Why is my tea maker suddenly making cloudy tea when it never once did before?

Why is my tea maker suddenly making cloudy tea when it never once did before?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “why is my coffee cloudy

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  1. Of course I really don’t know but I can fill in some background. Cloudy tea usually relates to a flaw in processing steps when making the tea, more so than to lower quality original leaf input or storage related issues (eg. stored too dry or with exposure to some humidity). Some types are naturally cloudy, especially Japanese green tea versions, gyokuro always is, and it comes up with sencha as well.
    Very high mineral content in water tends to cause a scum (coating) on the top of the brewed tea liquid, a different thing. It’s natural for some teas to give off a bit of bubble, which may seem like a trace of foam, which isn’t necessarily a quality issue, or negative indication, although I suppose it could correspond to something being atypical in some cases. None of this answers the question at all, really; I’m just mapping out appearance issues that commonly come up related to tea.
    If the tea maker had become encrusted with mineral content from the water source, as is common for electric heat source hot water kettles, that would cause the water and tea to pick up some extra mineral flavor, which typically is unpleasant. Usually that doesn’t relate to tea cloudiness, more frequently to the surface scum aspect (there must be a more value-neutral way to put that). I can’t conclude that it’s the tea instead but if there was a change in the tea used that would make more sense.
    The same type of input could relate to any change in the water mineral level content. Here in Bangkok they use differing water sources depending on how much it rains (or so hearsay accounts go), and sometimes have issues related to high tides adding salinity to a river source, mixing water from the Gulf of Thailand at the mouth of the river, which isn’t that far from the city. An input change of that sort that is hard to identify could make some difference.


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