Why do most of cafes and stores close at 6 pm in Amsterdam?

Why do most of cafes and stores close at 6 pm in Amsterdam?

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  1. I would say some stores close at 6, most – and certainly supermarkets – will close at 8 or 9, depending on the day. A few in the center close even later.
    For me, this works just fine; I have a big enough window after work to get my shopping done by 8 o’clock. If you are used to shopping whenever the mood strikes you, it will take some getting used to.
    I like that the shop opening hours have expanded over the years, but there is a point of diminishing return above which you’re just creating costs of keeping things open which just spreads the load over a longer timespan – the shop will be mostly empty for most of the time. It feels wasteful and Dutch don’t like wasteful.
    There are cafe’s that close at 6, but those are extremely rare. The vast majority will close around midnight. Some at 11, some at 12, most at 2 am. When they do, you just move to another one that is still open. It is, and has always been, possible to legally sit and drink alcohol in some establishment 24 hours of the day. I agree that the opening times could be a little more lenient. The city very stringently monitors which bars are allowed to be open at which times, so it’s not really up to the owner op the bar; they would, as a rule, want longer opening hours.
    As far as bar opening times are concerned, there is a continual ebb and flow to that. The opening times will expand and expand until people start complaining about noise and such, and then the trend reverses for a while. Then people start complaining about how ‘Amsterdam isn’t Amsterdam anymore’ and the trend reverses again. I don’t know exactly in which direction the trend is currently moving, but I can confidently predict that whatever it’s doing at the moment, it will reverse in the not too distant future.

  2. Very many don’t. Cafes closing at 6 .???? . Nope . Most at 1 or 2 in the morning , some much later . Some open at 6 pm , Stores often open till 10 PM .

  3. Not all of them. But the general idea behind it is that people have the right to rest. And while huge chain stores can hire enough staff to work in shifts, smaller family businesses can’t do that and they might work too long and it might affect their health.

  4. Stores: Because they do not have the ‘’break’’ that stores in South of Europe (as I see from your name, you should be Portuguese of of Portuguese heritage) have. They have different working hours. Stores open at 9–10, and close at 18 because yep- these people have a life, too.
    In South of Europe, stores close at 13 or 14 just to open again at 16. Those two hours of break allow the workers to eat at home or take some time off, but they need to work until 20.
    Cafes: no, they do not close at 18. Maybe some ‘’food places’’ do, but then again, they were opened from the morning and it depends on which agreement they made with the municipality, which permits they hold and so on.
    For supermarkets, most of them are open until 21 or even 22.


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