Why is canned coffee not so popular outside of Japan?

Why is canned coffee not so popular outside of Japan?

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  1. Because it’s usually no good.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love how you can get everything out of a can machine in Japan, and I’m constantly telling anyone who wants to listen that this culture should be spread worldwide. I’d absolutely love to be able to walk down the street on my way to work from the subway (don’t even get me started on your underground system, I envy it to death) and just grab either a cold apple juice or a hot chocolate. But thing is, canned coffee and derivatives are just no good.
    I appreciate that Japanese life (in special in big cities, of course) is super quick, busy, speedy, so the less time you have to spend on something as mundane as getting a cup of coffee, the better, and practicality is a huge bonus, but I think for most of the world it just isn’t worth the loss of quality. To me, at least, personally, canned coffee or mocha or cappuccino (and we have the Japanese ones here, in our Japanese neighborhood, only 2 subway stations away from work, but only chilled, mind you, not hot, so maybe that’s part of the problem?) just taste weak, watery and plain. I’m not a huge fan of milk, and when I try canned cappuccino all I can taste is watery milk with the most terrible bitter coffee taste.
    So when I have the choice of canned beverages in a Japanese store I’ll always go with the green grape juice with bits of grape in it (that I’m now not sure if it is Japanese or Korean). And if I want hot, or even cold coffee or cappuccino, I’ll just stop by one of the dozens of nearby coffee shops I’m bound to find around and buy a fresher, more flavorful and sometimes cheaper version of the drink. Being from a culture that grew around coffee, going out for a cup of coffee is such a cultural, traditional, ingrained thing I just can’t see anyone trading those few minutes at the coffee shop or even the “to go” version for a can.
    We love our fresh coffee, partly for the flavor, partly for the smell, partly for the choice of going with or without sugar, with or without cream, partly for the fact that espresso comes accompanied by a small sweet treat, and partly for the social interaction it entails. A can just doesn’t offer any of that.


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