Why does hot coffee upset my stomach but iced coffee doesn’t?

Why does hot coffee upset my stomach but iced coffee doesn’t?

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  1. I can only give my own opinion here, but I believe it’s the ice. It acts by diluting the oils and acids in the coffee. Also it may be easier to drink.

  2. One possible explanation may be that hot coffee is more acidic than cold brew due to the temperature of the water used for extraction as well as extraction method which can also affect acidity levels. Espresso typically has the most, followed by drip methods, though filtration does help remove more of the volatile oils typically found in French Press produced brew.
    Type of coffee can also affect overall acidity as I have only recently come to find out myself. South American coffee types for example tend to be more acidic and fruitier tasting than the lower acidity coffee found in places like Sumatra which tend to be more earthy and pungent.
    Ingredients can also come into play and affect drink quality or affect on health as straight coffee can bother many who otherwise easily tolerate versions with cream, sugar and various flavors. Traditionally Hershey’s syrup was standard use in Espresso stands, but recently some have begun using bitter dark chocolate syrup instead which can cause additional stomach pain when combined with espresso.
    If you do happen to find that hot drinks other than coffee seem to bother you, it could be a sign of a larger problem. Unknown to myself some years ago I had developed some stomach lesions due to a hiatal hernia I’d had and hot drinks of any kind would cause me agony at times, while cold drinks and foods were much more soothing and less aggravating.
    This doesn’t happen in isolation but may happen in combination over time due to acid reflux due to an increasing inability to properly close the lower esophageal sphincter due to aging, hernia or over eating.
    Stomach acid can then wash back and damage the esophagus and surrounding tissues causing burning sensation and damage over time, but this condition is largely correctable and can result in a return to enjoying favorite foods pain free as I have found now years later.
    The only other possible cause could be a reaction to a ingredient you are including in your coffee. I use non diary and as little sugar as needed, but in the past I have tried a few of the commercial grocery store refrigerated flavored creamers.
    They are quite delicious, but many have a deleterious effect upon my bowels and I cannot use them as much as I might like to. More natural options exist even in the non dairy options and can range from real cream to putting butter in one’s coffee which I have to admit is still something I have never done. Hopefully this helps you root out your problem so you can enjoy the daily fix as nature intended.


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