Why does McDonald’s still serve their coffee between 180 to 190 degrees?

Why does McDonald’s still serve their coffee between 180 to 190 degrees?

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  1. Thanks for the question, Brand.
    Because if it were served at 165*F or around there it would be too cold for many people. A lot of people prefer their coffee at 175*F to 180*F
    Many people add sugar, cream and other additives to their coffee and each one reduces the temp a few degrees.
    Also most folks drink their coffee during their meal and many if not most coffees are served as togoes. This means the coffee will cool some before it is consumed.
    Finally, coffee should be brewed at around 200*F for the best extraction and should be served in a few minutes after making. The coffee shouldn’t have had time to cool that much in the alloted time.

  2. I have worked at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, even a college. The standard brewing temperature is around 200°F across the board. This is the optimal temperature for brewing coffee. If you were to stick a thermometer in your drip coffee maker at home, I’d be willing to bet it would read between 185°F and 205°F.

  3. The National Coffee Association says brewers should maintain a water temperature between 195 and 205 degrees F for an optimal brew. The internal temperature of water inside a Keurig brewer is 192 degrees.
    McDonald’s serves its coffee at temperatures around 180 degrees. Some customers complain that the coffee served is not hot enough. To combat the danger of burns, McDonald’s improved the strength and thickness of its coffee cups.
    According to a beverage resource manual, the standard temperature for hot Starbucks drinks is between 150 and 170 degrees, not including Americanos.
    BTW: According to the Tea Association of the USA, water with a temperature between 180 and 190 degrees is good for big oolongs and white teas, while much hotter water is required for black teas.
    Calculating the optimum temperature for serving hot beverages
    The Ideal Coffee Temperature: THIS is How Hot Should Coffee Be

  4. The water temperature should be between 195° to 205° Fahrenheit for optimal extraction. If you dip much below this range, though, you won’t be able to dissolve the solubles from the coffee beans’ cells. You’ll be left with weak, flavorless coffee because it wasn’t hot enough to extract flavor from the grounds.
    Water that is too hot will also cause a loss of quality in the taste of the coffee… giving a bitter taste.

  5. Because if you are taking it to go you might be going home or to work or buying it for someone else at your destination. You dont want to have lukewarm or cold coffee when you get there. And the person you are picking it up for certainly doesnt want ot that way either. Even if you are eating in the place you might not want to start drinking your coffee until you have finished your food. You still want it to be hot.

  6. Cost reduction.
    Coffee is expensive and as soon as you brew it, you’re committed to selling that volume of coffee and if you don’t, it’s a loss for the restaurant.
    That temperature of water allows as much flavor and coffee oils to be extracted from a given amount of coffee grounds, and, in the shortest amount of time as well.


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