) — and this agency doesn’t require nutritional labelling
    What is so special about it?
    Lets say Government appointed this new agency and while forming it they asked them ” Do you want to have mandatory nutritional facts for the beverages to be published?” to clear the approval. They replied “NO”
    Next time you go to buy a beer, don’t double cross for nutritional facts to answer nutritionally why do we get fat drinking beer ?

    This is why alcohol doesn’t come with nutrition facts


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