Why does straight black coffee taste so bad?

Why does straight black coffee taste so bad?

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  1. Because you are probably drinking what most people drink. Low quality beans roasted very dark to hide the imperfections of the fruit. Not to mention unless you go to a good coffee shop it’s also probably overextracted (same what happens to tea if you keep it in water too long).
    On the other side black coffee can taste AMAZING but it needs a few things.
    MOST IMPORTANT — The beans need to be good. Speciality quality-rated. Those are expensive and usually cost around $10–15 per 250g. You also probably dislike the bitterness so I’d suggest a very light roast. It’s very popular in Germany and Scandinavia. Some call it Nordic roast. The coffee will be less bitter and burnt in taste and if you go with an african one it will taste fruity (since coffee is a fruit).
    The coffee needs to be FRESH as in max 1.5 months after roasting and needs to be ground MAX 15 minutes before brewing in a CLEAN grinder so it doesn’t mix with old coffee.
    The coffee neeeds to be extracted properly that includes:
    Knowing the correct procedure for the method so it’s not overextracted or underextracted
    Proper grind level in a grinder that can maintain consistency.
    Good water that’s not to hard as this can lead to horrible taste (it seems silly but even a layman will notice a difference between a coffee brewed on hard vs. soft water).
    It sounds hard but overall it’s very easy. You can buy a good grinder for $150, a manual pourover device like Hario v60 or Chemex for $30+ then you need a kitchen weight, a thermometer, some filters (buy the white ones) and some coffee. The taste will be WILDLY different to what you are used to.
    To start I’d suggest finding the nearest speciality coffee shop or even better a roaster. Ask what coffees they have and they should explain (if they can’t the usually don’t know their stuff and look further). The methods of coffeemaking are actually very easy after you learn the simple basics. With YouTube guides you can be making good coffee (after buying it all) in < 30 minutes you just need to know which taste to look for (that’s why visiting skilled baristas is good).

  2. Reading the answers seems a lot of people went very technical into why black coffee tastes or doesnt taste bad. if the question was why one black coffee tastes worse than another black coffee perhaps this would be appropriate. However i dont think this is what the question is asking. Rephrasing the question, we can ask why a lot ofpeople dont regularly consume black coffee?
    The simple answer is we are all addicted to sugar and cream and anything without it will taste terrible. I would suggest reducing one tsp of sugar every two days and once the taste buds are used to having coffee without sugar, then going black. It wont taste good or bad, just different and it certainly wont be repulsive.

  3. It really doesn’t.
    Provided you are drinking quality coffee instead of crappy folgers (shudder).
    I love the taste of coffee. Black like my soul. But if you are used to highly sweetened beverages, or even coffee with tons of sugar and cream added, or lattes, which are basically just milk with a tiny bit of coffee added in, then black coffee will taste very strong and bitter.
    I hate that crap… You honestly can’t even taste the coffee in it.

  4. It does not. It is the gift of gods, brought down because The Holy Ones know that there has to be something worth getting out of bed for before 12 noon; the blissful sting of black coffee against the throat. Pour-over, French-press, drip, espresso, I don’t care. I want it now, and I want it how I like my men.
    That is to say, fair trade.

  5. Well technically talking,it’s not bad when it comes to taste.Its our mentality That anything bitter is always bad.
    A straight black coffee is grinded heart of cherry seeds and contains tannin which adds to the astringency of the coffee.and hence making it taste bitter

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Mine is an acquired taste. I did usually like my coffee sweet however since I was cutting my sugar intake, I drink black coffee and it does taste good. Now, I drink black coffee and enjoyed it very much.

  7. It can be difficult to brew a really good coffee. There are many ways commonly used, that are more for ease or quantity, than for quality.
    However, that said, its unique taste, even when done professionally, is not appreciated by some. It has acidity, and it is not sweet, or have fat in it. Therefore many wont like it just for that. And as most people discover, the more they drink it, the more you like it.

  8. It depends on your taste buds, your preferences, and the quality of coffee you purchase..
    If you like/want cream and sugar in your coffee, that’s how you like/enjoy it. Your personal tastes.
    Each region and species of coffee beans has physical and organoleptic (flavor/smell/etc.) attributes that are expected from quality beans. If you like a lot of body (heaviness on the tongue) and sweetness, Brazil would be what you would go to. If you like a lot of acidity (sharp/bright) then Kenya AA might be a good choice (and these are generalities). But you’re still in the realm of personal preference. And anytime a coffee is being evaluated (cupped – taste tested) there is no cream or sugar; just coffee, hot water, spoon, and a spittoon.

  9. That, my good person, would depend upon who drank the coffee, also which coffee you use and finally how you made it. I am, admittedly, a coffee “freak”…I love the stuff! One of the best coffees that I ever drank was made by a wonderful Ethiopian in Khartoum (Sudan). It was made from green beans toasted in a frying pan on a charcoal burner. This was then put into a coffee maker (basically a ball with a tapered spout) with water and put on the charcoal burner. When the coffee comes out it is soooo arg! wonderful it’s mind boggling! Certainly a person who consumes instant muck would not really have enjoyed it 😉.
    I would, also, like to salute the incredible hospitality of those etheopians that I met on this occasion. I’m not one given over to sentimentality but they hsd me in tears (of joy). 😁😘😷

    Eight O’Clock

  10. It doesn’t. Your question implies that the tens of millions of people in the world that take their coffee black are masochists.
    How about asking the genuine question “Why does “straight” (whatever that means) black coffee taste so bad TO ME?”

  11. It depends on a lot of factors, great beans, great roasting and properly prepared coffee is wonderful black. Try drinking a cheap $20 whiskey, you will probably find it tastes like rubbing alcohol, then compare it to an expensive 18yr aged whiskey, smooth and full bodied with lots of…


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