Why do people drink coffee every morning?

Why do people drink coffee every morning?

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  1. People drink coffee every morning because it increases alertness quicker than the body’s naturally produced hormones (and also because some are addicted to caffeine).
    The body produces cortisol which helps you to ‘feel better’ and to help the body deal with stress and blood pressure/sugar but apparently production levels in the body are higher when the body is exposed to day light and times when people are in the sun. The times are approximately around 8am – 9am, around 12pm – 1pm (lunchtime) and around 5pm – 6pm.
    Coffee breaks were originally designed to fill the gaps, so at 10am and 3pm you would find a lot of work environments would have a break in order to consume coffee at these times to make you feel better (which makes sense as the caffeine makes up for the lack of cortisol being produced).
    The problem is that people started drinking coffee first thing in the morning between 8am and 9am which is coinciding with the naturally produced cortisol so the body would tend to crave the more potent of the two which is of course caffeine.
    I’m not sure if that answers your question and I’m not sure if the above is 100% correct but I did read something along those lines on a medical website in the last year.

  2. Most people I know who drink coffee in the morning (including me) drink it for two reasons: 1) they like the taste 2) they like the caffeine hit. It helps them wake up and feel alert more quickly.

  3. I can’t speak for people. I can only speak for myself.
    I usually drink coffee in the morning because I Like it. I wake alert, capable of thought, so I do not feel any particular need for coffee, Sometimes I drink no coffee until the afternoon. No particular reason that I know of, it’s just sometimes I do not want any.
    I am not aware of coffee improving my performance.
    I remember my first taste of coffee. My mother brewed coffee in a saucepan, consequently there was always a layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of each cup, and so my parents always left about 1/2″ at the bottom of each cup. I decided to taste it.
    I took a small sip. It was shocking, a revelation. It was milky, but not only milky, it was sweet but sweetness was a small part of the flavour. Under the familiar tastes was a barrage of dark, conflicting flavours unlike anything I had ever tasted before. I was sold immediately.
    I took a much larger sip and got a mouthful of coffee grounds for my pains.
    I don’t get a buzz or lift from coffee. But it’s a damn good drink.

  4. It’s physically and psychologically addictive. If you do it often enough to get used to it, you start to need it. People not only get addicted to the caffeine, but yes they do get addicted to the flavor and the whole ritual of it.
    Also, you are probably a morning lark. Most people are hummingbirds or night owls with more learning later than earlier. Most night owls get regular day jobs and have to conform to normal schedules. They absolutely need caffeine to function. Night owls often do not get enough sleep. Even if they do get enough sleep, they still don’t feel that great in the morning. It takes hours to for them to feel awake, and they aren’t so alert until after lunch. When…

  5. For this question, I’m answering on behalf of my love for coffee. Every morning, I love to drink coffee. It makes me feel more awake . Coffee also refreshes me with its aroma and keeps my appetite good for breakfast.
    But preferences aside, here are several advantages of consuming coffee each morning for a regular person:
    Enhanced alertness and energy: Mornings can be rough if you wake up feeling groggy and tired. As caffeine enters your bloodstream, it blocks the neurotransmitter Adenosine, which inhibits brain activity. Your tiredness and grogginess will instantly disappear.
    A happy and depression-free life: Many things can happen during our daily lives that make us feel discouraged, unhappy, and depressed. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee daily will help you prepare for the day ahead.
    Living a longer and healthier life: Ultimately, this is what matters. Moderate consumption of coffee every morning improves our quality of life. Our motivation and happiness are high. Our chances of contracting diseases and suffering from depression are lower. Life is better now and will probably last longer in the future.
    Metabolic boost and weight loss: Weight-loss diets have included coffee for years. Theobromine and theophylline are stimulants in caffeine that boost your metabolism.
    There are different factors why people drink coffee in the morning. However, if you want to know their particular reason, you can always directly ask the person you’re curious about. Cheers!

  6. Coffee is the exactly the thing that people, or in a more larger sence, ADULTS need to get started in the morning. If you imagine grown human beings as cars and all the food they consumed as a fuel , then coffee is the KEY to their ignition!


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