Why do people stir coffee?

Why do people stir coffee?

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  1. Does someone not know the definition of “stir”? You stir things to mix together ingredients. It’s kinda simple, really.
    Next up: Why do people stir pancake mixes.
    More pseudo-scientific answer:
    The different elements we add to black coffee have different densities and do not, short of a very long waiting time disperse themselves automatically through the cuppa black coffee. Your “creamer” will move to a certain level in the cup due to the fat content. Milk, poured rapidly will disperse itself somewhat evenly but pouring it rapidly may result in the coffee splashing out of the cup. Sugar, whether liquid or solid, is heavier and will sink to the bottom of the cup.
    Ergo, if you are putting those things in your coffee because you like the taste of a sweet(ish) white coffee… you stir it. Otherwise you get one mouthful of black coffee, the next mouthful is “too white” coffee and the last mouthful is coffee flavored sugar. Clockwise? Counter-clockwise? I don’t think it matters but I’m obsessive compulsive and always stir five times counter-clockwise then six times clockwise. Zero rationale behind it. Unlike the stirring itself it’s totally optional.

  2. No need to stir coffee if drinking black but if cream/milk/sugar is added then you don’t want to just leave things to just settle at the bottom. You/I stir coffee to mix everything together. Sugar in coffee-good. Sugar laying at the bottom of the cup-not good.
    Coffee is different from martinis. Them some people prefer shaken not stirred.


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