Which produces the best coffee – Moka pot, machine, filter or instant?

Which produces the best coffee – Moka pot, machine, filter or instant?

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  1. All of them. The “best coffee” is what you like. Try all of them, and see what you like. Regardless of which method you employ, use freshly ground coffee, and use the right grind size. The grind size is dictated by the recipe and the method (coarse or medium ground for Moka pot and drip coffee machine). Of course, grind size and freshness does not apply to instant coffee, but its brand will matter when it comes to taste.

  2. I know instant coffee is the worst. I have friends who love their Moka pot, but I have not tried it myself.
    I am not 100% clear about the difference between “machine” and “filter”. If you are referring to an automatic coffee maker like the Nespresso, or the Keurig, then filter coffee is definitely better.
    My own “best coffee” is from a manual pourover. This gives me full control over everything. I make sure the water is the right temperature, and use my own home-roasted coffee beans (ground a few seconds before). No matter which country’s coffee I use, this always gives a great cup of coffee.

  3. It’s a matter of taste in the end.
    Bialetti is okay, It’s widely used here in switzerland and of course in italy where it originates. It’s stronger than filter coffee.
    espresso machines are for espresso and its offsprings only. if you love espresso (i do), nothing comes close. use a decent portafilter machine, not a fully automatic one.
    instant coffee is nothing special but done quickly.
    quality of coffee comes from high quality beans freshly roasted and ground immediately before usage. you need a good grinder.

  4. Instant is by far the worst! I hate instant coffee. for someone who has never had coffee made in a manual coffee maker like a french press for instance and went from drinking instant to trying french press, they would never want to drink instant coffee again. You’re just not getting the full potential of the coffee.
    Coffee should be brewed directly after its been ground for its peek flavor, aroma, and benefits.
    As for a moka pot, this makes more of a stronger coffee. Although this doesnt actully make traditional espresso shot, some people compare the coffee it produces to an espresso shot. If you enjoy strong coffee you’ll enjoy this method.
    Machine coffee is okay, but its not the best way to recieve coffees full potential. In my opinion, Filter coffee produces the best coffee.
    To reach the best coffee I recommend you use either the chemex method or french press method. My personal favorite is the french press.
    The french press brings out the peek flavor of the coffee and an enjoyable aroma. You literally receive the coffees full potential no matter what coffee you use. But remember you should always use french whole bean coffee.
    Where this is a manual coffee maker you also know exactly whats happening throughout the brewing process, therefore you can control the whole process of producing your best cup of coffee.

  5. They all make coffee, but what king of coffee, grind and preperation all make them different. You can compare for the choice of coffee you prefer, but that’s about it.


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