Why isn´t tea as famous as coffee if it tastes better?

Why isn´t tea as famous as coffee if it tastes better?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “why coffee is better than tea

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  1. Depends upon where you live. Tea is king in China with few people drinking coffee. Tea is probably consumed by more people around the world, but not as much in the United States.

  2. I love coffee, I love tea! These are two very different drinks to me, and I enjoy trying coffee and tea from different regions, different blends, etc.
    I think tea is the “standard” – it is something we all make at home. It doesn’t taste any different if you go out and have the same kind of tea in a restaurant or cafe. The way coffee and coffee outlets are advertised in the Western world definitely targets coffee as the more trendy drink, and there are just that many more ways of preparing and presenting coffee. Many iced teas, bubble teas, herbal teas, etc. are not regarded as real tea, and it’s just not as cool to have a warm cup of Ceylon tea when going out with friends! (Though I love it enough to do just that sometimes.)
    In Asian countries, tea is most definitely more “famous” than coffee, and the UK might agree with them.
    Regarding the taste: these are two totally different products – different plants, beans VS leaves, different drying/roasting methods, different preparation, etc. It would make more sense to compare coffee and cocoa, and even that won’t make a lot of sense. It is true that tea is generally milder and some people dislike coffee, or find it too harsh. Though tea might not be everyone’s favorite hot drink, I do believe that there may be fewer people who actively dislike tea.

  3. This is a rather illinformed question. But I am guessing you are probably in America and think that is the world.
    Nearly 99% of Chinese drink tea and the are 1.3 BILLION OF THEM. most of Asia has a majority of tea drinkers, most of the 1 billion Indians drink tea. You will find high numbers of coffee drinkers in coffee producing countries including South America. Obviously coffee is dominant in the USA, in Europe more coffee is drunk than tea except in the UK.
    Anyway, here is a link that tells you a bit more… Coffee or Tea? A Picture of World Consumption
    For the record, although I am a Brit I can’t stand tea and only drink coffee, but I recognise that tea is drunk extensively around the world.

  4. Tea Worldwide is more popular than coffee, but in the United States we’re still discovering the benefits of tea drinking and great variety of loose leaf teas.
    We’re still hooked on tea bag dust and sweet tea

  5. Mostly, people drink more tea than coffee. Not in the states though.
    Here, we mostly go for coffee more than tea, because caffein has an instant effect on you, and is more addictive. In that it’s harder to start your day without coffee, not so much without tea.
    The aroma, taste, and many other factors follow, but it’s mainly the effect described above.

  6. Why do you think one is more famous than the other?
    One comes from leaves and the other comes from beans. Just because your statement states that tea tastes better than coffee doesn’t mean it is so for everyone.


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