Who sells the best cup of coffee in Los Angeles California?

Who sells the best cup of coffee in Los Angeles California?

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  1. I have to assume you meant to say “Who sells the best cup of coffee in Los Angeles, California?” Tastes vary, but my favorite coffee is from Espress Yourself in the courtyard of the Pasadena Central Library.

  2. Who sells the best coffee cup in Los Angeles California?
    I’m in Los Angeles County, but not the city. However, you did not specify city or county so I’ll go ahead and answer.
    My vote goes to a local roaster.
    Klatch Coffee Roasting
    Their plant is located in Rancho Cucamonga but they have one store in San Dimas and another opening soon in Redondo Beach. They are also located in LAX.
    They purchase their beans from small private growers, roast their own beans, and make their own blends. Every employee goes through extensive training and is knowledgeable about everything the sell.
    If you don’t know what to get, the baristas will ask you questions then give you suggestions based on what you answered.
    You can also take training courses in latte art, barista, roasting, as well as other advanced classes Training | Klatch Coffee

    Who sells the best cup of coffee in Los Angeles California?

  3. Please clarify. Do you mean the best vessel with which to hold your coffee in?
    Or do you you mean “who brews the best cup of coffee”?
    As far as the coffee is concerned, I have always found that you get exceptionally good coffee at Italian coffee shops or restaurants.
    As far as the vessel to hold it in, they have the same types of cup as anyone else with one exception. The island of Catalina, just off the coast from LA, is made of clay. There is a pottery company that exclusively creates Catalina pottery from the clay and the pieces are collectibles. I personally prefer to drink my coffee or tea out of a fine porcelain cup and saucer or a glass cup or mug. The glass, unlike ceramic, tends to clean the coffee residue off much nicer so that you are not also tasting the last beverage that was served in the cup.
    I hope this answers your question. I live in the Northern half of California so my knowledge of LA is at least 20 years old.


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