Which country would be a heaven for coffee drinkers?

Which country would be a heaven for coffee drinkers?

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  1. Q: Which country would be a heaven for coffee drinkers?
    TL;DR: Australia

    It depends on your taste. I’m answering from an emphasis on espresso-based drinks, but most (or all?) of the places I mention does coffee good, regardless of the method of preparation you are looking for.
    I would disagree with the other answer, for my personal taste at least. I find that Italy generally has a bad habit of over-roasting their beans (the name “ Italian roast ” actually refers to a very dark type of roast). And that, in my opinion, is something you do to cover up having bad beans. I’m not saying that you couldn’t find properly roasted coffee in Italy, I’m just saying that I haven’t. And not for lack of trying!
    Of course the Italians did invent espresso and a lot of the espresso based drinks. But I’d argue that the inventor is rarely the one that does it best. The danger Hiptop (and many other) may have pre-dated the iPhone, but Apple does smartphones better. Other mp3 players predated the iPod, but Apple did it better (not to single out Apple, but these are recognizable examples).
    Where I have found the best coffee culture, in general (because you can likely find good coffee anywhere, as long as you spend a while researching and testing), is Australia. I’ve only been to Queensland, so perhaps I should say Queensland, not Australia.
    This is from a fairly small coffee shop in a fairly small city (Cairns) in Queensland, Australia. Each of these are freshly roasted, different types/roasts of coffee. They will prepare the specific bean/roast you want for each cup of coffee you order:

    Which country would be a heaven for coffee drinkers?

    Sorry about the poor quality, I had some grease on the inside of my camera lens.
    On top of that, I found that even the smallest little place in Sydney would have a proper espresso machine, and at least somewhat palatable coffee (“somewhat palatable” is coming from someone who is quite discerning about what coffee to drink).
    So in my opinion, based on the places I have visited since I started really caring about coffee quality, I’d say Queensland (maybe all of Australia?).
    But as I said, you can likely find good coffee in any fairly large city. I have a few suggestions, if you happen to be in any of the places where I have spent enough time to have a favorite coffee place.
    Copenhagen, Denmark: The Coffee Collective . They have a few shops around town, and roast their own beans.
    Bethesda, USA: Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee . I can’t remember the roaster they use, but they don’t roast their own. You can find the same beans in other coffee shops on the East Coast of USA as well.
    Paris, France: Eggs & Co. A small place, I found after intense research and testing over a few weeks. Like the one in Bethesda, they don’t roast their own, and you might be able to find the same brand of coffee other places in Paris. However, I tried a few places in “Le Marais” that uses the same beans, but they did not prepare it as well, despite them being purely coffee shops, and Eggs & Co. being a small eatery that also serves coffee.
    San Francisco, USA: Ritual Roasters . Also roasting their own. Not any seating worth mentioning, so it’s mostly for a coffee to go (which I am not a big fan of) or just buying the beans for brewing your own at home.
    Cairns, Queensland, Australia: Cruze Coffee . The place from the image above. The only problem here is that the choices can be overwhelming. Luckily, the staff were knowledgeable enough that I could tell them which flavor profiles I was looking for, and they could recommend 4–5 that would suit that request.
    If anyone has similar suggestions for other cities/counties, I’d love to hear them in the comments. It might save me a few bad/mediocre cups of coffee on my next trip 🙂

  2. These days, great coffee is the result of:
    * excellent, and preferably recent and local, roasting (most likely to be found in, but not restricted to, cities with large, international shipping harbours, like Genova)
    * the prevalence of the finest available beans (here, money talks)
    * excellent and superbly serviced machines (this also comes with strict health and safety regulations)
    * well-trained staff (we are t…

  3. Italy is famous for giving us espresso, latte, capuccino etc so I would start there. However, almost any civilised country except America will probably do the trick. We have fantastic coffee in the UK which I miss enormously when we spend time in the US where they are still stuck in the dark ages, serving poor quality filter coffee, largely because they are obsessed with their free refills. America, where quantity trumps quality every time!

  4. I`ll give you more than one country, how about a continent and a half? How about LATIN AMERICA, from Mexico southwards, all the way to Tierra del Fuego, all cultures in these countries have a rich heritage with coffee, from the campesino, in his hut, brewing, and straining his coffee through a “sock”, made from the flour bag cotton cloth, to the refined caballero, sipping his espresso, pressed by a barista, from a high fangled coffee machine! Some of the best coffees in the world are cultivated here. Coffee is actually a main stay of the economy of the countries lying within the “coffee belt”, the latitudes containing the optimal coffee growing conditions!


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