Why do people brew coffee rather than boil it in a kettle?

Why do people brew coffee rather than boil it in a kettle?

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  1. Well it is the way coffee is made in a lot of places.
    It is awesome.
    Some call it Turkish coffee, Greek coffee, Serbian coffee or whatever.
    Here is a video of a guy seriously obsessing over details of making it:

  2. There are some brewing methods that do this, it creates a much different flavor profile though and these kinds of coffee are generally drank heavily-diluted with dairy and/or often very sweet. (Think Cuban coffee, though Cuban coffee is not one of these methods.)
    They aren’t more commonly-used because in addition to the higher caffeine content, they tend to also contain much higher concentrations of extracted volatile organic compounds. These are not only extremely bitter but also tend to be aggravating to the digestive system in addition to being diuretics.
    Shorter answer: Because most people don’t like nasty-tasting coffee that gives you a stomach-ache and explosive diarrhea.
    It is however a very effective method for making coffee when camping as it reduces the amount of needed equipment to the campfire-saucepan you’re already likely carrying on a long camp.

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    As a kid, we used a saucepan for coffee. It was hard to grind the coffee in a hand-crank grinder, then bring it to the boil in the dedicated coffee pan, then simmer for a few minutes. Not long. It made good coffee. FWIW, the pan was almost never washed. If it did get washed, the coffee tasted bad for abut 3 brews.
    LIke I said, it was hard to turn the grinder (I was 4… barely strong enough), it was tricky to pour the coffee out of the saucepan, and there was always some grounds in the bottom of each cup. No one finished their coffee, at least, never more than once. That was how I got to taste my first coffee – from the leftover dregs. I was younger than recommended. By 4, I was grinding the coffee and drinking my own cup.
    Perhaps this process extracts more caffeine than a drip coffee maker. I do not think that’s really all that important. If it is, buy some foul-tasting robusta coffee and boil it to your hearty’s content. It has twice the caffeine of arabica coffees.
    I still grind my own beans (sometimes I roast them), but I use an espresso coffee maker. That way the coffee is always fresh.
    But an incredible number of people use K-cups. The cost is irrelevant, the convenience is worth 50c/cup for what is usually some pretty awful coffee. What’s not to love, and it’s cheaper than starbucks.
    In this environment, what chance is there that anyone will want to simmer their coffee?

  4. First and foremost is overextraction of coffee leads to bad taste. Have you ever left tea for too long in hot water? Did it taste bitter? If you overextract coffee you will gain elements of taste that are considered undesirable for most people
    I also see a strange idea in your question that more caffeine is always better. Using that logic 10 cups off coffee is an amazing idea. As someone who spent a lot of time with friends preparing for World Brewers Cup I can tell you too much caffeine is a REALLY bad feeling. If it was up to me I’d love to drink decaf coffee but so far all decaf = shit since I like the taste of coffee but don’t always need to wake myself up.

  5. Because it extracts too much of the wrong flavors and burns the coffee. You don’t actually want boiling water – you want water between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). With boiling water you will get a bitter and burnt cup of coffee.

  6. Personally I drink coffee because I love the flavour and I think flavour is the main reason why we do not boil coffee. Brewing coffee is a complex chemical process.
    Coffee will become bitter if you heat it over 94 degrees Celsius (202 fahrenheit)
    Coffee wil be over extracted quickly. If you boil it for a longer period of time it will become very dark, bitter and undrinkable. It will not taste any better of you dilute it.
    If you like a strong coffee wich is brewed for a longer period of time I would suggest using a french press with a course grond. In that way you can let it extract for up to 4 minutes without burning or over extraction.

    Why do people brew coffee rather than boil it in a kettle?

    If you really want to boil your coffee, do it with eggs for best results!


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