Why does coffee make me pee and poop?

Why does coffee make me pee and poop?

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  1. Hello, Mike, this is just a guess: the adrenal glands get stimulated by the caffeine and the adrenals control peristalsis (bowel movement). The [hot] liquid content might also be a factor, plus if you add a lot of fat content, such as double cream, etc. Get the picture?

  2. Coffee contains caffeine as well as other stimulatory/diuretic compounds that increase the rate of urination as well as bowel movements.

  3. Ah, the magic pooping bean.

    Why does coffee make me pee and poop?

    I always wondered when this image would be relevant to something.
    This is a trend that so many people have noticed, it’s almost universally accepted that drinking coffee makes you poop . For how universal this knowledge may be, however, there is surprisingly scant science that definitively proves what it is in coffee that makes you poop. I’ll go over a couple of these theories and we can see what makes the most sense.
    1. Drinking coffee stimulates the muscles in your stomach and intestines, causing them to pass your poop faster. This also helps soften your stool, as one of the functions of the intestine is to remove water from the poop, and the fact that it’s moving faster means it has much less time to do so.
    You know those jitters you get in your feet or hands when you drink too much coffee? Basically that, but in your belly. Even in small doses, caffeine causes increased activity in muscles throughout your body. It makes perfect sense that it would include the inside muscles, too.
    The only issue I see with this theory is: why does it seem to start working within seconds of that first sip? Surely there’s not enough in one sip to cause those kinds of effects, and even if there was, what kind of superhuman can metabolize caffeine and use it in the body while they’re sipping it ? There’s got to be more to it than that.
    2. A hormone called cholecystokinin, which aids in digestion and helps with bowel movements, is released following consumption of coffee. This hormone also might explain the appetite suppression (lack of hunger) that many coffee-drinkers experience. It still doesn’t explain how instantaneous the effect is, nor why the brown emergency is the most prevalent and often only instantaneous effect of drinking coffee.
    3. Irritable bowel syndrome/lactose intolerance. This makes no sense to me as several people (myself included) who regularly experience the laxative effects of coffee have no history of IBS or any triggers in common. The lactose intolerance makes even less sense as you can get the same effect with or without dairy — at least, I do. If lactose intolerant people want to put lactose in their coffee, I imagine they probably would have a more reactive bowel.
    On behalf of all those who live with lactose intolerant people, please don’t do this. Your rights stop where others’ freedoms begin 🙂

    So what makes this little bean so magic? Based on information in this article , I’m inclined to believe it’s more psychological than the theories above. While only to a mild degree, caffeine is an addictive substance on which the majority of us are dependent to some extent. We might not be itching for our next fix or selling all of our possessions for coffee beans, but the psychological effects of addiction still come into play.
    Have you ever noticed any “calls to the Porcelain Throne” while the coffee is brewing? Even just smelling it, your body begins to anticipate the caffeine and begins physical processes associated with it. By the time you get that first sip, your synapses are primed and ready to fire, and every part of your mind and body is ready to process that delicious chemical.
    And that’s why coffee makes you poop. 💩

  4. Sensitivity to caffeine. It often develop as people age. More good news: Cola drinks and hot or iced tea will follow soon. Aging is not for pussies!


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