Which coffee shops still give away used coffee grounds for home composting?

Which coffee shops still give away used coffee grounds for home composting?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “where to get used coffee grounds

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  1. Almost any of them if you ask. Coffee shops rarely set them aside just in case any random person asks. It’s an extra step in a busy work environment, and those bags get soooo heavy, very quickly, and take up precious space.
    Usually, we don’t mind setting aside used grounds if someone asks. I work in a Starbucks, and it’s entirely possible for us to fill up a 10 gallon trash can up with used grounds in about a 3 hour period, depending on how busy we are that day. We can move our own trash cans around, but if you bring your own and come back later in the day, you’ll have more grounds than you know what to do with.
    What is super helpful is that you come in to pick them up when you say you’re coming in to pick them up. Also, make sure whoever you talk to writes down you name and phone number.
    We had one guy ask for grounds who said he was coming back the next day to pick them up. Unfortunately, we don’t have a procedure or system for this. The supervisor he talked to said that she would be there the next day at the time the guy said he would show to pick it all up. But the guy never showed until the day after he said he would (two days after asking about it). We had a different supervisor that night who had given them all away to some other guy who happened to ask about grounds an hour before. We were like, sure, take them, since the first guy never showed and we never had a note with a name (and they were taking up space we don’t have. We were happy just to get rid of them). It got really confusing really fast when the original guy showed up a day late to pick up his grounds.
    We learned to make better notes, but I work at a Starbucks and we didn’t have a procedure for this. We rarely get asked about it.
    I would highly recommend that you bring in a cheap, but sturdy trash can (no lid, it’ll just get in the way) with a liner or two. Sharpie your name and phone number directly on the side of the can. If the shop is busy, depending on the size of the can, they can probably fill it up in an hour or two and you can sit there and sip coffee or run a few errands and come back in a few hours. Talk to the supervisor and ask them to write a note in addition to your contact info on the can. Tell them when you’ll be back, and actually be back around that time.
    Thanks for the A2A, Daniel!

  2. Starbucks Offers Free Coffee Grounds for Gardeners. Starbucks serves freshly-brewed coffee to millions of customers each day. But many may not know they can also pick up a free bag of used coffee grounds to enrich their gardens and compost. They collect the grounds from thousands of coffee shops and restaurants as well as from instant coffee factories, airports and train stations. Firms hand them over for free because it saves money on waste disposal.

  3. It’s impossible to know all the coffee shops which give away their used grounds, but it never hurts to ask — politely. Here is an answer I provided a couple of weeks ago to a question similar to this one.
    You would be well-advised to politely inquire if the coffee shops give away their grounds, and if so, what do you need to do to get some. You will probably need to provide your own container (5 gallon plastic buckets work well) and you may need to show up at a specific time. Chances are, you will find a shop or shops which will allow you to carry away some quantity of grounds; just don’t expect to waltz in with a bucket and say “fill ‘er up”. Respect the employees, don’t get in their way or expect them to help you instead of their paying customers, and be sure to thank the Manager and anyone else who helps you.

  4. Many, to most of them. As I walked into one shop, there were 5 gallon buckets, about 12 of them on th he wall.
    For a small deposit, meant to encourage bringing the buckets back, I spent a whole summer packing 100s of gallons of coffee grounds to my garden plots and area around the house.
    I approached the local gas station. I got hooked up again, until one manager became an ass. It seems she started raising worms, and selling the worms. She lives next to a large nearby lake.
    There are many places that are happy to give grounds away.
    I wish Starbucks would start using the 5 gallon buckets. I’d be back in business.
    They are a wonderful addition to my clay soil.
    Potatoes. I finally started growing great potatoes, using 5 gallons of coffee per planting hill. I let them compost in the mounds over winter, covered in soil. As the potatoes grew, I mounded them up with this soil/coffee blend.

  5. Don’t know, but I would bring a covered bucket for them to put them in if you find one. It seems like it would help in them giving them to you.


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