Why does Keurig coffee taste so watered down?

Why does Keurig coffee taste so watered down?

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  1. I was wondering myself, even if you use 8 oz cups it tastes watery.
    it’s probably the roasting and/or the grind. they can sell more if watered down.
    another reason can be “the American tastebud”.
    this coffee you could not present to the German or Italian coffee customer

  2. I once opened a Keurig cup. I found a filter and about 2 teaspoons of ground coffee in it. That’s not enough to make a good cup. Water temperature is probably also much lower than ideal ~95C. I suspect that coffee beans quality is not the best either, but I have no way of checking.
    I think Keurig is poor, expensive and wasteful way of making coffee.

  3. Because it is a means to obtain “coffee” for people with no taste! It copies the system from Phillips their SENSEO abomination, which delivers a tepid brown excuse, that the Dutch have embraced, “SCHANDE”! If you want good coffee in your CUP/MUG, you will have to resort to older, more efficient ways, to extract/brew it!!!

  4. I have tried strong varieties of coffee and have used the lowest volume setting, but my Keurig coffee always seems too watered down.
    I suspect the reasoning for this is:
    The machine may not get water temperature hot enough
    The water is filtered through the K-Cup too quickly
    The K-Cup size-to-coffee ratio may have something to do with it? Nespresso machines have much smaller coffee pods yet they seem to extract more flavor. The smaller pod may force a brew at a higher pressure.
    I won’t make assumptions based on the quality of the coffee as many “top” brands provide some form of K-cup. I doubt they go out of their way to alter the ground coffee provided in the pods.
    I’ve tried maybe 20 Keurig devices (from “commercial” to stand-alone makers) and a wide variety of different K-cups. But rarely have I had a strong, flavorful cup of coffee.
    Maybe this is why I haven’t spotted any during my time in France / Italy? The coffee is very Americanized .
    My K-cup machine has become a last ditch resource. I would rather grind some beans and start a drip coffee than reach for a K-cup as it’s cheaper and better tasting to me.

  5. I love a good cup of coffee, excellent beans, the aroma and everything surrounding coffee . I have tried this coffee maker and I do not care for it, to me it’s almost an expensive instant coffee, it does not have the true aroma and depth of a coffee that is brewed


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