Why does coffee taste like alcohol?

Why does coffee taste like alcohol?

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  1. I can honestly say I’ve never, ever had this experience…
    You may want to check what the heck your barista/spouse/you are putting in there…

  2. I’m not sure what type of “alcohol” you are referencing. If you’re asking about a chemical type taste (not pleasant, almost “bleach” type taste) it’s a defect referred to as phenolic.
    When processing the coffee cherries, water is used to separate the skin and pulp from the seeds (green coffee beans). If the water isn’t clean or reused the concoction can ferment and transfer all sorts of bad taste.

  3. A lot of good answers and I would say as a rule coffee isn’t “supposed” to taste like alcohol…but keep in mind that in the washed process applied to many arabicas the coffee beans are slightly fermented in the water filled holding tanks.
    the very first coffee training i had the instructor would rank some of the better washed arabicas as: fruity, then if nicer, Floral, then if amazing, winey. If I squinted my tastebuds i thought i might detect the winey notes occasionally.
    there is a defect in washed arabica coffee called fermented. Usually it has to do with something gone wrong in the washed process, perhaps the water was inappropriately re-used too often. It is not all that uncommon so you might occasionally come across it in your cup….this might explain why you might get that flavor maybe 1 in a 100 cups but not if you feel coffee overall tastes like alcohol

  4. There are coffee liqueurs, like Bailey’s which if you drink or mix with coffee on occasion, your brain may recognize regular coffee as alcoholic due to their intentionally similar tastes.
    I feel the same way with Root Beer and Ginger Ale, neither of which I ever drink alone really without Root Beer Smirnoff or whiskey, respectively. Last week my friend and I were drinking the root beer mix with vodka, I was taking shots and chasing with root beer while he had a mixer. We lost track of whose was whose and had a very difficult time figuring out which one had alcohol in it.
    It’s also happened to me with orange juice.
    That’s my best guess anyway, otherwise maybe someone is secretly spiking your coffee?

  5. Organoleptic properties in food can vary with both the food and with the person tasting the food. There are specific training programs, for instance, for oenophiles to learn how to properly evaluate wine characteristics.
    That little preamble was for a reason…I’ve some training in the science of tasting, both formal and informal.
    Different folk will perceive the same foods quite differently and may or may not taste the same flavor profile as might be described on a label.
    Truth be told, I’ve never tasted alcohol as a main component or aftertaste of any coffee I’ve ever had…and that is a bunch of different blends and single estates from many places from coast to coast in the US, Alaska, Hawaii and a half-dozen or so places outside the US.
    Do n…

  6. Cool. 🙂 I guess my brain is one of those few then. LOL.
    I can drink different brands and tell instantly before I even tasting it weather it will taste like that ‘cheap’ cigarette taste or the alcoholic taste or ethanol taste in another word.
    I’ve even gotten one.. it’s called ‘Brother’ something.. Or ‘Hill Brothers’? and ahh yeah. IT.. It tasted exactly like WEED.. which was sort of off putting.. I do not want to consume such a thing just like that… from my foods. I in fact know it was weed.. maybe they grow it along side it or .. idk.. but idk I got the most messed up buzz and odd feeling while drinking and after.. I do not recommend this brand. Unless that is what you are looking for but again.. I myself will not be drinking that kind ever again. It made me EXTREMELY~ unproductive.

  7. I am just drinking the same, made a Nescafe so no other interference and boom it tastes like Irish coffee with strong taste of whiskey.
    After scratching my head for a while in confusion I found out that the milk was a little worse for wear. So, my only conclusion is that with milk being a little old and mixed with the coffee it is giving off a whiskey taste. Worst thing is I hate the taste of whiskey.

    Victor Allen’s

  8. It doesn’t or better yet it isn’t supposed to taste like alcohol you either have really bad coffee or you did just pour rum in it.

  9. I have often wondered about that. I know just what you are describing. I don’t know, but suspect that, in drip coffeemakers, the extracted mass is left in the basket too long and begins to ferment. A weak alcoholic liquor may then drip into the pot below.
    I’ve experienced this many times since at least the 1970s in North America, other than Mexico.


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