Why is Blue Mountain Coffee so expensive?

Why is Blue Mountain Coffee so expensive?

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  1. Blue Mountain Coffee is so expensive because:
    1. It is very good and comes from the island of Jamaica.
    2. Both Jamaica and the Blue Mountain are relatively small places therefore limiting production.
    3. Asian nations purchase a lot of it there fore limiting quantites for the US and driving up prices.
    4. Marijuana (or ganja) in Jamaica is quite good and takes away some land from the cultivation of coffee

  2. As of May 2015, it’s a case of
    “Demand (especially in Japan) far outstripping supply”
    as Delano Franklyn, Chairman of Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica explained in this Jamaican news article.
    Challenging, but there is money in coffee [ http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Challenging–but-there-is-money-in-coffee_18949889 ]

    Then again, authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has always been expensive because of its:

    * Exceptional taste: it is regarded by many as possessing the best coffee taste profile in the world with its exceptionally rich, complex and bouillon-like flavour that produces a perfectly balanced, classic coffee that imbibes a rich flavour, full body and a smooth yet vibrant acidity.
    * Scarcity: it has always been in short supply in most countries because Japan buys nearly 80% of the annual production Embassy of Jamaica – Tokyo [ http://www.jamaicaemb.jp


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