Why does every time I go to Trader Joe’s an item I like is discontinued?

Why does every time I go to Trader Joe’s an item I like is discontinued?

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  1. It is frustrating. It has happened to me so many times.
    It’s the way TJ’s buys stuff. They go directly to the farm and make a fair deal with the farmer for the crop. Using the best ingredients they make a fair deal with someone to process/package/ship under the Trader Joe’s label.
    Everyone wins.
    Unfortunately: some crops don’t grow every year, crops have to be rotated so the soil can recover nutrients, some crops are not the right quality, etc.
    Since it is a natural product, some variations in size, color and appearance may occur. Including availability.
    They had Mesquite honey. That took years to make. Bees in many areas are in trouble. There simply isn’t any more, for now. They aren’t going to artificially flavor and color corn syrup and put it on the shelf instead.
    That they simply run out of your favorite products; I would simply attribute to your obvious good taste.
    I have noticed they usually try to find a replacement for, and even bring back the best sellers, if they can.

  2. Trader Joe’s stores are smaller than average supermarkets, and stock a far smaller total number of products than a typical supermarket (less than 5,000 SKUs in total for TJ’s, 20–50k in big supermarket.) This means that to add a new product, TJ’s must remove an old one. So, every time they give you a new thing to try, they have deleted something that someone like you loved. It’s a zero-sum game.
    They know people are often disappointed, but they want you to be excited when you see new stuff, and a bit relieved when you do find your old favorites, the next time you come in.

  3. Michael – This question has landed in my inbox but I haven’t even heard of Trader Joe’s. This question sounds like one of life’s trials.

  4. Not only for Trader Joe’s, I found the issue from many other groceries. I wondered why, too. Here are possibilities.
    1. Selective memory. Many items you like are not discontinued, but you don’t count them. You’re only counting your favorite items being discontinued.
    2. Similar to #1, but a bit different perspective. Many items that you don’t care are also being discontinued. You only remember items you like getting discontinued.
    3. The more you feel disappointed by the item going discontinued, the more likely that’s because the item is only available at Trader Joe’s. Otherwise you won’t get disappointed much to remember that. That means the item is more likely to be unpopular for or supply is low. Then it’s more likely to get discontinued.

    I have an experience with #3. Many years ago, I was a picky gourmet beer drinker living in Korea. I found a grocery store that had great beer in stock. I bought a bottle from the shop every day. Later I found that it’s discontinued. I asked the store manager and asked why the beer is discontinued. He looked up the system and said tha…


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