Which espresso is considered better in Italy: Illy or Lavazza?

Which espresso is considered better in Italy: Illy or Lavazza?

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  1. It isn’t a matter of brands, it’s a matter about how you make it. You can have the best quality in the world, but if you don’t grind it properly, if you don’t have the correct clean water, if don’t clean the pipes of the coffee-machine etc. you are going to make the worst coffee possible. There are so many small manufacturer who make a wonderful quality of toasted coffee beans.

  2. I’m italian and I must say Illy for sure!
    In Italy Lavazza is a very well known brand but mostly because of the pre-ground coffee we use in our stove coffee maker (the moka).
    Most of the moka blends taste similar since they have a stronger “robusta” coffee percentage in them.
    There are some bars sporting lavazza espresso blends but it’s not so common IMO.
    Illy, on the other hand has more presence in the espresso market and has a different identity, which is more focused on the high end of the coffee market.
    I mostly avoid Lavazza these days (a coffee snob?) and tend to get espresso from smaller brands which often have better taste, but I’d gladly have an Illy espresso which has a very particular flavour (quite recognizable, not generic at all!).
    Hope this might shed some light on what we consider the better coffee!

  3. In all my years as an espresso drinker (or as I and all other Italians call it, coffee) I definitely would put Illy before Lavazza. I actually once tried a quality of Lavazza bean in a beige colored bag in a bar in Italy and I must confess it was extremely good. The blue bag that you find in many bars in Italy are not very good compared to Illy. The problem with Illy is that it’s not a taste that everyone loves. you either love Illy or you don’t, unless you get your espresso macchiato.
    Score from 1 to 10 (for espresso purchased in a cafe bar ):
    Kimbo : 9/10 (the best bar espresso out there, after passalacqua)
    Illy: 8/10 (you never forget your first love! also, they have the best decaff)
    Trucillo: 9/10
    Toraldo: 8/10
    Passlacqua: 10/10 (the gold standard of coffee, nothing is better, ave passalacqua!)
    Lavazza: 6:10 (most successful espresso in the world)
    Incas: 7/10 (it’s from Benevento, the Benevento equiavlent of the Simpons’ Duff beer lol)
    Morena: 6/10
    Moak: 5/10
    Edit (10/1/2018)
    Borbone (blue / oro / dek): 9/10 (nero,rosso): 7/10
    Compagnia dell’arabice Caffe’ Corsini: 9/10 (great organic coffee, thei decaff is amazing and they have a great Jamaica blend)
    Luccaffe’: 10/10 (amazing brand, their Giamaica is number 1)
    Kose’: 5/10
    Don Jerez: 8/10 (this is a supermarket brand of Eurospin, suprisingly good)
    There are many other brands that I didn’t mention, but I am sure are very very good.

  4. I dont hold particular esteem for the Illy family but I have to admit that their coffee is, for my particular taste, the best major brand.
    God knows how many local “mom & pop” brews are out there that are even better. Their problem is that they would only be known and appreciated in their immediate vicinities.

  5. If the choice is just between those two I would say Illy.
    I dislike so much Lavazza that when I see a bar using it I leave the bar without drinking anything. After all 1.10 Euro for a bad espresso is way too much.
    I do have a coffee machine like in bars at home and I buy coffee from a local roasting company so lately I haven’t drunk a coffee outside.

  6. That s a strange question. As italian 100% i am entitled to answer. In my family we prefer Illy, but some of my roomates coming from south prefer Lavazza. I think that there is no big difference.
    The difference is normally in the skills of the one that prepares the coffee! I drank some Illy outside italy but it was terrible.. People should watch some tutorials

  7. Well, from my experience after having lived in Italy for two decades, I’d say Illy is considered the better brand of Italian coffee. It’s considered to be more upmarket by some in Italy. However, I like both but find Lavazza Crema e Gusto blend to be very good – if only I could get the capsules for my little Nespresso machine.
    At the end of the day, it’s a question of personal taste. And there are lots of other good brands of coffee in Italy too.

  8. I hate coffee, and if I could I would just dump all the coffee in the world down the drain.
    But Granny says Illy is better. Lavazza has a milder taste, but Illy is overall the best brand you can find in stores/most bars.

    Victor Allen’s

  9. It is impossible to answer this question for two good reasons.
    First, both brands offer different types of coffee, made with different blends of beans and sometimes even different grades of roasting for the same blend.
    Second, and this applies to any kind of food or beverage, as well as to any work of art, the answer depends on YOUR INDIVIDUAL TASTE.

  10. Ciao,
    Illy is for sure a superior quality of coffee but is really difficult to work, so chances that you won’t receive a proper cup of coffee are quite high if the barista is not skilled
    Lavazza is really commercial and rarely used in bars
    If I can give a suggestion, is plenty of really old roaster all over Italy that are quite unknown and produce amazing blends 🙂

    Eight O’Clock

  11. Illy espresso is surely considered better than Lavazza in Italy.
    In addition to the premium price of Illy, that is a fact, the real difference is that Illly produces only sheer arabic coffee (single origin and blend), while Lavazza produces both robusta/arabic and only arabic coffee.
    This is very important because Illy has built its marketing positioning on its “only arabic coffee” phylosopy.
    Lavazza surely offers great arabic coffee, but it’s much more likely to find in a bar the more commercial blends.
    Now you should keep in mind that Lavazza has a turnover of 1,47 billion euros while Illy has a turnover of 460 milions (2017 data).
    Lavazza has a more widespread distribution, at more affordable prices.
    For domestic consumption, I suggest Lavazza.
    At the bar, llly is generally better in my experience.
    In any case, both companies are great players in the coffee market.

  12. You ask: Which espresso is considered better in Italy: Illy or Lavazza?
    For my personal experience, having to choose between those two I’d take Illy, but it’s mostly a matter of personal taste.
    On the other hand, speaking of brands, I prefer the lesser known brand Caffè Borbone to both.

  13. Espresso is a drink and Illy and Lavazza are brand names, and sell pre-ground coffee or pre-packed beans, neither of which I have ever seen used in Italy. Italian cafés tend to buy locally roasted beans and grind them themselves as do most Barista’s that I know.


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