Why can’t I start drinking coffee and smoke after surgery?

Why can’t I start drinking coffee and smoke after surgery?

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  1. Well.. I thank you for the question and I’m going to give you two ends of the spectrum.
    First, you have personal and patient rights [1] (not HIPPA) and we absolutely cannot stop you against your will if you must have surgery and immediately wheelchair yourself outside with your O² tank attached in order to have a cigarette. I absolutely have seen this time and time again and I’m always surprised each and every that I have yet to see someone explode from the O² nasal cannula along with the “flow” (volume of O² setting) that leaks out from the nostrils towards the mouth as they puff on their cigarette. 🙇🙏

    The other option that you have would be to follow ALL of your post-op instructions [2] to a very specific letter T. These post op instructions have been put in place very specifically to avoid complications which commonly occur postoperatively. I will discuss all of these next individually.

    OKAY, let’s get started with the fact that you are already postoperative, alert and awake and back in your room. You now want a cup of coffee, a cigarette or maybe alcohol even.
    Let’s talk about postop…

  2. I’m not a doctor, but I would wager, ‘presumably, because it’s a stimulant, and that increases your blood flow rate, and they need to keep the patient as chilled as possible during healing process’. It’s the same theory that applies if you get your arm broken in a fight, have it seen to, and aren’t allowed to take cocaine and go out fighting the following evening.
    It’s to add insult to injury.
    Oh, the Clapham tortoise.

  3. seriously, do not smoke after surgery .
    like, at all. period.
    you will have worse outcomes post procedure, longer healing time, and you’re risking tissue necrosis… meaning parts of your body can literally die and fall off.
    one of the worst things smoking does to your body is causing capillary insufficiency, meaning the tiny blood vessels that go to every single part of your body are compromised. they can’t properly deliver oxygen and nutrients if they’re being constricted by smoking. and this is incredibly important in post surgical healing.
    ever watch botched, the plastic surgery show? the doctors go off all the time on smokers and often refuse to do their surgeries because they have seen the outcomes firsthand. a smoker is not going to heal up properly and faces a hellish increase in postop complications. and something i really love is when dr terry dubrow talks about a woman risking her nipple falling off after a breast surgery- due to capillary insufficiency caused by smoking!
    caffeine in coffee, tea, energy drinks and whatever else also isn’t advised due to the fact that caffeine also constricts blood vessels. now imagine combining two things that reduce blood flow after surgery, and you maybe can see why the doctors caring for you have advised against it.
    ask them why you’re not being allowed to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes postop. they’ll tell you. you just might not like the answer, or the outcomes if you do.

  4. Chances are that if your surgery requires you to be under general anaesthetic you will not feel like doing anything except sleeping after it is over.
    Anaesthetists generally like the patient to quit smoking anything from 3 – 8 weeks prior to the operation. The reason being they have had cases where it has restricted the healing process. However, I had surgery back in 1995 and I can distinctly remember being in the hospital ward with an ashtray and realising that I had left my cigarettes at home. My husband went home and got them for me and I smoked in the room, till late, due to go into surgery next morning. Of course that wouldn’t be allowed now, but I had the operation and healed nicely with no problems at all. So I think it is to err on the side of caution. However it is in their hands, they can refuse to do your surgery so quitting is the only option now if you want the surgery. Upon consultation they will tell you what problems you could encounter if you don’t quit. If it is plastic surgery it tends to involve parts turning black and falling off. I must admit I have known a lot of people that have had plastic surgery and have never met one that has had necrosis yet, i think it is a rare occurrence. Between 10,000 and 20,000 Americans can be diagnosed with it out of all the surgeries performed yearly out of millions of surgeries in US.


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