Why do people drink black coffee?

Why do people drink black coffee?

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  1. Coffee means caffeine. And caffeine means addiction. Once you start drinking black coffee you are gonna love it and crave for it. I drink one large mug of black coffee in the morning to start my day. If I don’t get it , my day is all gloomy and annoyed. And adding milk and sugar ruins all the taste. Moreover if seems as if the effect of caffeine too gets diluted. So coffee means black coffee. Others are just desserts..

  2. Because we like to get the full taste of good coffee.
    A better question might be, why do people put sugar, cream or flavoured syrups in coffee.
    As my favourite coffee roaster puts it, additions like cream or sugar serve only to mask the off taste of stale coffee.

  3. Because they like it that way.
    As for why, I can only speak for myself. I started drinking coffee when I was about 2. I think. My parents always left a little coffee in the bottom of their mugs to avoid the grounds lurking there. I decided to try it. It was an amazingly complex flavour, with the sweetness of the sugar contrasted with the amazingly complex dark flavours of the coffee. I do not remember the milk taste.
    Many years later I stopped taking sugar with my coffee. It took about a month to get used to it, but now sugar in my coffee isn’t sweet, it just comes across as a strange chemical flavour.
    Then milk. I had run out of milk so I drank the coffee without it. Then when I did get milk, i realized the milk was masking part of the flavour of coffee. and that was it. I now drink my coffee as it comes. Because I prefer it that way.

  4. Like a fine wine or whiskey, drinking it black allows you to taste the subtle flavors and nuances. As I am a partner in a coffee company, I routinely taste black coffee daily.
    One caveat, the coffee must be properly prepared and start with good quality beans that have been roasted expertly.
    For crappy coffee, in those times you can’t get anything else, I drink it with cream and sugar to hide the defects.

  5. As someone who indulges in black coffee I can say that, I just love the taste. When it’s a well prepared black coffee it just tastes way too good. For me it reminds me of rich dark chocolate (90%) which I also like the taste of. Sugar and milk ruin the drink. Also, the sugar and milk get really tiring fast and you can’t drink much of it. On the other hand black coffee is something you can always enjoy. It’s way too sweet. I’ve had experiences with cappuccinos and they aren’t my thing. Just for context I think that black coffee is more of a preference thing. Of course you can build a tolerance to it but if you truly hate it from the start, there’s no way it will become your favourite drink. The first time I drank a complete cup of coffee was a black one I brewed for myself when I was 12, tastes didn’t change at all. Completely black coffee needs to be more common place. If I go into a starbucks and ask for a “black coffee” they ask me if I want cream or sugar/foam in it. “No”, is my simple answer. I ordered a black coffee, why do you need to ask if I need caramel with it?

  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but the bitterness the black coffee provides is nice, sure I can still drink it with cream and sugar, but the bitterness the black coffee provides is refreshing, and apparently it has health benefits, so why not drink it black?

  7. If you actually buy specialty beans, you will learn to love black coffee. I drink black coffee not for health reason or to lose weight. I just simply love the sweetness and subtle flavors that comes out from a well made coffee.
    There is nothing wrong with milk and sugar. But that is different drink. But if you crave wonderful subtlety and burst of flavor, pure black is irreplaceable.

  8. They don’t want the drowsiness from hypoglycemia after the caffeine and sugar high. Straight caffeine has a mellow after effect. It’s really bad for diabetic people to put real sugar in any beverage.

  9. I used to drink my coffee with milk and sugar until someone suggested that I was missing the true coffee taste, so I drink it black now. It needs nothing to cover up the pure taste. I’m also trying to avoid sugar but having a hard time of it.
    Some coffee bars won’t serve you plain black coffee because their product is cheap. Only their marketing makes people think otherwise.

