Which is better for a cold and cough, tea or coffee?

Which is better for a cold and cough, tea or coffee?

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  1. Warm tea with raw honey is your best bet at beating a cough or cold. Preferably a herbal tea that has plenty of lemon juice squeezed into it.

  2. Tea. Preferably black tea with lemon and honey (if you go the traditional Ceylon tea route).
    There are many herbal teas that would also be soothing and beneficial. Ingredients that contain vitamin C are good for colds too – hibiscus, cranberry, rosehip, lemongrass, etc. Also green tea.
    You could make your own herbal tea: pour boiling water over ginger, lemon and honey, and let it steep. Honey and ginger soothes a sore throat and it also relieves coughing.

  3. Depends on what you want from it.
    Coffee stimulates feelings or alertness and perkiness unlike any other drink.
    This is extremely useful to help battle the lethargy and depressive mood one is subjected to when sick.
    Coffee acts as a placebo when one is sick as coffee stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine .
    Dopamine produces the euphoria and pleasant feelings!!
    However, there is no solid scientific proof that coffee aids the medical recuperation of one. Thus, coffee is a reliable partner to fall back upon as it will defiantly leave you in high spirits but don’t forget to take your prescribed medication!

  4. In Ayurveda, we have a tea which is called “Sukku Coffee”. It is very good remedy for Cold and Cough and its highly suggested as it can be prepared just with ingredients from kitchen. When my family members catches cold or cough, I make them this coffee, which relieves them from ailments. For recipe of Sukku Coffee refer the below website.
    Isha Sukku Coffee Instant Recipe | With Milk | Without Milk | Benefits

    Victor Allen’s

  5. None but the Chicken soup for the soul. Other bone broth too has the same effect. To get Indian curry style, add cucumin powder, turmeric powder and black pepper while preparing the broth. The spices are even more beneficial to reduce cold and cough.
    In my hometown, the mutton soup is administered at a specific time of the day. I don’t know the scientific reason behind this. It is always early morning before 5AM. There were restaurants selling mutton soup as early as 4:15AM.
    In India or Indian grocery stores outside India, you get spiced coffee called Sukku Kaapi. Sukku Kaapi is a mix of dry ginger, tiny bit of cucumin powder and palm sugar crystals. Sukku Kaapi is very soothing to cold and cough.

  6. Definitely tea, since coffee can worsen symptoms such as dry throat, coughing and other respiratory symptoms. The best tea to drink when you have a cold is herb tea or mint tea.


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