Why is it unacceptable to reheat old coffee?

Why is it unacceptable to reheat old coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “can you reheat day old coffee

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  1. Because it’s gross.
    Freshly ground and brewed coffee* has delicate and complex aroma and flavours. These essential oils do tend to evaporate, and even spoil after a while.
    Extreme care goes into the selection of beans, the roasting degree, keeping them fresh, grinding before use, extracting just the right amount of coffee to maximise the complex nuances of this brew. Unlike a soup, it does not need a night to develop and mature, but rather needs to be drunk immediately after brewing to get the full sensations.

    * Unless you are faced with American “coffee”, in which case go ahead and nuke it in the microwave. It won’t make it any less disgusting that what you started with.

  2. I find it quite acceptable, contrary to your position. However , I’d never never ever serve day old coffee to a guest! If that makes me a coffee snob, no matter!
    I make a pot of filter coffee with care. I turn it off the minute the brewing is completed. I enjoy it hot or room temperature for a couple of days, then I begin the cycle all over again.
    Since it hasn’t “cooked”, it tastes quite good, reheated or as iced coffee.
    For iced coffee, I used some of the leftover in ice cube trays. Convenient and it doesn’t dilute my favorite burst of flavor.


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