Why is coffee served either hot or cold, but not warm?

Why is coffee served either hot or cold, but not warm?

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  1. Its a good question- and to be honest- the answer isn’t what you’d expect.
    First off- we’re all familiar with the likes of signs advertising ‘Piping hot coffee served here’. Contrary to the advertisement- coffee served at a temperature that burns you to drink- is actually bad for you- and among other things- is a cited factor in conditions such as osaphageal cancer- to say nothing of the numerous lawsuits that have been settled against airlines and indeed McDonalds- from customers who caused 3rd and 4th degree burns to themselves with the aforementioned ‘piping hot coffee’. Personally- I was knocked down by a driver who spilt hot coffee on themselves while driving- and so distracted- mounted the footpath and knocked three pedestrians down, myself included.
    Typically you brew coffee at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you brew coffee- to extract the aromatics from the coffee- you should rightfully serve coffee at a significantly lower temperature than it is brewed at.
    In the US- they brew and serve coffee at significantly higher temperatures- than elsewhere- as a mechanism to hide the bitter taste of the coffee that is commonly available in the US (in the US- mechanically harvested coffee is the norm- which includes a varying proportion of unripe beans- which when roasted- are bitter as hell (this is also why major coffee chains add artificial sweeteners to their coffee at the roasting stage to mask the bitter taste).
    The temperature at which coffee is served- tends to be directly relational to the quality of the coffee that is being served. The worse the quality of the coffee- the higher the temperature its served at- to mask the taste (aka to deaden your taste buds to the bitter after-taste from coffee beans that are harvested before they are fully ripened).
    The Right Coffee page- discusses this in detail here: The Right Coffee Temperature – How Hot Should Coffee Be?
    The Coffee Detective blog- also has a good run down on it here:
    What is the correct temperature for serving coffee?
    At the end of the day- lots of people drink, and enjoy, warm coffee (warm being subjective of course)- but the main reason coffee traditionally is served ‘piping hot’ is to hide how poor the quality of the beans used are.
    As for chilled coffee- you’ll notice that almost inevitably its sweetened with syrup- for the similar reason- it masks the taste- but also- syrup helps with the chilling process. (as a complete aside- chilled coffee should be brewed at double strength- cooled to room temperature- and then chilled, if possible, overnight- for the most refreshing morning chilled coffee brew…………)
    At the end of the day- its a matter of taste- but its wrong to suggest that people only drink piping hot or chilled coffee- lots of people enjoy lukewarm coffee- several websites will suggest serving at between 120–130 degrees fahrenheit- is optimal- its not for me- perhaps others like it so.

  2. When people are wanting a wake me up whether it does or not, along with the caffeine, they want a hot drink. Hot coffee tastes better than warm or cold (iced coffee on purpose exception) and sugar and milk dissolves in hot coffee but not so much or at all in warm or cold. I order a coffee that’s served to me warm I’m going to wonder if it’s been sitting or the machine is broke. I would give it back and unless ordering an iced coffee would insist on a hot coffee.
    I have, after fixing it the way I like it, taken coffee and tea hot and then added ice or refrigerated them to make them cold. Hot tea or coffee then cooled tastes better than the powders for tea or coffee cold.

  3. Because the only liquid most people associate with “warm” is piss. I like my beverages either ice cold or steaming hot. The concept of “warm” implies that either all the ice has melted, or my hot coffee has been sitting around on the counter for way too long.
    Very unappealing. Very unappetizing.


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