Which is the proper way to make an americano? A shot of espresso and hot water or in a filter machine?

Which is the proper way to make an americano? A shot of espresso and hot water or in a filter machine?

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  1. That would be one shot of espresso (single or double, you choose) and hot water (preferably the temperature of the espresso water, 205 degrees F or thereabout.

  2. Specifically, you want a water/espresso ratio of 2:1. Often cafes just pour hot water into a double expresso to fill the mug and call it Americano. A typical Americano is 6oz: 4oz. water/2oz espresso. Its not a large drink.
    If you’re making your own and want a consistent quality beverage, measure or weigh the espresso shot and your water.

  3. Cafe Americano is some European’s idea of what Americans drink for their morning coffee. It is a shot of espresso in hot water to thin it down to approximate drip brewed coffee. I don’t know where anyone got the idea that Americans drink that felder-carb. I’ve had Americano in several European cities when I couldn’t even get a latte or real brewed coffee (not fond if straight espresso) and it is gross to my palate.
    You cannot make an Americano in a filter coffee machine, but you can make actual coffee in one.

  4. Americano is an American invention (i.e., even if the word itself is Italian, literally Americano means American, we do not drink Americano in Italy)
    In the USA, an Americano is a shot (or double shot) of espresso with hot water. It’s not a filter coffee, even if it might look similar in the cup, because an espresso extraction is fundamentally different from a filter coffee extraction, and results in a different amount of solids and oils than a filter coffee. It also uses more ground coffee than a filter coffee. Lastly, the ideal espresso blend (which usually includes Robusta, to create more body and a stronger flavor profile) and roast is different from a filter coffee blend and roasting. So there’s really no way to get to an Americano flavor profile using a filter
    I find that more and more coffee places do not want to bother having a proper filter coffee and an espresso machine, so they just use an espresso machine and try to pass an Americano as a drip/filter coffee. Which is not at all the same
    So, since Americano was invented as a “espresso shot+water”, the only “proper way” to make an Americano is a shot of espresso with water. I find it an extremely unpleasant drink: in the case of a great shot of espresso, it ruins the body and the crema; in the case of a bad shot of espresso , it highlights all the problems of a bad espresso extraction with the added nuisance of having a lot more to drink to finish it (at least a bad espresso is just a quick sip), but I also understand it’s a bit of an acquired taste

  5. Here’s the process I like to use:
    Measure coffee in grams (e.g. 18 grams)
    Pour hot water (e.g. 217 grams for a tripe shot) in the cup
    Pull your best espresso shot over the cup of hot water (e.g. 36 grams of espresso pulled over a 26-30 second period of time)
    Do not stir to make sure crema remains on top for best mouth feel
    Enjoy and observe (more or less dilution next time)

  6. Based on the “big book”, americano is hot water and an espresso poured on it. You can not do this with a filter (drip) machine.
    On the other hand, the “rule of the customer” is always the first, so do as requested, if you have the availability for both machines. By the way, you should know that these two drinks (drip coffee and café americano) are not the same:
    — Meanwhile TDS should be somewhat comparable, there are some unsoluble particles in espresso.
    — An americano is always fresh (usually made with freshly ground coffee), a drip coffee is not.
    — Meanwhile it is usually called as “long black”, it’s better to first pour the right amount of hot water into the cup, let it cold and then pour the espresso. This method will make the final drink less bitter / burnt taste.
    — You can make seriously more drinks (more volume) in the same time with a drip machine, than with an espresso machine.
    Thanks to a2a.

  7. The americano comes with a fun story from the last century. It was invented during world war 2. When American troops parachuted into Italy, the locals would serve the troops espresso, which was a way stronger taste than what Americans are used to drinking. In order to tone it down for them they would add hot water to the espresso, which was more akin to what Americans are used to drinking. This came to be known as “caffe americano” or American coffee. It is an espresso based drink and not a filter coffee.

  8. An Americano IS a watered down espresso. Yes, you can get a similar drink (same coffee/water ratio) by using a drip filter setup.

    I do both on a regular basis. I prefer Americano, because I can set the strength of each cup. Strong for my wife, and very strong for me. Can’t do that with drip filter, though I guess you could brew very strong and then dilute with hot water for strong.

    Either way, if you have the ability to make a good espresso, start there. It’s the basis for all good things. Espresso ristretto, espresso lunghi, Spanish coffee (essentially espresso lunghi), Americano (very strong coffee), and even good ‘ol cup of Joe…just add hot water to taste.

    And then if you like milk-based drinks, such as cappuccino or caffelatte, then an espresso ristretto (short espresso) is de rigueur. Anything else leads to a watered down coffee/milk drink. Yecch!

  9. Yup, it’s espresso and hot water. Using a filter, pour over, or other drip method doesn’t make an americano.
    Brewing using a drip makes a different drink altogether. When I want a long drink, though, I much prefer drip coffee to americanos.

  10. an americano is typically hot water poured over espresso to get to the same strength of a filter coffee
    long black is the other way around, espresso (or double ristretto as it originated in Australia and NZ) over hot water
    you can’t make these two in a filter machine

  11. An Americano ,which is known as a Caffe Americano or a Cafe Americano is a type of coffee created by adding hot water to espresso. It translates as American coffee because it was the way Italian baristas would approximate the taste of drip coffee for American soldiers stationed in Italy during the first and second World War.
    Steps while making this Americano
    1. Grind enough espresso beans for 1 1/2 tbsp.
    2. Make sure your espresso machine has enough water to create steam for the coffee.
    3. Begin heating a pot of water on a stove or in an electric kettle, if your espresso machine does not have an attachment that lets you pour hot water.
    4. Place the espresso grounds in the porte filter and evenly pack the grounds down with an attachment on the espresso machine or the bottom of a spoon.
    5. Secure the porte filter to the espresso machine by placing it flush with the machine and twisting to the right.
    6. Press the on switch on the machine and allow the water to heat up, if there is a separate switch to turn the machine on and start making coffee.
    7. Place a small espresso shot cup underneath the porte filter.
    8. Press or turn the on switch.
    9. Pour the espresso into a coffee mug.
    10. Pour in between 1 and 8 oz.
    11. Turn off the espresso machine and enjoy your coffee.

    Eight O’Clock

  12. An Americano is espresso and water. I’m not sure how you would make it in a filter machine. It would just be filtered coffee at that point without any pressure going through the beans to extract. I would fill your cup with hot water and pour two shots of espresso over the top of the water. It keep the integrity of the crema, slowly pour the espresso on the surface. Hope this helps!


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