    Eight O’Clock

  10. Well, I drink my coffee black, because:
    For me, it has been a habit started in the Army, that’s when I first drank coffee. Keep it simple, don’t depend on any extra ingredients being available. Just drink it black as it is, get your caffeine and move on.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    So, from the beginning I became accustomed to the taste of unflavored, unsweetened, straight coffee.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    That simplistic approach stuck with me till now. If I ordered a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato, it would be for desert.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    I do like to savor my first cup in the morning, if I have time, but otherwise, I’m more of a caffeine addict that a connoisseur of coffee.
    One observation of an old-timer is that ordering coffee black is no longer universally understood the way it used to be. At Starbucks (or similar) if I ask for black coffee, there is about 50% chance that the question will be do you want me to leave room for cream? If the next question is “do you want sugar?”, then as black coffee purist I get slightly annoyed.
    “Hey doll, just give me my coffee and let me be on my way and nobody gets hurt.” Said with a caffeine induced jitter to my voice.

  11. I started to drink black coffee at work because it was easier than sourcing milk and sugar. Eventually, it became the norm and now I love black coffee.
    Except instant. Instant coffee needs all the milk and sugar I can get into it just to make it palatable.
    And as for machine coffee at work…. I won’t risk a BNBR by talking about it.

    Victor Allen’s

  12. People drink black coffee as it has many advantages like as follows:
    boosts your mind
    keeps you fresh
    good for respiratory system
    lowers the risk of diabetes
    keeps you active
    Black coffee is best to have in morning. It keeps your digestion proper and good in bad breath.

  13. People prefer to drink black coffee as it provides lots of benefits to the health.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    Some of the amazing health benefits of drinking black coffee are given below:
    Preserves your muscles.
    Helps in keeping you hydrated.
    Lower the cholesterol level.
    Have anti oxidants properties.
    Protects against gout.
    Stimulates hair growth.
    Helps in improving your focus.
    Makes your mood light and fresh.
    Improves your physical performance.
    Improves the blood circulation.
    Enhance DNA repair.
    Lowers the risk of gallstones.
    Reduce the risk of kidney stones.
    Lowers the risk of liver and oral cancer.
    Improves the metabolism of the body.

  14. Black coffee are good for the health.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    Some of the major healthy effects of black coffee are:
    It helps in reducing the kidney stones.
    Treats asthma and headache.
    Reduce the risk of Liver diseases.
    Decrease Parkinson’s risk.
    Reduce the work out pain.
    Boost the memory power.
    Reduce the risk of heart diseases.
    Protect from type 2 diabetes.
    Helps in reducing the stress level.
    Curbs cancer risk.


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  16. In my experience, most people who drink their coffee with no cream or sugar prefer weak coffee. What they really want is something that is hot and neutral tasting. Blindfolded, they might be just as happy with hot water if you didn’t tell them it wasn’t coffee.
    Those same people do not like strong coffee, like Louisiana coffee or the coffee they find in most European coffee shops and restaurants. They say it is too strong. They prefer their weaker American coffee that they can drink “black.” At the same time, Europeans are enjoying their espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc.
    I’ve always liked really strong coffee, but I never drink it black.

  17. I drink black, a sachet each time, with small amount of water. It tastes simillar to Starbucks espresso. Well for sure it ain’t espresso.
    I drink it that way to avoid bladder and sugar.

  18. It is scientifically proved that, when we are drinking raw coffee (without sugar & creamer) 3 to 5 times in a day, our body gets thousands of coffee benefits.
    Black caffeine helps in keeping our body healthy from the inside. Coffee ground has a rich volume of caffeine.
    It stimulates the blood flow under the closer skin surface. Its abounded antioxidant components make the skin taut, smooth, supple and jovial looking.
    Coffee has plenty of polyphenols, hydrocinnamic acids, loads of antioxidants and effective multiple nutrients. Its hydrocinnamic acids are serviceable at resist to free radicals which helps to repel oxidative stress. You can get it easily by drinking raw coffee.

  19. Some people drink black coffee (without sweetener, milk or cream) because they like the flavor. It may be an acquired taste. Also, black coffee has fewer calories.

  20. Why do you add something to your coffee?
    Suggestion: get yourself some serious italian espresso (freshly roasted beans freshly ground in a good grinder, crafted well on a good machine). Then you might think again if you want to ruin the experience by adding sugar or milk.

