Which country is the largest producer of Coffee?

Which country is the largest producer of Coffee?

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  1. From http://www.worldlistmania.com:
    1. Brazil: Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the World, and history comes from the last 150 years. It produces about 2,590,010 metric tons of coffee per year. the Coffee Plantation covers about 27,000 sq km of land in the country with 74% Arabica and 26% Robusta.
    2. Vietnam: Vietnam is the second-largest producer of Coffee after Brazil with a total production of about 1,650,000 U.S. tons per year. The Robusta species of coffee is the main grown producing over 96% in the Country of Vietnam.
    3. Colombia: Colombia produces over 810,000 tons of Coffee beans per year, and exports to the US, Germany, France, Japan, and Italy.
    4. Indonesia: Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world, most of the coffee producers are small coffee farmers (Averaging 2 hectares of land). This country produces coffee around 559,000 tons per year. It exports coffee to the US, Eastern Europe, Japan, and Russia.
    5. India: India is one of the largest geographic and populated nations in the world, cultivating thousands of species of crops, including coffee; 98% of the coffee production is by small farmers. India is facing problems with coffee production in that is rains early in the year. Coffee is cultivated in South Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, with a total production of about 306,000 tons per year.
    6. Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the top producer of Coffee in the African region, there are many farmers depending on the coffee for their family income. The total area of coffee cultivation is estimated at around 4,000 square km with a total production of 264,000 tons per year.
    7. Mexico: Mexico is the 7th largest Coffee production country in the world with 252,000 tons per year. Mexico also exports coffee after their needs in the country. Arabica is the most cultivated species along with Altura, Liquidambar MS, and Pluma Coixtepec.
    8. Peru: Coffee Production in Peru, dramatically increases and decreased each year, the total Coffee production is about 241,000 tons per year.
    9. Honduras: Honduras produces some of the best organic coffees in the world. Production began at the end of the 19th century and has grown to around 240,000 tons per year
    10. Guatemala: The geography and temperature in the country are suitable for coffee production. The coffee cultivation started in 1850 and expanding coffee cultivation has grown with clearing and plating of suitable lands. The Coffee production of the country is around 234,000 tons per year.


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