Why does my coffee get cold so quickly?

Why does my coffee get cold so quickly?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to make coffee cold fast

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  1. My guess is that you’re putting it in a regular old cup that is at room temperature. You may be adding cream, which will also bring down the temperature of the whole drink. So does stirring, as to dissolve sweetener or sugar.
    Try a thermal cup with a lid that you’ve first run under hot water and see if that helps keep your coffee hotter longer.

  2. To answer this question, I would assume that by “my coffee”, you are referring to a white espresso-based coffee served in a cafe.
    When crafting a white espresso-based coffee such as a latte, flat white, cappuccino etc. , by rule of thumb the milk should only be steamed up to a temperature between 61–65 degrees celsius, and absolutely no more than 70 c. This is done to ensure that:
    The milk does not lose its sweetness. The sweetness is retained to add a richness/depth of flavor to your coffee drink.
    To ensure a silky smooth microfoam texture in the milk . Steaming beyond 70 c would result in rough milk bubbles which isn’t very ideal. The lower the temperature of your milk, the smoother it will be.
    61–65 degrees isn’t very hot. When it gets served to you it’s just somewhat warm. This is probably why your coffee gets cold quickly. Some baristas abide by this because not only will it bring out the flavor more, a smoother microfoam makes it much easier to pour beautiful latte art.
    However I wouldn’t say the same for an Americano or Long Black as really hot water is usually used in these drinks.


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