Which has more caffeine espresso or American coffee?

Which has more caffeine espresso or American coffee?

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  1. The caffeine content of coffee depends on many factors, such as:
    Type of coffee beans: different varieties of coffee bean naturally contain different amounts of caffeine.
    Roasting: Lighter roasts have more caffeine than darker roasts, although the darker roasts have a deeper flavour.
    Type of coffee: The caffeine content can vary significantly between regularly brewed coffee, espresso, instant coffee and decaf coffee. For my example below I’m assuming your question is asking about brewed coffee.
    Serving size.
    Dilution: American coffee is generally made quite a bit weaker than its European brewed equivalent. If you’ve ever had an “Americano” in Italy or France, you’d realise this with your very first sip.
    (Instant coffee usually contains less caffeine than brewed coffee. If your question concerns instant coffee, you can do the arithmetic yourself — typical instant has 30 – 90 mg caffeine per ounce, typical serving in the US I take to be 8 ounces.)
    Brewed coffee (the typical means of making coffee in the USA and other countries through a hot water drip and filter system) typically contains 95 mg on average per 8 ounce (227.3 ml) serving, but the range is about 70 to about 140 mg per serving.
    There are other means of brewing coffee (caffetiere, kona, percolator, jug method) that would affect how strong the result is. From my experience all those other means make a stronger brew.
    Espresso, made by forcing a small amount of very hot water or steam through fine grounds at pressure, typically comes in a serving size of 30 – 50 ml (between 1 ounce and 1.7 ounces) and will contain, on average 63 mg of caffeine.
    If you multiply 63 mg/ounce for espresso by 8 to get the typical US serving size, if you drank enough espresso to equal one US-sized serving you’d get 504 mg of caffeine, or over 5 times as much caffeine.
    Decaff coffee is not, despite its name, caffeine free. It’s just very low in caffeine.

  2. Usually an expresso has more concentration of caffeine since hot water is forced into the coffee bean, but in real life scenario where drip coffee is consume in larger volume than a single shot espresso, american coffee would contain more caffeine

  3. Per ounce, American drip coffee has less caffeine, but of course, a much larger volume is considered a serving. I’ve seen more than my share of Italian visitors get the shakes when trying to consume the volume of drip coffee most Americans drink at a sitting.


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