Why is my Keurig brewer not pumping water?

Why is my Keurig brewer not pumping water?

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  1. If your brewer isnt pumping water…
    This may be caused by a water pressure build up in the water tank to the brewer. This is caused by the needles being clogged
    The needles clog and prevent liquid to flow properly. This causes no flow grounds dripping an uneven stream and water pressure build up. Descaling the brewer will not solve it as you are not able to pump liquid through. If you cant pump liquid through you cannot descale.
    Go to Single Serve Coffee Makers & K-Cup Pods support page. Enter in the search bar how to clean my k cup brewer.
    It will come up with a video on how to clean your brewer needles. When done cleaning the needles perform 5 cleansing brews with no pod in the k cup holder. This will flush the grounds and residue from the machine out of the machine. Then the liquid will flow properly through.

  2. You probably need to descale. The best way is to use vinegar. I use white vinegar, fill reservoir 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. Run on water cycle untill you need to add more water. Then run clear water to rinse completely.


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