Why do I get depressed when I don’t drink coffee?

Why do I get depressed when I don’t drink coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “i may be depressed but i have an iced coffee

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  1. Like ciggs, it’s not the nicotine that plays a big role to addiction, it’s the perceived benefit. When u smoke, u take a break, move away from stressful thoughts, that’s the perceived benefit.
    Same goes to coffee, when u have coffee, yes caffeine does give u a small jolt but it’s the fact that you’ve been drinking it thinking that you will be rejuvenated and energetic once you down a shot. The perceived benefit of getting energetic once coffee is taken is the reason why people are addicted. And when you don’t have it, the placebo effect happens where u think your body couldn’t give u the energy u need and thus dampens your mood.

  2. This is all about your mentality. When you start hammering somthing in your mind, you start believing that. Do you know that a lie spoken hundreds of times, it sound like truth. Let alone about any habit.
    I am sure that you might have started drinking coffee believing that it wards off depression. In addition, in coffee contains caffeine that stimulates our mind. These two things, mentality and stimulant has confirmed your belief.
    Besides, when we do anything frequently, we become addict to it and it takes control of our mind. This also makes us believe the things as they are.
    Human mind is capable of doing infinite things. You take control of it to make things happen your way but don’t let it take control of you. Everything is up to you.
    All the best.

  3. Because coffee contains caffeine
    Caffeine is a stimulant. Withdrawal effects kick in when we’ve gone without it for 12 hours
    This includes elevated heart rate and low mood
    Try not to drink so much of it. My rule of thumb is 4 cups per day and never after 4 pm so I can sleep well at night
    Hope this helps
    Good luck
    x x

  4. Stimulants might mask depressive symptoms. It might take a keen observer to articulate the discriminate it as depressive symptoms/general malaise/fatigue

  5. If you are drinking caffeinated coffee, your body can get use to having this stimulant in your system as caffeine is actually a stimulant drug. By not having that normal morning cup of Java your body may be screaming at you..”I want more!”…Should you cut out the caffeinated coffee you should feel these feelings disappear as your body adjusts to not having the caffeine in your system. Hope this helps!

  6. I would suggest that you aren’t depressed at all, but dealing with less caffeine and sugar. Coffee contains A LOT of caffeine and sugar, unless of course you are drinking decaf black coffee. You are used to how you feel with these addicting ingredients so the only thing you can do is drink coffee or slowly cut…

  7. My best friend works at a coffee shop and within the first two months of her employment she became addicted to caffeine without even realizing it. She realized this only when she would get withdrawal symptoms.
    You will have withdrawals like what you’re experiencing now when you first limit or cut out what you normally drink each day, but soon enough you can go back to having a coffee or tea every once in a while. You may as well stick to decaf for now til you get everything in check. And you really should – it’s of no benefit for you or your body to be addicted to caffeine.


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