Why are dark roast beans often used for espresso?

Why are dark roast beans often used for espresso?

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  1. That is a good question – Why are espresso beans dark roasted? To answer this question for yourself try this. Make a very strong cup of a lighter roasted beans and then a cup of strong coffee from a darker roast. And you will see why espresso which is essentially a very strong cup of coffee is made with darker roasted coffee.
    While you are at it, sample the brew at the different stages of brewing. The first extraction, middle and late. This will give you a good sense of why espresso is the ultimate cup of coffee. Espresso is a minimally extracted coffee. Most American brewed coffee is over extracted. The best tasting coffee comes out first from the grounds, the least tasting coffee comes out last.
    But, appreciate that taste is always a matter of individual’s preference..

  2. From my personal perspective….
    Espresso shots magnify certain flavors and characteristics of the beans used. Acidity and bitterness are two examples. A darker roast will usually show less acidity and and also low bitterness if roasted correctly.
    I prefer espresso blends to be made up of beans roasted to at least medium as well as darker offerings for the sweetest cup.

  3. They don’t need to be – the specialty coffee industry uses light roasts for espresso, letting the qualities of the beans and the terroir, rather than generic roastiness, shine through.
    Dark roasts for espresso are largely a consquence of poor equipment, water and bean quality in the early days of espresso machines. Dark roasts are more soluble, and therefore easier to extract with substandard equipment.
    Now we’ve got machines with great temperature stability, filtration systems that optimise the water for coffee and grinders that provide an even particle distribution, we can use light roast coffees and extract them properly. The reason some companies don’t is tradition and the fact that dark coffees are easier to work with.

  4. Well, it’s no other reason that convenience. You can make espresso from any roast coffee bean but light roast beans are harder to grind. A light roast tends to be fruity and slightly sour whereas dark roasts have that deep round flavour with a lot more bitterness that people typically desire in espresso. But technically you can make an espresso from any roast.


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