Why do people say that punching someone in the face is bad if another person is about to punch you in the face and you act out of self

Why do people say that punching someone in the face is bad if another person is about to punch you in the face and you act out of self defence and do not do more than is necessary (especially in school)?

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  1. Because your hand is a bag of bones held together by muscles and ligaments and most people’s skulls are pretty much the cranium and mandible, two very solid pieces.
    For people who have power to actually hurt the person they hit they can break the jaw, cheek or eye socket, assuming they hit one of those parts, if not – well, something has gotta give and if it isn’t their skull it’s pretty much guaranteed to be your hand and like I said before, hands are a bag of bones held together by muscles and ligaments, very complex and highly likely to not recover properly.
    Onto the next possibility – you manage to shatter something and bits of those shattered bones go through skin and lodge themselves in your hand taking a heap of their fluids along for the ride.

  2. Yeah i understand completely..
    When I was in high school there was a kid that got his ass kicked everyday since elementary school..
    I was a pretty bold kid, probably still am.. But one day for the thousandth time a bully chased this kid across the parking lot and speared him in front of the kindergarten. I don’t recall being angry or anything but when the bully came back I called him a coward or something.. And when he looked me in the eyes I knocked him out cold.
    I destroyed my hand.. It was brutal. My hand broke so loudly I still get people telling me about it from a few football fields away.
    When i went to the hospital my doctor said he would not give me painkillers because he believed under no circumstances was fighting ok.
    My mother told him painkillers make me sick and then he offered to give me painkillers. Lol
    He wasn’t a very good doctor, he lost his liscense years later for giving away to many painkillers..
    But all I wanted was for him to reset my hand. It’s not so noticeable now but back then it looked lumpy.
    Anyway, I was a pretty angry kid.. But nobody touched that kid anymore..

  3. Because they simply cannot or will not see you as a victim. They don’t see your action as necessary or justified. They are examples of how there will usually be opposition to both side’s version of events when conflict occurs. Despite or in spite of the evidence.

  4. Insurance. School administrators dont want to be responsible for any kid getting hurt. That’s why both kids are in trouble.
    There is nothing wrong with defending yourself if your initial reaction is to punch the attacker. But if there was an opportunity to walk away from it, then take it. Some people are too stupid and prefer to stay on their ground even though they had many chances to back out. They end up getting hurt or get in trouble. Dont be one of those people.

  5. Because they have no idea what they’re talking about and if they expect a person not to hit back then they’re being unrealistic. It’s better to get suspended or get kicked out than getting beaten to a pulp.

  6. Many people have an irrational aversion to physical violence, but will also ignore most forms of abuse. Thus, if you are attacked, it will be assumed that you did something to deserve it or that it was less than it was. Yet, if you defend yourself afterward, you are assumed to be the one in the wrong or, at the least, it’s considered to be equal/mutual. If you defend yourself beforehand, you’re accused of being too defensive and/or of starting trouble.
    For the purposes of self-defense: If someone is about to punch you, but hasn’t yet, I would recommend learning to block and pin, rather than throwing the first punch. If it’s still necessary to punch, do only what is necessary to escape the situation safely.

  7. You are better off not punching if possible. Show the person their punch is useless and get away. If you punch things WILL escalate. This is based on experience, a punch I wish I had never thrown.

  8. In brief, faces are terrible things to punch: too bony, too much risk of killing someone or breaking those delicate bones in your hand. The place to punch is a spot below the ribs called the solar plexus.

  9. Our society is too politically correct, and that empowers bullies. If you’ve got balls enough to say something really offensive or hit someone-it’s not handled right. It’s like shock and awe. People act like they don’t know what to do. A pre-emptive strike is always good. If you think someone is going to hit you, I would definitely hit them first, fast, hard and more than once. Put them down. Get …

    Victor Allen’s


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