Why does cold brew coffee have more calories than regular iced coffee?

Why does cold brew coffee have more calories than regular iced coffee?

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  1. Probably because of the condensed milk and other additives.
    Cold coffee has no more calories than black coffee.

    I realized after my answer that I was slightly dismissive after answering.
    Here’s the detailed answer.
    Coffee – which is to say seeds of the coffee tree, dried, and roasted and powdered (via a grinder) has no calories. It may possibly have as much as 20 per litre, as it has some vegetable oil in the seed, but I’ve never seen any attributed to it. However most of my info is old and comes from an era when the accuracy of such counts at that miniscule level weren’t very good.
    If you notice calories in cold brew vs any other coffee it is because something was added. Usually that something is a combination of fat and sugar. Vietnamese coffee is a dessert, depending on a couple of ounces of sweetened condensed milk.
    Most commercial ‘drinks’ have “whipping cream” – which is to say aerated palm oil – and other things tossed in.
    What you really need to understand is these are coffee flavoured beverages.
    Coffee, the black stuff, is nothing more than the roasted beans and some water. If you wish to avoid calories, you need to learn to like it black or simply avoid it altogether. Likewise tea.
    So the real question is: Are you buying a processed beverage or are you buying a cup of coffee? Over to you.

  2. There are a few reasons for this.
    First of all, cold brew coffee is made with twice as much coffee grounds per ounce than regular iced coffee. This means that there are more calories and fat from the coffee beans themselves.
    Secondly, many people add milk or cream to their cold brew coffee, which adds even more calories.
    Finally, some people sweeten their cold brew coffee, which can add a lot of extra calories.

  3. Before you ask “why?” It is always proper to first consider “If.”
    Regular coffee prepared by drip, French press, or espresso has zero (0)* calories per serving.
    Iced coffee is the same coffee you just prepared (in the example above) that has been chilled and/or poured over ice. It still has zero (0)* calories. The ice adds no calories to the beverage.
    Cold brew coffee is the same coffee beans, but prepared through a cold infusion and has zero (0)* calories per serving.
    The only way they might be different in caloric content is if you added something to the coffee like milk, cream, sugar, or flavorings.
    (*)The “actual caloric content is something greater than zero (0), but is a teeny tiny decimal of a calorie when considering an actual serving size. From a functional level, this is the same as have no, zero (0) calories.


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