  21. One of the main reasons to drink your coffee black is because is healthier. … If you add sugar or too much cream, the benefits of black coffee will be diluted. But that is not the only reason. When you drink your coffee black, you can taste its real flavor, and when you get used to it, there’s no turning back. Black coffee is rich in antioxidants, which can fight cell damage and reduce your risk of serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Coffee is the primary source of antioxidants in most American diets. Black coffee also contains high levels of: Vitamin B2.

  22. I don’t put milk or sugar in my coffee and it gets me moving in the morning. There are health benefits from drinking coffee and I noticed improvements from drinking coffee.
    Improves memory and intelligence/reduced memory loss
    Help with weight loss and improved physical performance
    Contains potassium and magnesium and other essential vitamins
    Reduced risk of diabetes/certain cancers
    13 Health Benefits of Coffee, Based on Science

  23. When freshly brewed, black coffee provides a robust flavor that cannot be duplicated when things are added. Sugar, cream, and so on, dilute this flavor.
    Health benefits. Black coffee provides a large dose of antioxidants as well as caffeine, but also when you add sugar, cream, etc. on the daily, you are adding unnecessary calories and sugar that contributes calories but minimal nutrition. Drinks like this (i.e. macchiatos, lattes, mochas) are typically a nice treat to have here and there. I started drinking my coffee black since I was 17 and have been drinking it like that ever since. I’m used to it now, and truly just enjoy it best that way.

  24. Honestly I drink only black coffee and the realest answer I can give is that I don’t like the taste of cream, milk, or sugar of any sort in my coffee. I don’t always love the way coffee tastes but I do typically enjoy it and I enjoy the caffeine.
    Cream, sugar, milk, and sweetener just don’t appeal to my tastes

  25. Black coffee provides lots of healthy benefits that’s why it is taken by many people.

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    Some of the major health benefits of black coffee are:
    It is a lowest calorie drink.
    Reduce headache.
    Improves blood circulation.
    Reduce the risk of oral cancer.
    Reduce the level of stress.
    Reduce inflammation.
    Preserves your Bones.
    Lowers down the risk of kidney stone.
    Improve your focus.
    Makes you smarter.
    Source of anti oxidants.
    Helps you workout harder.


  26. Black coffee is the first-morning drink for many people mostly because it makes them alert and also because black coffee is beneficial for our health . It benefits us in many ways whether you want to get rid of a disease or you want to lose weight, black coffee is your best friend.

  27. For me the three main reasons are:
    I went black many years ago to save a few calories and because I didn’t trust all the fake stuff in the non-refrigerated coffee whitener available in most corporate environments.

  28. I love coffee with cream and sugar. But I drink it black because I drink a lot of coffee. And cream and sugar are fattening.
    Simple as that. 🙂

  29. On the reverse I say: Why do people drink tons of cream and sugar (amongst other stuff) and call that coffee? I like coffee, I like how it tastes. Those brews they drink at starSucks and stuff like that for example, these are caffeinated candy drinks. Not coffee. Anyway, to each his own…

  30. I genuinely like it.
    4 years ago I would have scoffed at the idea. I went keto-diet for a while, and black coffee was part of the deal. The first week of it was … grim. Then I got used to it. Then I liked it.
    I’m trying to give up smoking, at the moment, and I’ve noticed that my morning coffee is getting more and more feral as I go along. I’ve got no issue with it (I need that morning kick in the face from something), but the people I share the coffee pot with are starting to give me a bit of side-eye.
    Not just *any* coffee, though. I buy one of the cheapest, and I think it’s *fine*. I had to get the second cheapest last fortnight, and it was nasty sour muck. It was a relief to open up a new pack of my usual.
    I do love an affgato, though, on a hot summer morning.

  31. I love strong coffee because I love the taste of coffee. AND, if it will melt the spoon while I stir the cream into my coffee the better.

  32. Black coffee have lots of health benefits:

    Why do people drink black coffee?

    lowers the risk of some type of cancer
    Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes
    Protective effects on the liver
    cardiovascular health
    cancer prevention
    Have antioxidants properties.
    help you to burn fat
    help you to live longer
    high nutritional value
    skin and hair health
    digestive tract health
    hones mental focus
    fights depression
    Improves your physical performance.



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