Why does a grocery store discontinue items?

Why does a grocery store discontinue items?

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  1. Because they aren’t selling well.
    Because there was a recall lotta particular item.
    Because the company that makes that item is discontinuing it.
    There are too many reasons to list here.

  2. At stores that focus on deep selection it has to do with several things, starting at the warehouse.
    For example, Procor and Gable have paid for 2000 warehouse slots in a warehouse. They come out wit 25 new items in this quarter. They chose 25 items in slots they have paid for and discontinue them.
    Changing trends. Imagine gluten free hysteria/ trend falls way back and the rurnover is low, while keto style foods are the coming rage. The gluten free items ate trimmed back with other items that are no longer a trendy item. The store removes the old items and works in the new items. After a year or two of this most stores will reset the store to better organize and maximize profit potential. And the change actually drives sales up, kind of a Hawthorn effect.
    A severe quality issue. A deli salad company had a severe problem with lysteria. Sales dropped to nothing. It got discontinued and replaced by a different brand.
    And items that just quit moving. They have to go, low demand and a low impact item

  3. Basically because they don’t sell enough or move enough to warrant the shelf space they take up. There are hundreds of not thousands of new items introduced in supermarkets annually. That means that poor performers have to be moved out.

  4. I can think of three reasons- just common sense: The supplier has stopped making the product. The supplier has gone out of business. The customers dont purchase enough to make it profitable to keep it in stock.

  5. Because particular items just aren’t selling and store need that valuable shelf space for others items to sell in order to make a profit. Sometimes an item or a type of food will sell it one area and not in another. For example Spanish foods will sell much better in a Hispanic neighborhood, where as they won’t sell nearly enough in a different area.

  6. Grocery stores usually get rid of items that are discontinued for several reasons, none, some or all of them could apply to the item. 1, the manufacture no longer makes the product 2 The store does not want to carry the item in stock, to make room for another product.. 3. The item is not worth stocking as it is a low or non profit item. 4. It may have been pulled from shelves or sales because of a defective in the item or some other reason about it. 5. The customer(s) is or are not longer interested in buying the item. 6 The item is old or outdated and a new supply has not come in or is unavailable.

  7. An old saying “A fast nickle is better than a slow dime.”
    Turnover is required to make money.
    If a grocer gets a request for Shock Top beer, and goes out and buys a case, and it sits in his cooler for a month, that is 30 days that he is losing floor space, for something that could be selling.
    Turnover is the only thing that grocers look for, they need to have some slow moving items for certain customers, and then the rest has to turn over in a specific period of time, otherwise their money is tied up in dead inventory.
    Now Super Stores, do not all pay for their inventory. Bread companies, have the drivers stock t…

    Victor Allen’s

  8. The main reason is it’s not selling well. There’s limited space and if the item doesn’t sell it’s better to get rid of it and bring in something else and see if the sales on it are better. Another reason could be that the supplier or manufacturer raised the price of the item to much and is getting to expensive to carry any more.


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