Why do people say energy drinks are bad for you but not coffee?

Why do people say energy drinks are bad for you but not coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “are energy drinks better than coffee

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  1. Well. I would say the next time you go into a supermarket or grocery store pick up an energy drink and look at the ingredients. There’s some stuff going in there that you may want to research. Chemicals, artificial colouring etc. A (decent) coffee is made from a coffee bean a natural plant, found growing without a human adding E this or colour FGXZERGVV etc to it. I honestly wouldn’t ever drink one again. I used to live off them because I prefer cold drinks over hot but I would take coffee over energy drinks any day. In fact I’d take most things over energy drinks.

  2. Depending on which coffee and which energy drink … the energy drink is supposed to have more caffeine than regular coffee. With that said, there are probably coffees that have as much caffeine as an energy drink. Caffeine is the link. Caffeine’s side effects:
    digestive issues
    muscle breakdown
    addiction (The worst thing I have ever seen was when I worked in OB. A woman came in and gave birth and the baby went into withdrawals. Now she wasn’t a drug addict. It was discovered that she had drank so much tea and coffee that her baby was addicted. The baby ended up being sent to a specialty NICU.)
    high blood pressure
    rapid heart rate
    frequent urination and urgency to do so
    What I’m getting at is that it really doesn’t matter where the caffeine comes from whether it is coffee, energy drinks or sodas … if you drink enough of them the payout from your body will be a negative.

  3. It’s misguided. The truth is that coffee and energy drinks have very similar effects on the body and the most “dangerous” ingredient in an energy drink is usually the caffeine. Of course, coffee often has more caffeine than energy drinks do, so if you’re worried about caffeine you should probably worry more about your Starbucks blend than your energy drink (depending on what you usually drink).
    The media like to beat up on energy drinks because it makes for good click-bait headlines, but in actuality if you stick to a couple of energy drinks per day you’ll be no worse off than if you had a couple of coffees per day. Not everyone likes the taste of coffee and let’s face it, many energy drinks taste great.
    Here’s a little more on the subject of whether energy drinks are bad for you https://reizeclub.com/energy-drinks-bad-for-you-health/

  4. I’ve never really looked into it, but I have drank my way through the entirety of Coca-Cola’s vast vats of soda over the last 20 years, so I’ll give it a shot.
    Soda, and energy drinks, derive their energy from something unnatural. The caffeine is added, the sugar is extra, and in the case of Monster (the first energy drink to come to mind) they add the other energy ingredients for extra kick. These extra ingredients are harmful to you in excess, and there are already a helluva lot of them in the soda/drink, and people (including me) then drink the poison laden drinks in excess.
    Coffee, on the other hand, is natural. No added flavor, no extra sugar (besides what people add to it, which imho creates an abomination), the caffeine is natural, it grew in the coffee on it’s own, it’s a plant for Christ’s sake versus the chemicals at the plant (see what I did there? At the chemical plants / manufacturing facilities versus a plant out of the ground, if you missed my insinuation), all that is added to brew black coffee is slightly boiling water (a little less, 200°F is in the perfect zone) not anything else extra. Did you know Coca-Cola is green? They add caramel color to make it more appetizing.
    So soda is a solution of too much sugar and too many chemicals, where coffee is water and naturally grown/processed plant matter. Which one do you think is better for you?
    I am sure there is actual science out there, but I don’t know it off the top, and it’s really early right now (6am). I don’t even want to bet money that I, and the rest of health minded people, are correct in thinking coffee is healthier for you than soda/energy drinks, because we’ll just be stealing your money.

  5. The short answer would be energy drinks are engineered in a lab. Coffee is a plant that grows under specific conditions of the earth.

  6. All we have comes from nature. Nothing but nothing is obtained outside of it. What we call ‘artificial’ refers much more to the lengthy, complex and often unnecessary process used to create a product than to it being of artificial origin.
    When looking at coffee, most criticism comes because it contains the drug known as caffeine. This drug, of course, is natural and is there naturally as pesticide to protect the given plant. Its bitterness is repulsive to many insects that might otherwise destroy the plant.
    Coffee is referred to as an energy drink due to the effect of caffeine on our bodies. The “energy” provided by so called energy drinks is ‘artificially’ put together. As a result, the health provided through energy producing products must be differentiated.
    Simply look at the ingredients used to produce an “energy” drink. Consider how its potency is ‘artificially’ boosted in a laboratory for quick and high efficiency. Now, consider the simplicity of a single drug found in coffee, tea, chocolate and others. No manipulation, no laboratory. Nature – untouched.
    Compare the two sources. That should be a fairly clear answer to your question.

    Victor Allen’s

  7. Because unlike soda tea and coffee caffeine amounts are regulated by the FDA , for energy drinks they are not for a 6.5 ounce cup of coffee is around 80 to 120 mg of caffeine leading energy drinks has 154mg in a 16 ounce bottle and 505mg in wired x505 drink , too much caffeine is linked to premature babies death high blood pressure and other things .

  8. Lots of people do say that coffee is bad for you.
    But whichever way you spin it, energy drinks are worse – mostly because of all the sugar. Coffee is perfectly healthy in moderation, but the quantities that go into energy drinks are inherently immoderate.


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