Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

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  1. Hot chocolate is probably healthier, as scientists are showing evidence that the compounds in chocolate beans are better than what we get from coffee beans.

    Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

    The theobromine and other flavinoids found in cocoa beans have been shown to lower blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on dilating arteries and blood vessels long term, and have mood-elevating effects that help keep a healthy state of mind. It’s also good for mental acuity and the antioxidants help prevent cancer, and it’s even been shown to lower insulin resistance.
    Coffee on the other has caffeine, which has been shown to lower the risk for certain types of cancer, and helps reduce uric acid, preventing gout, and may help against diabetes. However, it has risks for liver damage when mixed with paracetamol, can cause or worsen osteoporosis and is known to elevate blood cholesterol levels, may increase the risk for atherosclerosis, and it induces cortisol production which raises stress. Lastly, it can cause palpitations to some people, and disrupt sleep patterns. Having poor quality sleep is bad for your health.
    From the current scientific studies done on both beans, it’s clear that Chocolate is the winner from a health standpoint. The two share many qualities, but the research shows that chocolate has more benefits whereas coffee has more drawbacks.
    For people who think that chocolate is less healthy because it has “more fat” and “more sugar” this is only true if you are drinking instant chocolate as sold in America or are used to chocolate drinks with loads of sugar and cream tossed in. The same thing can be done with coffee and it’s just as bad.
    Traditional hot chocolate doesn’t necessarily have sugar and cream; the Aztecs didn’t drink it this way and the Spanish who learned it from them don’t necessarily do so either.

    Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

    This is a traditional cup of Filipino hot chocolate, which we learned from the Spaniards. It is made without sugar. You can certainly add sugar afterwards, but it’s not necessarily part of the deal. Just the same as coffee.
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  2. Hot chocolate is richer than coffee in Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and copper. Coffee contains less saturated fats and no carbohydrates. Coffee has a beneficial effect on weight loss, cardiovascular health, diabetes, and cancer. Neither chocolate nor coffee is considered particularly healthy, but many recent studies support that both coffee and chocolate can actually be very beneficial to your health. … Black coffee (up to two cups a day) has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic effects in the human body.

  3. Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?
    I want to reduce my coffee consumption I drink one espresso in the morning and when I want coffee I now instead drink instant hot chocolate 2 -3 cups a day.
    I wonder if replacing coffee with hot chocolate is healthier for me.
    Wow! 2–3 cups of instant hot chocolate a day? That’s a lot of sugar/calories. No it is not healthier. You are trading caffeine for sugar, calories, and sodium.
    Ok, I’m going to assume you are using one packet of hot chocolate per cup, if not, multiply the following info per package/serving from a container that you use:
    1 packet of hot cocoa is 90 calories, 11 grams of sugar and 135 mg of sodium. One would not be so bad, but two or three a day adds up! This is the nutrition info for one packet/serving of regular Swiss Miss :

    Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

    One cup of black coffee (without anything added to it) is 2–5 calories and NO sugar or sodium!

    Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate?

  4. I’m not a nutrition person but coffee is probably healthier depending on how you take it. A black coffee is reasonably more healthy. But coffee loaded with half and half and sugar is probably the same if not worse. After all hot chocolate is mainly coa coa, water and sugar.

  5. Hot chocolate? That’s almost certainly less healthy on average.
    Cocoa? Now that’s a more difficult question. Coffee has been studied more, but the research on both is quite similar in nature – conflicting, but leaning towards ‘good for you in moderation’.
    100% cocoa powder with a little milk and hot water, a couple of times a day, can probably play a part in a healthy diet. The same can be said for coffee unless you’re sensitive to caffeine. Fast caffeine metabolizers generally reap benefits – slow metabolizers generally hurt their heart. I believe you’re more likely to be a slow metabolizer if you have a lot of African ancestry, but I could be wrong.
    (True) Tea, as in green or black sort of tea, is always an option to consider, which comes with its own host of advantages and disadvantages. As for herbal teas, many of them are questionable at best, and downright harmful at worst. For example, anything with garcinia cambogia? Avoid. Chamomile? It’s hard to say. St John’s Wort? Very risky.

  6. Instant hot chocolate is packed full of sugar. Coffee brews without any additives. If you make hot chocolate from scratch without adding sugar or cream or marshmallow then coffee and hot chocolate are equal.

  7. Honestly I don’t know which one is more helthier, but i guess thet chocolate is helthier, because is contains antioxidants as I know. (Ususally i drink chocolate too).

  8. Probably a close call. Both are very healthy. Drink the one that you like. I put cacao in my cafe. Cacafe
    What is unhealthy is what you might add; like sugar, flavored creams (artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives)

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