Which is more harmful, coffee, coke or alcohol?

Which is more harmful, coffee, coke or alcohol?

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  1. So the question is really comparing alcohol with caffeine.
    The harmful effects caused by either one depend on the amount of consumption as well as the pattern of consumption over time. Based on normal, single servings of both, they’re both pretty much equally innocuous.
    I’d say that of the two, alcohol can be more harmful in excess in that it is easier to over-use, impairs judgment in ways that can be dangerous to the user and others, and can cause dependency and progressive damage over time in a way that caffeine doesn’t.

  2. Caffine is far more harmful then Alcohol coffee has a terrible effect on me coke not much beater Alcohol calms the mind and body and gives me confidence joy and laughter

  3. Alcohol is more dangerous than crack cocaine and heroin when damage to users themselves and to wider society are combined, a study has found. The research, published yesterday in the Lancet medical journal, rated alcohol almost three times as harmful as cocaine or tobacco and some eight times as harmful as ecstasy. Coffee is the clear winner, particularly if you don’t add sugar! Cola has 43 times more calories than the same volume of long black. … Coffee is a source of potassium and vitamin B3, however, it has more caffeine, which can impair nutrient absorption – a cup of long black has ten times more caffeine than a cup of cola.

  4. Alcohol can impair judgment and coordination even in small quantities; it dehydrates a person to the tune of about a cup of liquid per drink. (A drink is defined as 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine, or 1.5 oz of distilled spirits). It can cause severe liver damage, nerve and brain damage if it’s taken in excess for long enough, and it increases your risk of cancer. Some of these problems are irreversible; for instance, judgment and coordination issues can kill you if you’re driving or walking in traffic. Acute alcohol overdose can be fatal, and it’s not all that rare with novice drinkers.
    Alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions, which can cause trouble for the drinker and for those nearby. People who are inclined to violence, for instance, are more likely to become assaultive when drinking. People under the influence can also commit other destructive acts that cost themselves or others.
    People who become addicted to alcohol are often killed by their disease, but before that happens they can ruin the lives of their children and family. The effects of growing up with and living with alcoholism last a lifetime and some of those effects are passed on to the children of the kids who grew up with it.
    Compare that to the effects of caffeine in cola drinks and coffee. Caffeine can temporarily increase heart rate and blood pressure (but in the usual doses, not much), and can cause withdrawal headaches if a person becomes habituated to daily use. Although a lot has been written about its dehydrating effects, it’s more like a teaspoonful of liquid lost, and quickly made up.
    That said, some people use coffee plus energy drinks (and occasionally caffeine supplements) in ways that can actually cause overdose. Deaths have been reported, although they’re extremely rare and are usually seen in novice users (teens).
    But on the danger scale there’s no comparison between the effects of the caffeine in coffee or cola drinks and even moderate use of alcohol. Alcohol may be legal, but even used in “normal” ways it can cause death. Used in the ways it is IRL, it commonly causes health issues, psychological issues, and death. Sometimes even in non-users.

  5. Which is more harmful, coffee Coke or alcohol?
    I will assume Coke is meant to be cola not the drug.
    In my opinion all of them! IF used in excess.
    Anything in excessive amounts is harmful, even essential nutrients. If you go into the supply chain of the components of them then it will include slavery, oppressive business practices and environmental damage.
    This question is a ‘philosophical’ bomb shell, it requires a very objective analysis of a lot of very subjective issues that have been overtaken by opinion and pseudo science. You may as well ask, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ or ‘what is the sound of one hand clapping?’ as these are similar in how to answer in as what is your opinion?
    Seriously, each option has been proved safe and even beneficial in some circumstances, as well as extremely damaging in others.
    In trying to answer your question honestly, I just asked more questions! I am obviously a poor Philosopher.

  6. Alcohol has lots of bad effects, but most of that either references its addictive properties or its overuse. Yet, it seems to be well established that moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than either excessive consumption or no alcohol.
    We’ve all seen the back and forth studies on the effects of caffeine, it’s good for you, no it’s bad for you, no it’s good… on and on. I personally think the benefits of moderate caffeine intake outweigh the bad.
    Both coffee and Coke contain caffeine, so what is the difference between coffee and coke? The amount of sugar. Even if you take two or three lumps of sugar in your coffee, you do not approach the amount in coke. A 12-ounce can of regular Coke contains 39 grams of total sugar, which is about 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar.
    Excess sugar is finally being exposed as much more dangerous than previously thought. It used to be we were warned off fat. Now we know it’s not as bad as previously thought, and not nearly as bad as excess sugar. Moderate use of caffeine or alcohol would probably not be harmful to most humans, but even ONE Coke contains more refined sugar than a human should consume in an entire day.
    That makes Coca-cola the winner as the most harmful by far.

    Which is more harmful, coffee, coke or alcohol?

  7. Top 3: Harmful from most to less/healthiest.
    Alcohol – More harmful than good, impair judgement, cancer prone.
    Coke – Neutral, but has many sugar that leads to future diabetes.
    Coffee- More good than bad, coffee relieves stress and slows aging.

  8. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulant and pretty much totally harmless for most people unless really taken to excess (i.e. … hmm… I dunno… maybe more than ten cups a day?) Regular Coke has caffeine too, though not as much, BUT it also has a LOT of sugar. Having even two or three a day has been argued to be harmful, and having six a day probably would be.
    ANY alcohol is carcinogenic, “no safe level.” But it’s a fairly mild carcinogen. And even one or two drinks could increase your chance of a fatal accident (not just in driving, but in falling down some stairs, stepping off a curb in front of a speeding Batmobile, etc).
    Moderate use of any of these is not something anyone should obsess over or worry about.
    – MJM

    Victor Allen’s

  9. Coca cola is most harmful, as the sugar and the acid rot one’s teeth. As it is much lower in terms of the drug aspects of the other drinks, there isn’t as much utility to it. It harms alcohol, as the fructose is processed by the body before alcohol, thereby delaying the reaction and making it harder to control one’s drinking.
    Coca cola is also harmful to society. All countries have the same formula, making each country less unique and in turn, less patriotic. Low patriotism leads to a failed state, which invites war.
    The taste of Coca cola pairs with greasy fast food and should therefore receive some of the blame for the effects of that diet.


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