Why is it that every time I drink coffee, I feel like I’m losing my mind?

Why is it that every time I drink coffee, I feel like I’m losing my mind?

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  1. It was literally the best day in my life when I discovered that it was coffee that was responsible for my Bipolar II – like mood disorder.
    Do the sensible thing and never touch the stuff again.
    And to directly answer your question it’s likely genetics that’s responsible. Caffeine touches many parts of the brain and quite likely one of your enzyme pathways is unusually vulnerable to its effects.

  2. I would then suggest that you stop drinking coffee. No need to harm yourself over a vice.
    Try drinking tea instead. If you still have a problem, then maybe it is the caffeine. If you don’t have the problem anymore, then maybe the coffee is negatively affecting your stomach. So you could, from this point, try different types of coffees and see if they all give you the same problem.

  3. Two possibilities:
    You’ve developed a sensitivity to caffeine. Do you have any other symptoms of too much caffeine, like fast heartbeat, shaking or diarrhoea? Or maybe it sets off some latent neurological condition, even in small doses that don’t cause the other symptoms.
    You’re dependent on caffeine and the crazy thoughts are withdrawal symptoms. (Anxiety and depression are common psychological withdrawal symptoms.) Do you get any other common withdrawal symptoms, like lethargy or constipation? If you have another coffee, do you feel better again?
    Given it sets in 2–3 hours after drinking, I’m guessing it’s number 2. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to become dependent on caffeine. Fortunately, it also wears off pretty quickly for most people. A couple of weeks without caffeine is usually enough to get back to normal. If going cold turkey is too much, you can taper it off by drinking tea instead, which has enough caffeine to stave off the symptoms but doesn’t give you a big hit of caffeine all at once.
    After you’re back to normal and don’t ‘need’ coffee any more, you can start drinking it again in moderation. My tips are: don’t drink first thing in the morning or late at night (to let your body regulate waking/sleeping without assistance), and have some days where you don’t drink coffee, or at least don’t drink it the same time every day (so your brain doesn’t come to expect it at a certain time of day).
    If it’s number 1, unfortunately you may have to give up on caffeine entirely. Either way, I would either stop consuming caffeine or radically cut down for a while, and see what happens.


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